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Relaxing by the pool

Pretty baby Mesa! Our little fox

The painted wall in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is taller than the Sears Tower and thr highest cliff in CO! 2,250 feet! It was so windy at the top, you couldn't hear the person talking next to you

Had to make a quick stop at Garden of the Gods! As always, it's such a unique and wonderful state park. Probably one of my favorite state parks!

Had to snap a few pictures of this amazing dog park that was about 15 minutes from our hotel around the Cherry Creek area, south of Denver. It's actually a state park but they dedicated 107 acres for a dog park. It's a huge grassy area with wide trails and cool, clean cherry creek running through it. So many dogs and people, the pups just loved it!

Stopped in Golden, CO before heading to Denver to see some fireworks for the 4th!

Pet friendly hotels are the best!

Views from the island on Island Lake, Grand Mesa Colorado

One lake at Grand Mesa called Island Lake has a small island that you could canoe or kayak to. We loaded our lunch and pups into a canoe and started towards the island. About 50 yards from the dock, Koda decided to jump and take a swim and guess who got to go after in after him!

All these icy cold glacier lakes at Grand Mesa! We even saw a moose.

Beautiful open trail right off of our campsite at Grand Mesa. This area is not as well known as it should be! There are over 10 glacier lakes in a small area. The views and the freezing water will take your breath away!

Had some pretty good food and probably the best wing sauce I've had at the Horsefly Brewing Company and the dogs had been so good we decided to bring them along! They did great.

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