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Sarah Callista  2 Timothy 1:11


Since I was a kid, I never really had friends. For me friendship was a luxury I will never own. I got hurt a lot by people and that makes it even harder for me to have close friends that I can truly call them my "bestest" friends. I grew up socially awkward or these days they like to call it misfits. That became a label to me, a misfits.
I know now that most of the reasons I could never find anybody to have friendships with was cause by my own fault. Anytime people started to be close to me I started to hurt them (without me realizing it) because I was so afraid to get hurt again. It was a byproduct of bitterness. But then God knew my brokenness, so He gave me a chance to renew my heart and my mind. A chance to know what real friendship are like.
Today, I have these amazing ladies in my life. God restored what I lost, the kind of relationship that I dream of. Here I am today so grateful for these amazing people I get to know and call them my "bestest".
Here's a tribute to you my "Lionesses" @sashatjie @nydiaorlatta @zenobiasubandi @ibranibella (I know we didn't manage to get everybody in the picture but we will on our next trip πŸ€“)

I'm waiting and looking out eagerly to that far off distant... hmmm....
I'm going to stop right there, I'm just wondering why do we like to put beautiful captions on our beautiful self portraits and ootds? I mean this includes me.
I realize something when I ask that question. We all want that perfect life, that beauty, that serene and peaceful picture of our life perfectly portrayed on this thing called instagram. We dream of it... And there is nothing wrong with that. It's just that life that we want can't just exist on our photos. It needs to be our very own existential as well.
Perfection is a choice to see our life in a different perspective, sometimes we only need to shift just a little bit to see that our life is amazing. So friends, what kind of life have you been wanting lately? Paint that perfection in everything that you are grateful for and you'll have it 😊

Day dreaming...
Nothing is ever wasted in this life. Not even our brokenness... Things will never be pointless, so we need to be thankful for everything. Including being grateful in our most painful moments. #googlepixel

Working on Friday be like... Just remember how fun it was to have an office where every where you turn is an insta-worthy wall! 😎

Photo credit @syariefarrahman

Happy birthday mom! I pray that as you grow old, you will grow in God as well. May you are blessed with His wisdom and grace, may you become a blessing wherever you are. I love you!

This is not a political post nor I have any intention to side with anything publicly, because I know those opinions need to be kept privately most of the time especially in this kind of situation. This is a letter to strengthen the person and his family in this tough tribulations of life. God is still in control pak @basukibtp
πŸ“Έ by @rubindanny
Click the link on my bio to read the letter

I cannot believe what happened today, this is surely not my own doing. For this words, this ministry, and this platform solely belong to my King. Thank you Lord! And thank you to my awesome coach and leader @kennysgoh as well as my fellow speakers @jimmyomie @boykedimas @ramaadithya you guys are amazing people!!!

My two babies 😍😍😍 Photo by @umbu_k

Today's photo taken by one and only the talented @nydiaorlatta 😍😍😍#googlepixel

Just chillin' 😎😎😎

Pouting Lol!

Saturday with ma babies!!! 😍😍😍

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