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The victim even calls out on camera that the officer was using #policebrutality. The #cop got mad and attacked him. Wtf?!

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So as Texas is recovering, this is the story ABC wanted to portray. So sad. #hurricaneharvey #harvey

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#zionism does not equal #judaism. This is supposedly at an anti #idf rally where Zionist attacked this Orthodox child.

The three #cops facing a wrongful-death suit in connection with the homicide of a young man with #Downsyndrome are claiming that they shouldn’t be sued because if the case goes forward, it could set a bad precedent. Apparently, holding #police officers accountable for escalating unnecessary force to the point of killing a non-violent, #unarmed man with Down syndrome could send a message to other officers that violence against those with disabilities is unwelcome.

The attorney for officers Richard Rochford, Scott Jewell and James Harris argued this week that the case against his clients over the death of Ethan Saylor should not move forward. Daniel Karp claimed that the deputies, his clients, could not have expected that the “minimal force” they used would have led to his death.

To allow the case to go forward would set a bad precedent, he continued, establishing that the officers shouldn’t have been allowed to even touch Saylor, according to the Frederick News-Post.
Saylor, a 26-year-old with Down syndrome, was at a movie theater with a health care aide watching “Zero Dark Thirty” in January 2013. The movie had finished, but Saylor didn’t want to leave the theater after the film ended, hoping to watch it again.

The cinema manager, angry that the mentally-disabled man didn’t quite understand that one ticket is only good for one viewing, called three off-duty-deputies who were moonlighting as security guards. The cops decided to forcibly evict Saylor from the theater— refusing to listen to his aide — who had already contacted Saylor’s mother in an effort to defuse the situation.

Arguably, the #deputies should not have been allowed to touch Saylor. Although he was refusing to leave his seat, a non-violent and far more effective plan to de-escalate and solve the situation was already underway involving Saylor’s mother. However, this plan was never allowed to happen as the officers saw an easy mark and moved in—quite literally—for the kill. “In this instance, the officers should not have used any force because they knew that Mr. Saylor’s mother was on her way and would resolve this situation,” the attorney for Saylor’s estate, Jean Zachariasiewicz said.

GIRARD — A former Pittsburg Police officer was taken into custody at the Crawford County Jail Tuesday, on charges of aggravated sexual battery and official misconduct.

Jessie Edward Loren Davis, 22, of Carthage, Missouri, surrendered himself to authorities at the jail after a warrant was issued for his arrest. It is alleged that Davis inappropriately touched a female arrestee while serving as a police officer on August 26.

According to a release from the Pittsburg Police Department, PPD opened up an internal investigation on Davis, and he was immediately placed on administrative leave. According to PPD, he was terminated a few days later. PPD requested that CRSO conduct an investigation into possible criminal activity involving Davis and the complaint.

According to CRSO, investigators obtained information that Davis and another member of PPD responded to a domestic disturbance in Pittsburg, where a male and female were involved in an altercation.

The female party was arrested and transported to the jail by Davis. According to investigators, the arrestee stated during the transport Davis asked her if she would show him her breasts and allow him to touch them. The arrestee said she lifted her shirt and was able to maneuver herself into a position that allowed Davis to reach through the patrol car’s partition into the back seat where he touched her breasts.

The woman implied to investigators that she did this out of fear and was afraid of what might happen if she declined the officer’s request.

Davis allegedly also told the arrestee that he would manipulate the domestic violence report he would be filing on her in exchange for the action, insinuating that he could help her get out of the charges associated with the incident.

According to PPD, Davis was a new employee who had been with the department seven months. “The police department works really hard and has a very stringent hiring process, similar to what you would see in a large city, which takes many months,” Maj. Brent Narges of PPD said. “But sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

Norma currently is about 290 miles south of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and is moving slowly north-northwestward at less than 5 mph.

Tropical Storm Norma is over very warm waters and should remain in an area of low wind shear into this weekend. Therefore, strengthening is expected and Norma may become a hurricane as early as Friday night.

A slow track to the north is anticipated over the next few days. By the end of the weekend, a large amount of disagreement in the forecast computer models regarding the speed and position of Norma increases the uncertainty in the forecast.

The path of Norma will depend on the strength and position of an upper-level ridge of high pressure over Mexico and an upper-level trough that may be located off the West Coast of the U.S.
There is a growing chance that this system may impact land next week and a hurricane watch will likley be issued later Friday for portions of southern Baja California. Those in the southern Baja California Sur, including those recently impacted by Tropical Storm Lidia, should monitor the progress of Norma closely.

Even if Norma does not eventually impact land, dangerous surf and rip current conditions are expected this weekend along the coast of southwestern Mexico and Baja California Sur.

Increasing wind shear and land interaction will likely increase by early next week, which will result in a weakening trend.

Depending on Norma's path, tropical moisture may spread into the southwestern U.S., enhancing showers and thunderstorms in the region during the middle of next week.

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In honor of Cassini's Grand Finale at Saturn tomorrow, we're looking back on a very big discovery on a very small moon.

When Cassini arrived at Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons, it saw curtains of icy material venting into space. Then, using the Composite Infrared Spectrometer aboard the spacecraft, scientists discovered that Enceladus's south pole was much warmer than expected. The strange temperature patterns on Enceladus suggested that the small, icy moon was up to something. After years of analyzing data from the CIRS instrument and others, it was clear that Enceladus harbors a liquid-water ocean beneath its surface.

Later evidence indicated that this remarkable moon might have hydrothermal vents — something previously known to exist only on Earth. As Enceladus travels in its elliptical orbit about Saturn, the moon flexes as it gets nearer to its parent planet, then farther, then nearer again. Four great cracks near its south pole — “tiger stripes," seen here in blue — spread, then squeeze and grind. Warm salt water, gases and minerals erupt through those fractures in the miles-thick ice shell and blast into space, exiting the moon's surface at 800 miles per hour.

When the Cassini orbiter plunges into the atmosphere of Saturn on Sept. 15, a group of NASA Goddard scientists will be among those waiting for the spacecraft’s last long-distance ping. That bittersweet signal will mark the end of an era for the team, which has devoted two decades to operating the CIRS instrument.
Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute
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Had a nice talk with volunteers from #amnistyinternational in #dtla today. They are out trying to recruit new members. We talked about the #syrianrefugeecrisis, #homeless in America, the #genocide against the #rohingya in #Myanmar, and #policebrutality in the #usa. It is nice to see that people care off the internet too.

A former Ohio #police officer pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two young women during an illegal traffic stop. Kenneth Bolton Jr used a sex toy to abuse the women during the stops in February.

Bolton Jr was fired in early March, two weeks after the #assault took place on February 23, Cleveland.com reports.

The 16-year veteran of the East #Clevelandpolice department avoided a trial by pleading guilty to gross sexual imposition and misdemeanor interfering with civil rights on Monday.

The plea deal saw the disgraced officer avoid another charge of kidnapping

Bolton Jr pulled over the two women, aged 22 and 23, after he heard over the radio that they had been cited by another officer.

Once stopped, prosecutors say he used a sex toy found in the back of the women's car to assault them, rubbing it over their genitals through their clothes.

Bolton Jr will now have to register as a sex offender. He is due to be sentenced on October 16.

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The Justice Department announced Tuesday that it will not prosecute six Baltimore police officers in the 2015 death of Freddie Gray.

Does it sound like justice to you?
I guess he broke his neck all by himself.


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#Police officers were arrested 1,695 times for violations of their oaths to the public, messing with evidence, or lying in official statements from 2005 to 2012, according to a vast new data set on criminals in uniform released Tuesday.

The three most common crimes are assault, DUI, and official misconduct of the corrupt kind — planted evidence, dishonest police reports, and other violations of the unique authority society entrusts to cops.

As with #policekillings, there is no reliable centralized data on #policecrime.

What do you think of it all?

By  Matt Agorist -  September 13, 2017 

On Tuesday, the world watched as #Apple unveiled their tenth-anniversary special edition #iPhone, the #iPhoneX. While iPhone boasts a newer more secure phone—using its patented new facial recognition system—internet sleuths were quick to point out the ominous implications behind the new tech.

As RT reports, the iPhoneX replaces the iconic “home” button, featured on all previous versions, with a new “TrueDepth camera system.” A little black bar at the top of the phone contains several sensors, cameras, and even a dot projector that all work together to create a mathematical 3D model of the owner’s face.

However, there are some ways this technology can actually be used against you.

Imagine for a moment, you are one of the countless individuals who just filmed a gruesome act of #policebrutality. Many of those countless individuals, as TFTP has frequently reported, have found themselves subject to unlawful detainment and illegal search and seizure as #cops attempt to erase any evidence of their wrongdoing. Now, imagine that the only thing standing in the way of a coverup of an innocent person being killed by #police is the password on your phone to protect the video from police deleting it.

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