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Callie Ellie  📍Bath/NCL Pharmacy student, chocolate addict and wannabe Ironman 🏃🏽‍♀️5k-20:59 🏃🏽‍♀️10k-44:17 🏃🏽‍♀️HM-1:37 🏃🏽‍♀️Full-3:38 🏊🏼‍♀️🚴🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️70.3-5:57

In one week I’ll be running another half marathon. My dads running the same event. This blurry picture is from 2013 when I completed my first ever half marathon. Dad ran with me for the entire race. I think from that day on we decided we’d run our own races or we may end up hating each other 😂

So @iron_tica tagged me to share 10 things about me (wasn’t really sure if I could think of 10 things but I’ve dug some random facts up) so that’s what I’m giving you. You should check out her page - the most amazing pictures and a constant source of inspiration and happiness 🧡🧡🧡!!
1. I’m 22 years old ... I know I look 12 but I don’t mind, means people don’t expect me to “adult” yet 😜
2. Im currently studying for a masters in pharmacy
3. I started riding road bikes at 10 years old around a “swamp” in New Jersey with my dad (the best roads I’ve ever ridden on)
4. I lived in New Jersey from when I was ~10 until I was 13 years old
5. I used to play football/soccer when I was 8-13 ... I was rubbish but my team won stuff even though they were basically one man down every time I played 😂
6. My mum is Dutch so I have 2 passports and 2 Christmas celebrations (Sinterklaas and Christmas) and I used to boast to other kids I got two lots of presents 😏
7. My favourite place in the entire world is Club LaSanta and I’ve been going with my family for 22 years
8. My dad is my main inspiration in triathlon - I was brought up travelling around Europe on holidays to watch him complete Ironmans (and NO he doesn’t force me to do triathlon like many people assume)
9. Swimming used to be my best sport of the 3 until I moved back to the UK and refused to join the local swim squad, now cycling is my favourite (not sure any of them are my “best”) 10. I wouldn’t be where I am and so happy without my family and friends supporting me, encouraging me and never make me feel like I’m mental for changing my life plans nearly every day! (so THANK YOU 💚💚)
📷: @tzdaphne (thanks for the best photo of me ever)
Most people seem to have done this and I’m late on catching up so @danmiddleton__ and @timbo_runs you’ve got to catch up too!

#throwbackthursday to this time last year when Dyl joined me on the start line. When I saw him after the finish I though “how the fuck has he beaten me?!” I didn’t know he’d had to drop out because his hamstring (just recovered from a tear) had completely given up at 10km. This year I didn’t “force” him to join me and accepted that his new role at my events will be to cheer as many embarrassing things as possible. He and my sister seem to have a talent for taking pictures of me where I look AWFUL so expect some great pictures in 2 weeks time!

I get to ride this twice today 👍🏼 the uphill is a LOT less fun! (this has been sped up to fit 60seconds ... the ride down actually takes about 2 minutes ... I’m not that fast). Sorry for the wobbly quality - the roads are SHIT in Bath but I wanted to show you the most fun part of my day 🚴🏻‍♀️

A nice 15km run this afternoon :) felt fun and managed to hit my target pace this weekend. I keep getting caught up in the Bath Half Marathon excitement with everyone else doing it so I was getting down on myself for my pace and saying “I’m not where I want to be”. But if I look at my training looking forward to London I’m actually exactly where I wanted to be 😊 there’ll be no PB in Bath this year but that’s not the aim. It’s a training run that comes at exactly the right time to be a half marathon distance TT. Anyone else get overly stressed because they forget the big picture?

The rest of my family are spending the weekend in London and my flat mate and boyfriend are both home with their families. So instead of having a #lonerlife and being sad I’m not with my famalam, Ive filled my weekend with eating out with friends and training with friends (and alone - can’t really expect me to change from my routine too much 😉). Hope you’re all having the best weekend too!

I’ve decided that this semester I’m going to try and cook more adventurous meals ... probably not this advanced 👩🏻‍🍳

Today was supposed to be a short fast run for 30 minutes but after 15 I had to get off and rush to the bathroom. I felt so sick 🤢. Clearly today was not the day for this session so I’ll try again tomorrow.

Yesterday’s long run was a little disappointing... would have liked to be a little faster by now. 3 weeks until Bath Half and not too long until London (the real target 🎯). I just have to stay consistent and hope my hamstring/hip issue calms the F down.

Hardest treadmill session in a LONG time! 10x400m going hard (I actually attached the emergency pull cord for the first time in my life for the last 2!!!). I could not be bothered with tonight’s session but when I got to the gym I was ready and the fluffy jumper was taken off ... my biggest challenge is always getting out the door.

This week is the longest time I’ve spent in Bath for nearly 8 weeks. Honestly I didn’t want to come back to uni after exams and my time off but I’m back in the land of the ducks 🦆 and it’s actually AMAZING (well...waking up early isn’t great)! I’m happy to be back on my regular commute and back to my usually gym and just back to my routine. Hopefully in the next few weeks before the Bath Half I can get back into running properly and loose a bit of my exam and Christmas podge. My #newyearnewme starts now but really it’s #sameyearsameme

You know you spend too much time together when you order the exact same food at every restaurant!

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