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Ling Ling Lok  👀Photos of things I eat and my dog roommate 🐕 🍩Donuts and other things that will make you wonder if I'll live to the age of 40 on my story🧐

Passion fruit krembo at Tatte - honestly made me so happy eating it. 😊 Fluffy marshmallow/meringue atop a delightfully chewy cookie with a little passion fruit curd surprise inside. #myhappyplace (brown bits are from the mocha mousse we were eating, oops! Need to go back and eat it again for a better picture 🤷🏻‍♀️😜)

Doggie kangarooing, homemade English muffins and clotted cream, and my weird friends

Locked myself out on my birthday soo... I guess I'll treat myself? Also s/o to @vancityreynolds who shares my birthday 🎉

Selfies because we're matching today #datnoseflare

I spy... 👀

Caramel apples and cinnamon caramel apple Rice Krispies! Things I make when I'm procrastinating and not eating donuts

Happy birthday buddy! Grateful to have you around, and look forward to the many more adventures and naps we'll have with you! 🎂🎉

Some highlights from the #smokethisribfest! My favorite rib was definitely the Portugalia rib, @chinese.potato also favored the Highland Fried one; Lord Hobo and Puritan & Co. deserve honorable mentions for their koolaid pickle and delicious lamb rib respectively

Starting to see sketchy pharm everywhere... Shout-out to acetylcholinesterase inhibitors #stigmagang #anticholinesteraseandantiestablishment

On my magic carpet ride to dreamland 😪💭

I hear this building has "dog-friendly" washing machines... Should we give it a try?

In pursuit of the wily mayonnaise lid

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