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Calliope Games  The official account of Calliope Games. We publish some of your favorite gateway games, like Roll For It! and Tsuro 🎲

N is for Nibblefoot, 
He'll cause quite a fright. 
Be careful when 'round him, 'Cuz he's dynamite!

#ShutterBug #cryptid

W's for Werebeast, 
With antler. And claw. 
And hoof. And with quill . . . 
Who's his ma and his pa?

#ShutterBug #cryptid

S for Sea Dragon, 
A tentacled beast. 
But caught and chopped up, 
It provides quite a feast!

#Dragon #Tsuro #TsuroOfTheSeas

Y is for Yeti, 
A fuzzy, cold creature. 
He protects his mountain. 
That's a bug, not a feature!

#Yeti #DiceyPeaks

Giant Tsuro in Meno Park, CA?  Count me in! Tonight from 5:30-8:00 pm.  For details check out the event link.


Calliope Games works hard to insure that our games are accessible for players. How does one differentiate pieces in a game other than by color? If they are parade floats, make each players "float meeples" unique!

#EveryoneLovesAParade #ColorBlindness #ColorForAll

@FamilyGamersAA stopped by the Calliope Games booth at @Gen_Con to learn more about The Mansky Caper. Here is what they found out!

#ManskyCaper #GenCon #AnOfferYouCantDefuse

For those who enjoy Pinterest, we've started a new board, a Bestiary of the creatures in Calliope Games. Each is accompanied by a bit of doggerel. We'll be adding beasties until our monsters are accounted for. Please enjoy!

#CreatureFeature #MonsterMash

When I think of @Gen_Con I think of . . . CHRISTMAS! And Calliope Games spent some time with @GameTradeMedia playing 12 Days at Gen Con 2018! Ready for some holiday cheer? Then watch the full game here: #GenCon #HolidayCheer #12daysofgaming

At @Gen_Con 2018, @thespiel hosted a panel discussion on what happens to a game after the designer gives it to the publisher (Game Development). Ray Wehrs (#CalliopeGames), took part in that discussion. Check it out here:

@indymonthly takes a look at “The Best of Gen Con.” First on the list? Ancestree by Eric M. Lang. “It’s refreshing when a game designer comes up with an original theme.”

#Ancestree #EricLang #Progressive

Today was the last day of @gen_con . Hope you had FUN at Calliope Games Booth 1901! P

#gencon #FOMO

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