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Margot  About to release a pop record. But very passionate about classical music and corgis.

Re-recorded my whole record this summer. Produced it myself. Got my friends to play on it. Two more weeks before I hand it in for mixing. I can actually say I'm finally ready to release it.

Waking up to love notes.

@hookedondolls have a very big surprise for y'all this weekend!

Still no furniture and no AC in my apartment but maybe that just means we need to have a dance party. (@miamoretti falling asleep on me from the heat wave)

Been plotting my music videos with @globaliza along with my record release - I'm just as shocked as you are that it's actually happening...swipe to see me probably thinking about corgis.
Photos by the ultimate muse @sydneyrosedavies

Feeling a lot of things. Feeling like surely it's only the summer of 2017 and I didn't just miss an entire year in New York City. Feeling like shoot I forgot to call my mom- but remembering she isn't just a phone call away anymore, so I find myself talking out loud to her alone in my apartment... I remember putting this record on nearly every day. I remember falling in love to this record. I remember it was the last record I played in my East Village apartment last summer, lying on the floor crying when I knew something was wrong with my mom. So here I am, lying on the ground in my new Brooklyn apartment pretending like I'm picking up where I left off last year. Thinking about how much my mom would love my new home and that it might even be the first place she wouldn't ask "are you sure just don't want to move back home? I won't even charge you rent if you make me all your delicious dinners!" And then she'd scrub the windows and floors and tell me to stop making piles of knick knacks on my window sills. My new home has a lot of window sills and it's so tempting!...sorry, mom! Anyways, now that I have my feet back on the ground, get ready for lots of classical music sharing and lots of margot music releases 💛💛💛
Record of the night: Ravel's Daphnis et Chloe, Suite No. 2. Recorded in Paris, France, by the Colonne Orchestra. Conducted by Pierre Dervaux

Baby's got the blues but she's fine.

A couple of locals gave me a ride through town on the back of their motorbike through the Delwara village in Rajasthan...traveling alone can sometimes be a very magical I was walking through the village two little girls snuck up behind me and held my hand and asked if they could walk with me. As they showed me around, some of their friends caught up with us and we all took turns holding hands. When we reached a temple at the edge of the village, one of the girls handed me her head scarf to borrow when I realized I forgot to bring something to cover my shoulders (it was 110 degrees outside)...the next day I went to visit the Nathvara temple and found myself slightly overwhelmed packed shoulder to shoulder pushing through gates to different rooms with hundreds of locals. A girl of about 15 years old spotted me, and when she realized I was alone, took my hand and lead me through the temple, showing me how to pray and ask for blessings and protection and how to properly offer my offering of the gorgeous hand strung flowers I bought outside the temple for 10 rupees...I've been thinking a lot about how beautiful it was all those young women and girls felt comfortable to hold a stranger's hand - and to think our kids don't even feel safe to go to school. I can only hope we create communities where our kids feel safe to hold a passing by stranger's hand.
P.S. all the photos of the kids, they asked me to take them so they could see them on my phone. And let me tell you it was a full on photo shoot every time, they gave me some fierce poses!

Feels good to have my crazy, bizarre life back with my @miamoretti. Booked this gig in India 3 days ago; no one else I'd rather travel this world with to play music.

MUMBAI, INDIA...I first came to India for a show 11 years ago. I had just dropped out of college after 1 semester and moved to Poland to join a band and found myself on a tour that brought me to Mumbai. It was after that show that I decided to move to New York (at 19 and not knowing one person) to make music. India will always represent new beginnings to me (I had never left the US before let alone Florida, except for violin summer camp in Wisconsin.) So it's no wonder I find myself back here for a show on the 1 year anniversary of the last time I saw my mother before we knew she was sick. Crazy to think it's only been one year. It took me many months to be able to get out of bed after her passing - but my magical angel mom has blessed me so much these past few weeks with new beginnings and has been looking out for me in such big, beautiful ways. From a new apartment in Brooklyn, to so many travels and projects to look forward to and my debut record to release this fall. Here's to new beginnings, however long and painful it might be to get there. Thanks for looking out for me, mom. And to my spirit guides and guardian angels (don't forget to thank them!!!)

Working on our bloom @miamoretti

Johannesburg! We're coming to open for @katyperry July 18, 19 & 21!!! Cannot wait!!! @hookedondolls @ohelleyeahmusic ( for tickets!)

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