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Bronte Rey  Costume addict ✨ Australian 🐨 Loves comics ✨ talking about Movies 🎬 and geekery.💕 (taken 💍)

Hanging on the school steps with Riverdale’s Finest.
On Wednesdays we wear pink, I mean, Southside Serpent Jackets.
Jughead is Lauren @teammountainash
Archie is @crozdogs_cosplays
Veronica is @crunchiecosplay
Betty is @callmebronte

Spider-Man and Xmen crossover in the Star Wars universe? A girl can dream.

What’s a few lightsaber burns between friends?
We are about to find out 😈
Rouge is Lauren from @teammountainash

I was your friendly neighbourhood Spidergal at this years Sydney Supanova.
I had an absolute blast with everyone there. If you got any pics, feel free to tag me.
The shot was taken by the awesome @dengadeng22

Shooting with the Riverdale crew is always a chill way to spend a weekend. Especially if you get Burgers after.
Jughead is Lauren @teammountainash (got coved in blood-honey)
Archie @crozdogs_cosplays (encouraged bird cannibal activity)
Betty @callmebronte (took a selfie with a beat up Jughead)
Veronica @crunchiecosplay (Smashed rocks and rode off into the sunset on a noble steed)

#riverdalecosplay #riverdaleseason2 #archie #archieandrews #bettycooper #jugheadjones #veronicalodge #cherylblossom #cosplay #cosplayer #shoot #picoftheday #riverdale

It has been a while since I've shot Poison Ivy, did you miss her?
Photography by @timothysouter. 📷✨

Archie and Jughead are why we can’t have nice things, but we love them anyway.
Jughead is Lauren @teammountainash
Archie is @crozdogs_cosplays
Veronica is @crunchiecosplay
Betty is @callmebronte

@crozdogs_cosplays commissioned the talented @al_pal55 to draw our Riverdale cosplay and I just... 😍😱💕✨

I got to spend my weekend handing with this awesome crew at the Harry Potter castle for a Riverdale shoot. @crozdogs_cosplays adopted two crow children called Jericho and marmalade and crozdogs and I got to fake beat up @teammountainash while @crunchiecosplay watched. Good times.

#riverdale #riverdalecosplay #archie #jugheadjones #veronicalodge #bettycooper

Happy Friday guys!
Bren totally outdid himself with the lighting on this shoot, the gels tho 😘💕 Thank you @Octopusphotographic.

How is everyones Wednesday?
I hope you are have a fantastic and caffeine fuelled hump day!
Just a happy snap from one of my shoots with @Octopusphotographic.

Looks like you walked down the wrong ally buddy.

I love this shot of us before infinity wars. Also how good is @teammountainash at editing? She have me cool hands!

Black widow @teammountainash
Spider-Man @crozdogs_cosplays

Sending you summer vibes from a sunnier time in Sydney ☀️🌴🐠 I almost didn't post this because my stomach is doing the folding thing, but thats what tummy's so when they bend so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Shot by the ever so snazzy @Octopusphotographic on a relaxing weekend.

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