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Kelcy  2x NAS and USS-NQ Strongwoman 2018 Texas’ Strongest Woman @starspangledsupp - KELS10 @combatironapparel - KELS15 @sappernutrition - KELS15

Yeah, yeah, yeah... i know. 🤷🏼‍♀️ My body will never be *small* It took me a while to accept that, and i love my body and what it has done and is going to do. I am sculpting it to be the best version of me. I’ve been called disgusting, manly, gross and huge.. by both men and women... to that i just laugh because i know my capabilities and my worth is not dependent on their opinion. For every negative comment, i have at least 5 people telling me how they love how I’ve changed and they *wish* they had arms/back/strength like me. I love competing strongman and i love helping other women weight lift and reach their goals. •••
So, to the girl wanting to lift weights and compete, do it. Be strong. Lift heavy. Don’t pay attention to those negative comments. Feed yourself the positivity and encouragement that you deserve. I got your back. Do you and be your own #WCW •••
I am my own Woman Crush Everyday 💁🏼‍♀️😎 #duh 😉 -Kels💋

So excited to announce that i am the newest sponsored athlete of @starspangledsupp I have been using their products for close to a year now and i cannot say enough great things about them! They are true veteran owned and They are my go to for recovery after hard workouts and for mental clarity on those high anxiety days. Very knowledgeable and willing to help! KELS10 Gets you a discount so head on over and support an awesome company!

Meanwhile.... in Texas. #coldfrontishereyall

Don’t waste your time or effort #foodforthought #nightloves💚

#this 🖤💚

Texas largest girl to Texas strongest woman 😂 #transformationtuesday #imcheesy

#mcm Thank you for all you did this weekend. Forcing me to eat.. even when i was full. Rubbing out knots, making sure key words weren’t forgotten and reminding me that you had my back. I love you ❤️

Training and competition for Strongman are very taxing on the body. The day before and morning of i took competition doses of the black label @starspangledsupp CBD oil. During the day, it was easier for me to relax and recover going into the next event. I would really hate to see what i would feel like after a competition with out this awesome company’s product! Give them a follow and research their CBD oil! #cbdoil #recovery #mybodylovesme

Staring down Monday like.. #bringit #alwaysblowingbubbles 📸: @los_lifelaughsandlattes 💁🏼‍♀️

#selfiesunday day after a competition is rest and relaxation. Tomorrow brings new goals and plans. Have a great week, my friends! 💚

And she is AMAZING! So, if you feel as though you’re negativity will hinder the dopeness, please don’t bother and see yourself out. No one has time for the bad vibes and *haters*. I’ll respect you and leave you be, and i ask you to do the same to me! 😘

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