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Sarah Callista  2 Timothy 1:11

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#GueMenangBanyak when I completely let God be God in my life. Sometimes it is just difficult to let Him unravel our lives in front of us, although it is in that moment we become the real victor. His plan for us is an unexpected plan that we cannot phathom or understand, so it is the kind of life that we can only do and win with Him. You will win because He has won, take heart and know that it is a #VictoryAtTheCross

Stardate 95604.18 on Planet Earth

Today is the 31st of Dec, people all around the world is planning and writing down their New Year's Resolution. Praying for the best in the coming year of 2018. I can understand that sentiment and I share that feeling as well.

On this New Year's Eve I want to offer a better idea than just a resolution. It's called an ABSOLUTION.

Ending a year always tricked us into feeling that it's a restart in our life. But as you know it isn't completely true. Life is a constant journey without a halt or a restart. So instead of every end of year we settle with the fact that we didn't get to do our resolutions which makes us feel unaccomplished, we should think that it didn't matter. Our life journey is not framed by just 365 days it is still moving.
I'm talking about out dreams and vision. Not yearly business goals or something like that.
We shouldn't give into this illusion of timeline when it comes to dreams and vision. Because as long as we walk in it, it's an absolution that we can get there. If in a year we feel like we haven't reached anywhere that's just mean we need to walk farther. If we feel we haven't done enough for our dreams than we should just continue to do more and more. If we feel like it's not possible to reach it than we should see it in a different perspective.

I'm encouraging myself and whoever you are out there who sees this whole 2017 like a wreck and you who are hoping that tomorrow is completely anew. I say, "Absolutely possible!". You just need to start shifting from your current state of mind and ready to go the distance. You're not too late and your whole year was not wasted.
Just look away from the past and continue this journey of life with a smile and an absolution that THERE IS MORE!
Happy New Year! It will be absolutely amazing!

"Though the winter is long even richer
The harvest it brings
Though my waiting prolongs even greater
Your promise for me like a seed
I believe that my season will come

And when I finally see my tree
Still I believe there’s a season to come

Like a seed You were sown
For the sake of us all
From Bethlehem’s soil
Grew Calvary’s sequoia"

Hillsong Worship - Seasons

Sydney 03.12.17 #blackandwhite

Sydney 09.12.17 #blackandwhite

Sydney 08.12.17 #blackandwhite

"I hear the sound march in like thunder
I see the Spirit bursting out in a mighty flood
Over everyone
I hear the sound of sons and daughters
I see the old dream wild in young imagining
Young and old will dream
I hear the sound of earth surrendered
Wonders above and signs below
For all to see
We have been set free
So open up the doors and sing

If you’ve been set free
Lift up your voice and sing
If you have the love
Now’s the time to use it

Salvation runs for everyone
So open up the doors and let us sing"

I'm ready for God shift season, ready to be in the midst of God's miracle happening everywhere. And ultimately ready to be where God needs me to be to make a difference. #2018

Lots of fluffy pillow marshmallows in the sky! Summer sky sooo gorgeous 😍

God is saying to you today...

"I know that you are afraid, I know that you feel numb and can't even feel My presence. That is okay. I understand. I'm just asking you today to trust me a little bit more. Those 'artificial light' that you are holding on to right now is swaying your path away from the truth. I need you to be courages enough to kill all those 'light'. Because... If you are brave enough to search in that darkness I have prepared you a guiding light, a starlight in the sky. Follow that light and the path it shows until you reach the end of the valley. When you finally reached the end, you will know and you will see that this whole time I have been holding your hands tightly. Know that I love you and I will never abandon you no matter what. I'm here for you"

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