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California Libertarian  Do not attack other users directly or be banned. DM a pic if you are being abused on my page. Use evidence not insults to win arguments. I đźš«trolls.

@Regranned from @atlas.news - #OscarPerez, the former #police pilot who was known for his opposition against the #Venezuela government, has been killed by #Maduro loyalists. The government officially announced Perez, along with six other accomplices, were killed in a shootout with authorities. Footage taken by Perez has emerged, showing him bloodied before he was killed. In it he described how he is under fire by snipers and grenade launchers. In another video taken by Perez during the gunfight, he calls out to surrender but the gunfire ensues. The former police pilot and actor became wanted by authorities after he stole a police helicopter and dropped grenades on government buildings last year during the heat of the anti-government protests. He later went on a raid to steal weapons as he called for a #revolution. His death has caused outcry from opposition leaders. (đź“ą NYT) #AtlasNewsUpdateVenezuela - #regrann

@Regranned from @anon_boogie - Before the article begins...the person who wrote the article labeled legalization out here in california a "bittersweet victory" but #prop64 was no victory at all it was a huge step backwards...it added a shit load of new laws and regulations...it criminalizes cannabis for 18 to 20 year olds when before it was just an infraction or if they had a #prop215 rec it was legal...it killed prop215...its taking the cannabis industry out of the moms and pops hands and handing it over to big corperations (hope yall like #gmo weed becuase #monsanto is gonna be able to grow plenty of it)...and all the taxes collected doesnt even go towards fixing roads and schools...it goes right to law enforcement to set up systems to enforce these new b.s. laws & regulations...medical marijuana patients now loose their gun rights...please support @cchi2020 so we can fix this b.s.... #FuckAUMA we tried to warn and educate yall...people didnt wanna listen...now we have to deal with this b.s.!...... From thefreethoughtproject.com
With the legalization of marijuana comes the bolstering of the police state and the new mouth swab checkpoints for weed are evidence of it.

By Matt Agorist - January 17, 2018

Legalization in California is proving to be a bittersweet victory for advocates of cannabis and freedom. Not only has the DoJ promised to start going after innocent people in states where marijuana is legal but now police are setting up checkpoints to specifically target marijuana users.

Since weed was legalized in California, the San Diego police department has begun conducting checkpoints to target drivers who may be under the influence of pot. During these highly questionable checkpoints, police are taking saliva samples from motorists and running it through a machine called the Drager 5000.

The swab checks the saliva to see if the driver has marijuana in their system and in regard to the 4th Amendment, they are certainly controversial.

How crazy is it that we don't learn about great civilizations like the Polynesian voyagers? What other great civilizations do you know about that are not a part of normal schooling?

They are trying to shovel up after #presidenttrump's bullshit. Apparently the secretary for #homelandsecurity is unaware of major demographic info on a European nation.

@Regranned from @atlas.news - We have two stories coming from #Nigeria. The first is that two #Americans and two #Canadians have been kidnapped by armed gunmen in the state of Kaduna. The group was on its way to the capital of Abuja when it was ambushed by the assailants. Two police officers were killed in a gunfight trying to stop the kidnapping, according to police spokesman Mukhtar Aliyu.
In other news, at least 10 people were killed and dozens were injured after a quadruple suicide bombing carried out by female bombers in Maiduguri, according to the National Emergency Management Agency. #AtlasNewsUpdateNigeria - #regrann

In response to #UnitedStates #AttorneyGeneral #JeffSessions’ decision to rescind the Cole Memorandum, a new bill was introduced in the House that aims to protect state-legal #cannabis from intrusive #federal enforcement.

It can be recalled that earlier this month, the U.S. #DepartmentofJustice decided to rescind a policy instituted during Former President #BarackObama’s administration that eased the enforcement of federal cannabis laws in states that have legalized cannabis.

The policy, also called the #ColeMemorandum, stipulates that the #JusticeDepartment place low priority on the enforcement of cannabis laws against organizations and businesses that are in compliance with state law. It also stipulates that federal authorities will not stand in the way of legalized states provided that state officials keep cannabis from migrating to areas where it remains prohibited and provided that they keep children and criminal gangs from accessing it.

Sessions has always been vocal about his anti-cannabis position. Just recently, he decided to allow U.S. attorneys to devote necessary federal resources in enforcing federal cannabis laws. In a statement, he said that the Justice Department has a mission to enforce the laws of the country and that the Cole Memorandum undermines the rule of law.

In his memo to the U.S. attorneys, he said that the Cole Memorandum was unnecessary. He also noted that Congress is determined in its belief that cannabis is a dangerous substance and cannabis activities are a serious crime, and federal laws reflect this belief.

As a response to the Justice Department’s move, #California #RepresentativeBarbaraLee introduced a House bill that would serve to protect cannabis in legalized states from excessive federal enforcement. The new legislation is called #HR4779 or the Restraining Excessive Federal Enforcement & Regulations of Cannabis (#REFER) Act of 2018 and it would essentially prevent federal authorities from intervening in state and local cannabis laws.

@Regranned from @futurism - Keep emergency contacts in reach even off-grid. - #regrann

#AdamKokesh, longtime anarcho-libertarian #activist who first came to public prominence with #IraqVeteransAgainsttheWar in 2007 and was later a big #RonPaul supporter, today filed the paperwork necessary to officially seek the U.S. presidency. He is hoping for the #Libertarian Party's presidential nomination.

He also had his RV pulled over twice by #Texas #police, and was arrested the second time.

A video of the second pullover that led to the arrest can be found on Facebook (and is embedded below). It shows #highwaypatrol officers instructing Kokesh to shut off his camera at the point a #policedog, off-camera, was said to have "alerted" to the RV. Kokesh was pulled over for driving 74 in a 65 zone, according to one officer in the video.

According to the #TexasACLU, the #police do not have the right to demand a #citizen stop videotaping willy-nilly though they have the loophole I'm sure they'd summon here regarding "truly interfering with legitimate law enforcement operations." The #ACLU notes that "Professional officers, however, realize that such operations are subject to public scrutiny, including by citizens photographing them." Jacob Sullum at #Reason in a classic 2013 cover story demolished the probity of the "dog alert=suspension of #FourthAmendment rights" line of thought and practice.

A spokeswoman for the Wise County Jail confirms #Kokesh is in their custody on four charges, one related to possession of under two ounces of #marijuana, two related to #possession of another #controlledsubstance she was not able to specify, and one for "tampering and/or fabricating evidence with intent to impair" a police investigation. He will likely be arraigned and have bond set tomorrow.

Ben Farmer, the Kokesh campaign's chief strategist, says in an email that "we don't know any more than you do at this time about the charges or the circumstances of his arrest. We do find it suspicious that Adam was pulled over twice within an hour of formally announcing his candidacy for President. Particularly, since he just came off of a 4 month, cross-country tour in the same vehicle without being pulled over once the entire time."

@Regranned from @atlas.news - #Turkey is poised to attack #Kurdish YPG held areas in #Syria along their border. Turkish tanks and soldiers have been gathering along the border. According to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the operation will clear out “terror nests” along the border with the help of Syrian rebel forces. (📷 AFP#AtlasNewsUpdateTurkey - #regrann

Please help get Adam out of jail: https://kokesh.revv.co/wise

Let's get the word out! @adamkokesh has been taken by #texas #lawenforcement (we currently do not know why he is in custody) . You can donate toward his release and fines and fees. #adamkokesh is a #libertarian candidate for president in 2020.

The #warondrugs #waronterror bullshit that they pull all the time was just used on #adamkokesh. The #policek9 alerted on the vehicle which is a tactic used by #police all the time to bypass the #4thamendment.
They also asked @adamkokesh to stop filming which #lawenforcement in the #usa should know is protected by now. Let's hope Adam is ok and stays alive through custody in #Texas, since we all know how wonderful thier jails are.

@Regranned from @atlas.news - Two #UnitedStates #Navy commanders are facing criminal charges for involvement in the two US destroyer collisions which left a total of 17 US sailors dead this summer, according to a report by the USNI. Former commander of the USS Fitzgerald (DDG-62), Cmdr. Bryce Benson, is facing charges of “dereliction of duty, hazarding a vessel and negligent homicide,” which are in relation to the June 17 crash of the Fitzgerald into the merchant ship ACX Crystal. Seven sailors were left dead. Former commander of the USS John McCain (DDG-56), Cmdr. Alfredo J. Sanchez, is facing similar charges for the crash of the USS McCain destroyer into a Japanese oil tanker on August 21, which killed 10 US sailors. A chief petty officer faces similar criminal charges for involvement into the McCain crash. Several other sailors will receive non-judicial punishments. The US Navy determined that “total incompetence” and lack of “basic skills such as seamanship and navigation” had caused the deadly crashes. #AtlasNewsUpdateUnitedStates - #regrann

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