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Sarah Callista  🇦🇺 Joshua 1:9 🇮🇩 2 Timothy 1:11 Say hi to me and my hubby @mr.mrs.waggish

Me and my girls!
It was such a privilege to have known them when they were still in @jpccyouth, but now to actually have them as friends and do life together in this city is an even more incredible moment in my life. Love these girls! They are so special and of course we are missing one more person that is also an incredible girl that is @sgbrl.t, the amazing artist and painter in our group!

My world is upside down! College has just started. From impossibilities to infinite possibilities, this is all your doing Lord, I honor it and my heart is filled with gratitude. I'm expectant and open. I'm all for it! Let's go!

Throwback last Tuesday on the first day of Hillsong Conference and we just have to be extra silly and goofy with each other. Being waggish at its best! @mr.mrs.waggish #mrmrswaggish
Photo by the infamous Novel Journal owner @agustinusleemartin

This week has been beautiful, ready to pour out more and be part of a story that God has laid out for this season. Seizing every part of it with Him by my side... #hillsongconf #ThereIsMore

When it's quiet it's very quiet...
Litttle strings of a story are being strummed,
Resonating in every heart that lives.
Can you hear it friend? She's telling you a tale.
A tale of a sorrowful person carrying the weight of the world.
Yet everything about her is painted bright,
bringing hope to that sorrowful heart.
She is alive only for them who is searching...
Searching for a family to love, a friend to laugh with and a companion to carry-on on this wanderlust. #writersofinstagram #blackandwhite

Afternoon shenanigans at The Cannery with Instagram hubby. I just can't leave a good white wall alone (poke @gersonhenry)

An image can produce so many stories... It triggers feelings, memories and utterances of reflection. What's the story here then? Tell me what you see...

It's just us here...

With every ounce of me I'm trusting my Lord that He is faithful. I know that I'm leaving my home, my tribe, my everything here for a very very good reason. This is just us, Alfred and I, with nothing but all that God has given us -- to step into this new season. I am expectant even if I'm nervous, I'm excited even if things are still so uncertain, and I am taking courage even if reality never really makes much sense.

This is it, Sydney... We are coming your way... Blessed be all the things that we will do, everything that we prayed for, and everything that we are called for. Let this be a cozy joyful home for the next season. In Jesus name. #anakrantau

#yayoikusama #macanxkusama
Gonna miss my oldest friend in the world @oliviacalypso for sure. We've been through so many things in life, through long distance friendship and many colorful stories (like these artworks 😂). Knowing how this friendship has lasted more than two decades, I'm sure by this 'farewell' it will just enriched our story together, we'll definitely gonna be seeing each other again very soon in some part of the globe. See you soon friend!

We took this picture sometimes ago (it's so hard to get all 5 ladies together at one time hahah). On today's last dinner it makes me realize even more how precious these ladies are in my life. Truly a gift from God that I can't never take for granted. This maybe a 'goodbye' for now but distance won't be an issue. We'll see each other again soon wherever and whenever... Love you all my lionesses... Gonna miss our talks and laughters together. #thekindoffriendshipthatneverdies

Last night we had conversations with friends about our life right now. Nothing make much sense at this point, except the fact that we know, life is very erratic and it means transition. We can't even look too far anymore, if you ask us, "What about next month?" We wouldn't know the answer to it. We can't even know how our next week is going to be. Even though situations are filled with "buts" we want to continue to say that it is okay.

These two lyrics are our anthem right now and thank God for these encouragement through these songs. That's one of the beauty of this relationship, He know what you need, He will provide you... In anyway you need it to be.

Hillsong Worship - New Wine
Make me Your vessel
Make me an offering
Make me whatever You want me to be
I came here with nothing
But all You have given me
Jesus bring new wine out of me

Where there is new wine
There is new power
There is new freedom
The Kingdom is here
I lay down my old flames
To carry Your new fire today

Hillsong Worship - Be Still
Be still and know
That the Lord is in control
Be still my soul
Stand and watch as giants fall

Be still and trust
What the Lord has said is done
Find rest don’t strive
Watch as faith and grace align

I won’t be afraid
You are here
You silence all my fear
I won’t be afraid
You don’t let go
Be still my heart and know
I won’t be afraid

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