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Kelcy  2x NAS and USS-NQ Strongwoman 2018 Texas’ Strongest Woman @starspangledsupp - KELS10

One made me a Mommo for the first time 10 years ago. One rocked my world again 6 years ago. Both fill my life with so much purpose, laughter and unexplainable love! I cannot imagine a day without either one. Happy birthday Kiley Joy and Keilani Ruth! You will always be my Bug and KK! 🖤💚#121208 #121212

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Another fabulous night with Mr. Axle. Him and i are becoming pretty acquainted here lately... and to be honest, tonight he was not a gentleman. He made me work for these lifts. Deadlift Monday was is in the books and although the struggle was real, the weight moved. 😎💪🏼 🎥: @battletested.gorilla #teamoberst #americanmonster #tilthewheelsfalloff #strongandpretty #minimonster #deadliftmonday #dimplesanddeadlifts

Have your own back. Keep your circle small. Allow those who clap with you in the pain, failures and ugliness, pick you up and succeed beyond anything you can imagine. Clap with them when you succeed. THOSE are your true and pure people. Keep them, nourish them and be eternally grateful for them. I know i am. 2019 will be my year. 🚂🚂 #teamoberst #strongandpretty #tilthewheelsfalloff #strongwoman #keepwatching #donewithmediocrity

Taking #295 for a ride on my 70% squat day. 4x4 sure made the legs 🔥🔥 Lift big to get big 🔥🔥🔥 #dropitlikeasquat🍑 #icantwalktoday🚼

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It’s a new week! #selfiesunday Make someone’s day brighter and kill your goals! 💚 #smile

Nothing seemed to “work right” today. From my wrists aching and giving out on cleans and presses, to just pure grit and pushing my limits. I could do nothing but bear down, fight on and finish today. All of me was left on that gym floor and the axle bar gave a good fight, but I owned it. #tilnexttime #teamoberst #tillthewheelsfalloff #theysureflewoff #americanmonster #strongmantraining

We’ve come a long way. 💪🏼 You’re only as strong as those you keep in your corner. Proud to say i am pretty invincible with those who are in mine. Kisses make you lift more... just FYI. #boobear #fitcouple

Happy Monday, my friends! Make it a good one! 💚

Happy 9th Birthday to my boy 💙 I love you so much and am proud to be your mommo! You have a big heart and are so caring. Happy birthday, Kaden Lucchese! 😍🥰

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