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there is NOTHING better than holding (and smelling!) a newborn baby. ✨ I would probably have 10 babies if Jeff let me. good thing aunt life is an option for me. 🤗

the TINY thing that was the BIG reason for my trip... my new nephew, ezra! just 3 weeks new, and the cuddliest, sweetest, best baby ever! why do I have to live so far away from you? 😩❤️✨

BIG TEX at the texas state fair! ⭐️ my sister just had a baby 3 weeks ago, and hosted us like it was nbd. best sister weekend! 💃🎉 #bigtex

just packed this dress, and now off to texas! ✈️🍂 ready to hug my sis! ready to see all the babies! ready for all the things! 💃🎉

my living room is turning into a pumpkin patch! 🎃🍂 also, these bats! seen in homes everywhere. but question... did you make yours or buy yours?? I’m curious about your holiday commitment level. 😜 or maybe you still need some! I posted a template in my stories if you’re feeling crafty this weekend. 🦇✂️

casual. 🎃🦇🍂

topknot twins. 👯‍♀️🍂

pumpkin house! 🎃🍂
and none of them fell on our heads. 😜👌 #octoberthings

homecoming game last night! 🏈🍂
Jeff and I went to the same high school...
class of 1997 + 2001. and soon our kids will!
future class of 2026, 2029 + 2033 🙈🎓✨
#whatislife #calikatfam

nail polish first timer! ✨ I can’t believe I held out this long! but her excitement and joy was EVERYTHING. I get so sentimental over every first! #livethelittlethings

quick! grab your flannels and boots, it’s sprinkling in socal! 🌧 is it just me, or does it feel like there was an actual change in seasons here this year?! 🙌🍂 #bringonfall

we got to be a cat family this weekend... who knew it would bring so much joy! 🤗 my kids have zero experience with cats because my entire family is allergic. so it was such a treat to love on this sweet kitten! ❤️ thank you @dezireeskye23 + @james_arden for letting us watch her for you!

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