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Paul  Nature does the hard part, I just try to shoot it. Wannabe photog, 99% SLR; all shots by me unless noted.

Avalanche Gorge in Glacier National Park. Still have another day and a half here. Yes, I'm still alive and shooting! ;) Hope all you folks have been doing well!

My second time lapse from the Perseids Meteor Shower. I angled my camera higher hoping to capture the really bright meteors, but they still appeared off-camera. The end of the video is the approach of sunrise.

If you'd like to see the proper 'wide-screen' version of these two clips put together with some music, you can see them here:

Perseids Meteor Shower - This is one of two time lapses I shot in Yosemite a couple of weeks ago. My first time lapse! Pretty amazing night, so many meteors; unfortunately the best & brightest were 'off screen,' whichc is why I cut this time lapse off to movie my camera. The slower, brighter streaks are planes, not meteors ;). But there's still lots of quick flashes that were meteors.
My apologies for lack of responses and likes lately; work and travel is picking up again, and I'll probably be pretty busy through the next two months or so. Hopefully everyone's doing well and enjoying life :)

One of my fav spots in Garrapata State Park. I've visited Big Sur three weeks in a row and had overcast skies for most of it. Finally got a short window of blue skies as I shot here. I used a circular polarizer to boost the reflection of the sky, turning it from almost black to this crazy blue. #BigSur #ic_water

Path to Pfeiffer Beach, #BigSur. Had to stand here for several agonizing minutes while a human repeatedly tried to shoot directly at the sun with his phone. Darn humans getting in my landscape shots! 😜 Fortunately the light didn't change before he gave up.

Alien Eggs - Long exposure at one of my favorite spots along the Big Sur coast; I sometimes call it my lunch spot. Would've gotten closer to the shellfish but I didn't want to get my rig wet, the waves were crashing pretty hard. 😜 #BigSur

Piano in Half Moon Bay, one of twelve set out on the coast for the Opus Two #sunsetpiano project. Thanks to @Kimberlysh_ru for showing @earthscanner and me! Sometimes there are impromptu concerts at different pianos, which must be a lot of fun!

San Francisco July 4th fireworks from last night. Shot from across the bay (too crowded in the city!), probably around 4 miles away. Next time, I'll try to find a closer spot 😜. Hope all you good people have been well!

Yet again, one of my shots has been stolen. Maybe i need to put my name right smack dab in the middle πŸ˜’

There's a smudge of something on your cheek... #colormerad #colormerad5k

Color Bomb! So many people thought I was officially photographing, I had no problem repeatedly getting on the stage to shoot. Unfortunately, I hurt my foot repeatedly jumping off stage. #colormerad #colormerad5k

Color Me Rad 5K race - this is probably as close as I'll get to shooting the Indian Holiday Festival of Colors. It was a lot of fun exercising different skills; I rarely shoot action!
If you're interested, Color Me Rad has events around the US all year; check their website for locations and dates.

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