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Day 1 and 2 of our walkout for education funding! If you support teachers and funding education, please contact your legislators today through phone or email or letters! They need to hear support from the community and not just teachers. We are here not for a pay raise but for funding our schools. Things like books, technology, smaller class sizes, more teachers, teaching material are all bought with education funds. If you don't know how to contact your representatives or even what to say please message me! I would love to help

Hiking out of the canyon there were several of these large boulders that people had placed rocks in, signifying they were there. @callmemcgee placed his there. Huge hike out with an elevation gain of about 3,600 ft.

After 3 days, we are sad to leave this place...and sad for the hike out. All on all we probably hiked between 33-35 miles in the 3 days. 23-24 of that with our packs. Needless to say my feet and calves were NOT appreciative.

Hiking back from Beaver Falls to our campsite

Crystal clear cold water at Beaver Falls

Beaver Falls was by far my favorite We woke up early to get there before anyone else. Most people done travel down to Beaver Falls but if you come to Havasu it's a MUST see. Perfect weather and only a few other people around. It's a groups of 3 small falls but you can walk across the pools and enjoy the cold refreshing water. After several intense hiking days the water feels therapeutic on your feet!

After Mooney Falls, we had a 2.5 mile hike to Beaver Falls. You cross Havasu Creek 3 times to get to it. One of the prettiest and most diverse hikes we've been on. Through caves, water, down stairs, rocks, and even a palm tree.

The next major fall is Mooney Falls. It takes a very steep and amditidly scary stair hike down to the falls. You have to go through two small caves and then down these natural stairs that are wet from spray from the falls. You must brave this part though to get to this fall and the next one, Beaver Falls.

Have you ever seen pictures of something and thought there is no way it looks like that in real life? Well I can tell you that Havasu Falls is not one of those places. When you first see this spectacular fall, you are blown away by the color. The blue green water some from lime deposits that build up on the bottom. Havasu falls is one of 3 major falls in this area and it's the first you come upon after hiking into the canyon. The falls are owned by the Havasupai Indians on a private Indian reservation. If you want to go, be prepared to sang a reservation on Feb 1st and 9am. Reservations for the entire year sell out within hours. So lucky we were able to get one!

Just a few pictures on the way to the falls.

We drove about an hour and a half to the Havasu Falls Trailhead the night before our hike. Woke up at 5:30 so we could head out by 6:30. This is the first view we got of the trail! 10 miles into the canyon to the falls. The trail is located on the far west side of the Grand Canyon so technically it's still part of it.

Before heading to the Falls, we stopped in Phoenix so Brett could play some disk with his cousin Aaron Tisue, then hit Sedona for a very quick lunch with a view!

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