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Sarah Callista  2 Timothy 1:11

When I first started the Apostles Journal I promised myself that I want to contribute goodness and joy to the world of social media. I'm reviving this journal to be a space to inspire everyone, whether they are Christian or not. Weekly journal that I am going to dedicate for Holy Spirit and people to interact. With that said, I hope you can enjoy this post. Click the link on my bio to read. Cheers!

Love this picture taken candidly by @thebridestory at #bridestorymarket2017
Don't miss out on the last day tomorrow!

As I have promised my very first writing on The Perks of Being 20 is now up! Click the link on my bio to enjoy! Cheers! #theperksofbeing20

It is such a privilege for me to be part of The Perks Of Being Twenties contributors. Thanks to @gersonhenry and @demasryan for letting me be a part of this "perks". Stay tune for my very first blog!

I rarely say or write 'mushy-romantic-stuff' but I want to say this out of my gratitude. I really love this man, I couldn't imagine being with someone else or do life without him. This man is the best partner, leader, friend, husband, and later, father for my children. I believe that this man is God's very best gift to me. Through this man God showed me acceptance, kindness, and love. I'm so thankful for this man. I love you hubby @alfredwa

This week definitely feels like a dream! All I can say is that God never cease to amaze me, 'nuff said!
Check out the conference's highlights by @agustinusleemartin #hillsongconf

I am all set! This is the best worship night so far, but I know definitely #ThereIsMore to this! My heart is exploding with content and joy that I cannot explain. I pray and I claim it in Jesus name that this peace will never depart me. In Jesus mighty name this marks the day I'm running my race and marching towards the future!!! #hillsongconf

Two possible reactions at a Hillsong Conference 🤓

Sometimes when God started to speak to you loudly, you can't help it but to lean in and listen. But then listening wouldn't be enough, it's either you "Obey" or you just "Blah" hahaha so which one are you? #hillsongconf #hillsong #hillsongconf2017

#leyehleyehdisydney 🤓☝🏻
Photo credit @ibranibella

That perfect morning... #melbourneatitsbest

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