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Ling Ling Lok  Photos of things I eat and my dog roommate.

Starting to see sketchy pharm everywhere... Shout-out to acetylcholinesterase inhibitors #stigmagang #anticholinesteraseandantiestablishment

On my magic carpet ride to dreamland πŸ˜ͺπŸ’­

I hear this building has "dog-friendly" washing machines... Should we give it a try?

In pursuit of the wily mayonnaise lid

Pee-yew! This weather STINKS!! β›ˆ

Study break! Made tanghulu as an experiment, first time making hard candy. Swipe for the crunchy video and the results of my candy drizzling experiments. 🍭

So... We thought this was going to be personal watermelon sized, not grown watermelon sized... πŸ‰ My mouth isn't open because it's frozen shut πŸ˜β„οΈ

He did the thing!

Worth waking up (your boyfriend) at 7:30 for! Flavors we got were Cereal milk, Coffee milk, Sticky bun, and Matcha cheesecake which was my favorite by far. Don't worry @yoshiposhi I worked out yesterday, my heart is doing fine and I still haven't gained 200 lbs.

And now for the littlest dowg representing the littlest state, Gnocchi for Ms. Rhode Island!

I feel like it was my birthday instead of Alex's... It was a good day. #3lb #tomahawk

It's good to be back

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