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SmittenKiss Weddings & Events  Personal IG of SmittenKiss's co-founder | Wedding & Event Planner|Designer |Featured on leading Wedding Mags| Blogs ❀️ Humbled and blessed πŸ™β€οΈ


WEDNESDAY WORDS FROM CALI: ahhh!!! I know that I haven't been IG active lately, so sorry loves, it's been such a whirlwind of events for us. I will share my emotional journey this past month in a separate post! However, today I have some exciting news! I want to share with our IG world that I will be conducting my #SmittenKissFirstClass training in St. Vincent and The Grenadines, October 25th-30th 2017 !! I can't tell you how incredibly blessed I feel to be flown to beautiful parts of the world to share and teach what I love: Wedding and Event Planning! I always share with my team: Keep your mind open, your heart full, and your head down as you work. When you look up, you will be amazed at how far you have come. Keep slayin' because good things come, trust Cali! πŸ™πŸ‘ #weddingplanner #luxurywedding #idontplay #ijustwork #beyondblessed #ilovewhatido #smittenkiss #smittenkissweddings #smittenkisstraining #elevateyourbusiness #photographerunknown

This past weekend was a prime example that it doesn't matter how many spreadsheets or analyses was conducted to minimize conflict. When Mother Nature or inevitable traffic conditions calls, we bow before it and act fast to make the event successful. I can't tell ya how proud I am of the @smittenkissweddings_events girls. @jennifer_smittenkiss @stephania_smittenkiss @nikki__smittenkiss and our Planners in training rocked it at all the venues from the Fitz Place to the Bently Reserve. Thank you Paige from @nicklausclub_monterey for being such a super star and @vofloraldesign for always being so kind and helpful. ❀️ blessed blessed blessed! Can't wait for images from the great @jeremychouphotography as this is a #bts Iphone shot. :) as always love you all for your constant support and messages saying that I inspire you. It's really you all who inspire me to keep going!! β€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŠπŸ» #weddingplanner #weddingday #luxurywedding #luxuryevents #countryclub #sfweddingplanner #bayareaweddingplanner @lostandfoundvintagerentals

We drove from Brentwood to Monterey and conducted rehearsal for a SmittenKiss wedding at the @nicklausclub_monterey and then sped off to @losaltoshistorymuseum for @serendipity1214 and @qphan123 wedding!! Congrats you love birds! 😘😘😘 #imactuallyaguest #weddingplannerproblems

PHOTO: pretty but my thoughts run deep this morning. .
The past week my husband and I went through our inventory. Both @rudeboywill and @smittenkissweddings_events donated @rudeboyforever Sweaters and gear/ blankets, $$ and baby clothes to #hurricaneharvey Victims. I couldn't stop tearing up every time I saw photos of shivering babies, tied up animals and the broken spirit of families who are returning back to a ravaged home; some will return to nothing. My heart aches for all that has lost a loved one. I truly hope you are doing your part. It is our duty, especially when the ugliness of this world seems to be all the talk on the media outlets nowadays. I try and find comfort knowing that our people do come together and help in desperate times.
Photog: @trynhphoto
Floral: @vofloraldesign
Plan/ design: @cali_smittenkiss

Ok, this may waste 1 minute of your day, but I think it's pretty cool lol! This is my first time doing a temperature changing tiger eye polish! Call me an oldie but I haven't done all these new nail trends with the jewels and such, so this is way out there for me already!! Ok. You can go back to work now, because I'm back on calls πŸ˜‚Peace out IG! #weddingplanner #luxurywedding #luxuryevents #gelnails #gelmanicure #manicure #nailsofinstagram #handmodel #justkidding

Wedding season has been nonstop for this mama! And we have already started our design process for corporate holiday events with 1000+ guests, wowsers! πŸ’ͺπŸ™ Right now, @smittenkissweddings_events is gearing up for 3 weddings this Labor Day weekend and so you will find us throwing it down at The Nicklaus Club Monterey with the great @jeremychouphotography and @vofloraldesign | @bentlyreserve in SF| and @fitzplace -- wishing you all an amazing rest of the week and stay tuned for some #bts photos 😘 .
In this photo:
Raw Iphone photo #bts
Featured on @stylemepretty
Professional Photog: @carolinetran
Planning/ design: @cali_smittenkiss
Model: @queen.tiger.lilly
Floral: @vofloraldesign
Dress: @juleechic
#weddingplanner #weddingday #luxurywedding #luxuryevents #sfweddingplanner #bayareaweddingplanner

A sneak peek at my 3 year wedding anniversary ring. Nothing makes me more excited than being able to customize and design a forever ring. @rudeboywill and I chose the color yellow because it represents many facets that are important to us: abundance, optimism, clarity, and helps to stay focused on our goals as a couple, as a family and our business. Stay tuned as @iocollective is whittling away on this pretty creation!!! And sending love to you all this super hot Sunday. πŸ™#blingbling #gold #anniversarygift #jewelrydesigner #

WHAT DO BUSY ENTREPRENEUR MAMAS COOK??! No really, what do you cook for your family? I'm constantly in a rush during my lunch hour to just throw something together, and if it weren't for my #instantpot I wouldn't be able to do it in 1 hour. I started to wake up at 5am so I can put in exercise and some work before taking them to school and it still feels like there isn't enough time during the day. A lot of our client calls are after work hours, so my days easily become 17 hours. 😞😡 Would love to hear some ideas! This week's menu was 1) Pho ( that lasted 2 days yea!) 2) Pork Chops 3) Grilled Salmon and Shrimp Summer Salad with Mango Chardonnay dressing. And on that Pork chop dish, I was mainly proud of successfully making Vietnamese Flan!! I steamed it for 15 min and it was so yummy! Happy Saturday everyone, I have a small brunch event today and then prepping for my training class tomorrow. Ah! Live, laugh and love ❀️ #weddingplanner #luxuryevents #eventplanner #entrepreneurmindset #entrepreneurlife #workingmom #cantstopwontstop #workhard #thereisnostoppingme

Sending a big congrats to @smittenkissweddings_events couples getting married today!!! You will find our SK gals doing our thang at The Meritage, Napa | Los Altos History Museum | Private Estate in Santa Cruz !! Wishing you lots of love and absolute marital bliss! πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ’ Photog: @trynhphoto
Floral: @vofloraldesign

If it weren't for this man right here, I never would have jumped from a super comfortable corporate job to the treacherous unknown sea of self- enterprising. The journey is long, but I found the matching pair of shoes to run this marathon. Marrying Will meant I would have a lifetime of hugs, kisses, laughter, the sexiest smirk, and some pretty breathtaking events to add in our memory bank. 😘😍 If you just recently followed my IG page swipe left πŸ‘ˆπŸ»πŸ‘ˆπŸ» to catch a glimpse of one the most magical moments of our lives, our wedding day! β€οΈβ€οΈπŸŽ‰πŸ’ 😍 #diamondrings #luxuryevents #luxurywedding #pebblebeach #mansionwedding #17miledrive #weddingday #weddinginspo #weddingdecor #weddingplanner #weddingdesigner #bayareaweddingplanner
Planner/ designer: @cali_smittenkiss @smittenkissweddings_events
Floral : @vofloraldesign
Rentals/ furniture/ drapes: @chairdivas @madamjazz
Hmua: @facesbyemily
Video: @imperialproductions
Photog: @hylephotography
Rings: @iocollective
Cake/ dessert: TheSweetEvent
Dress: @bridalgownstudio
Entertainment/ music: @mrteddyrockspin

It's been over 2 years since this lovely #rosequartz ring was created for me. I wanted something other than my diamond ring to wear daily. I shared with JT owner and designer of @iocollective that I really liked Kate Middleton's engagement ring and so this creation was inspired by my interest but of course JT dreamed up its own special touches. I am in love with this beauty as I was the first day I opened the box. @iocollective has ALWAYS created these specialty pieces that take my breath away. One of the reasons why we chose rose quartz as the center stone is because it holds special healing properties, and is known to epitomize feelings and vibrations of love. Isn't that interesting? Not only are colored/ precious stones beautiful, but it also serves as a great balance to your aura. πŸ˜πŸ’What's your favorite stone?

Woookay. Events are pretty and all but today I want to focus on life and progress. Yesterday, a long time friend of mine reached out to me ( we barely talk but when we do it's like time never slipped, those are awesome friendships btw) She was telling me how she felt so drained, depression was setting in, and she's been giving and giving as a mother, wife, friend and a full time professional, but never has time for herself. I knew that story all too well. I walked and talked the same challenges for 15 years!! 😩 Anyway, I shared with her, as I am sharing with you all today the steps I took to rebuild my mental clarity, and livelihood again.
1) MEDITATION, ENERGY HEALING AND POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS: are so so important. We spend our days being wrapped up in our responsibilities we don't really LIVE in the present. I'm always thinking ahead, thinking of issues and how we can solve them, I forget to just be present in the MOMENT. I spend about 10 mins repeating things that I am thankful for. From my loving husband, my awesome SK team, to even my teenagers who drives me nuts sometimes. I am thankful for an amazing neighbor that baked us Rice Krispies yesterday! I couldn't imagine a thing that we can't be thankful for! And then I focus on my goals and what I intend for each one. It helps me stay focused and I don't veer off with my ADD and digress.
2) EXERCISE: its embarrassing to admit that I have only been the gym < 10x's my whole life. This past 45 days I made it a habit to work out ( just 15 mins a day with Betty Rocker @makefatcrychallenge ) and it's done a world of a difference for my energy level and kicking anxiety and depression to the curb. I saw an article that a friend posted on how this one entrepreneur put exercise in front of work. And when I finally implemented that principle in my life, oh goodness me, I am finally seeing itty bitty baby lines form for abs! Whhhhat. Never ever have I had this happen. I am no gym rat or fitness model, but this change started my day off right! πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŠπŸ»
It's so important to feel awesome guys! If you want to feel accomplished, you MUST see progress! SWIPE πŸ‘ˆπŸ» to see my progress! β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ€—

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