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SmittenKiss Weddings & Events  Personal IG of @smittenkissweddings_events co-founder | Featured on leading Wedding Mags| Blogs ❤️ Humbled and blessed 🙏❤️


It was a marine sword ceremony for yesterday’s wedding! So beautiful!!!

Sneak peek of yesterday’s wedding transformation! The couple wanted a Game of Thrones inspired winter wedding and that’s exactly what they got! Ice curtain backdrops and ice pillar entrances by @iceillusions !! Everything was White on white from the florals to the drapes and gobo lighting. It was such a magical and clean look last night! . I love looooove my production partners, they make everything come to life. @vofloraldesign @madamjazz ❤️❤️❤️ @linh_smittenkiss @jane_smittenkiss @nikki__smittenkiss

What a fun night at NIO. We had a James Bond SkyFall themed Corp event and killllled it. Here is a little sneak peek of 1 of the dessert areas! @madamjazz @chairdivas @nikki__smittenkiss @jennifer_smittenkiss @nancy_smittenkiss @vytruong @ahavastudios @blissfulblooms.co

GAHHHH!!! I remember 2 wedding seasons ago I was thinking “Gosh is it too far fetched to be on the newsstands in PRINT one day? Will I ever get to pick up a magazine and see my work published on a page that I can touch and feel...?” It happened guys. It really happened. This week, TODAY’s BRIDES has featured our design concept on their 25th Anniversary issue!!! I am beyond honored, humbled, shocked, and even thinking I can’t be worthy of this place next to top notch designers. I have so many emotions happening all at once and I can’t figure out if I want to cry or squeal like a little girl from being overjoyed. I truly love my industry partner @vofloraldesign as she has always believed and trusted in my direction, but it was her faith in my work that gave me the push to create these one of a kind designs from our very own desk. I took a risk to dip the paintbrush myself and it ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve made. And to everyone on the production team, ya’ll rock so hard- thanks for joining us and making this unforgettable. Every year we aim to work harder and be better Love you all xoxoxox . SWIPE 👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻 to see some of the images! We will showcase more soon! 💋
floral workshop: @vofloraldesign
Planning | Design| Paper Goods: @cali_SmittenKiss @smittenkissweddings_events | Photographer: @Jasmineleephoto
Cake  @mapetitemaisoncakedesign |
Desserts: K's Kreations  by @smittenkissweddings_events |
Dessert cups: @cindyslittlecakery
Makeup Artist: @facesbyemily| @facesbyames
Bridal Dress Designer: @bridal_gown_studio | * Specialty Linens: @partycrushstudio | Venue: @palmeventcenter | Rentals: @pleasantonrentals | website
Vintage pieces: Terry's Treasures | * Rings: @iocollective |
Model: An @an_neyugn
Cody @secret_code_e@scoutmodelagency
SK team: @nikki__smittenkiss @nadine_smittenkiss @nancy_smittenkiss @jane_smittenkiss

Every year in January, Will and I schedule in a goal setting session for the year. We split up professional, personal and then family goals. And every year there are certain road blocks that keep us from checking everything off easily, but I guess that’s what makes it kinda amazing right? Like you reach the end of the year and then reflect... And then you realized holy moly, we’ve come a long way despite some challenges! We definitely targeted areas that required a little more TLC and praised each other for the boxes that were successfully marked off. This has really strengthened us as a couple since we have different business goals, we have to be mindful and supportive of each other’s needs. Cheers to 2018 and seeing where we will be in 365 days! Let’s rock and roll!!!

You can plan plan plan... but the higher being may have different plans for you. I surely wasn’t planning on missing my own Michelin inspired home cooked dinner to spend it on the operating table... but there I was 12am saying Happy New Years to the folks who took my vitals, ran tests, drew blood and helped calm my nerves at Sutter Health. I woke up at 4am groggy from the procedure but happy that I may now officially be on the mend. This month was a drag but I choose to not dwell.
I will go into 2018 with the same momentum. I will be fierce with my goals, gentle with my loves, find humor and have faith in all my struggles. Expect nothing but accept everything. Will and I have had an overwhelming rate of “get well” messages from so many people and our hearts are so full from the love and concern you all have given me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and healing insides 🤣 2017 was a practice run right?! Let’s kick some 2018 butt- but first I need pain meds, iron pills and sleep. ❤️😘💋🙏

Thank you 2017 it’s been one heck of a ride! Though I wish my husband’s head wasn’t cut off lol. I never imagined a day that we would have friends and fans from across the globe by just simply loading up pictures of our work with words from my heart. You guys have been amazing. Really. Thank you for the love!!!! #2017bestnine

It’s incredible how much we anticipate for the holidays to arrive with all rush of shopping. Everyone around me is filled with Christmas cheer; the day came so fast and then it quickly slipped into the night... I felt a small pang of sadness ( and some relief) that it all came to an end.
What used to be a home full of commotion, adult chatter and children’s giggles is now replaced with the sink water running, dishes clanging and the vacuum’s hum from our cleaning. Another Christmas came and went. However you spent it, I sincerely hope you spent it happy. I hope you were blessed with a roof over your head, that you were able to eat a warm meal, and have the capacity to share your blessings with others, whatever it may be. Just Like how Christmas came and went our lives can change with a blink of an eye and so whatever we can do to help expand the love and graciousness, we should. From Will and I, we want to wish you ( again) an amazing rest of the holiday season. 😘😘❤️❤️

Thank you @thechiavariguys for providing my family’s Christmas Eve dinner spread for tonight. We are not done decorating but it’s a darn great start. Out of all the events of the year, I cherish the one spent with my loved ones the most. It’s my most favorite moment in the whole wide world. ❤️ happy holidays xo @rudeboywill @an_neyugn @wickedsynergy @jessemarcc @foodhappi @theiceartist @lunchladylulu @wickedsynergy @lafemmen

Besides having to set up an extravagant Christmas Eve dinner tonight, last night was our final event of 2017. We planned, created, and set up 50 this year! WOW. It was a whole lot of weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, extravagant dinners and dessert displays. 😍

My heart is full and I am grateful for all the relationships we’ve made along the way. I’ve had many aspiring planners reach out to me asking me for advisory on how to get into the Industry— here is my take.. getting into the industry isn’t the hard part.. sustaining your position and excelling in this business is. Remember that you will meet tons of people along the way, keep the good ones, and reciprocate that goodness back. Make sure the relationships you build are genuine, and then along the way your business will start to naturally build and align you with the right folks. I’m probably the one entrepreneur that didn’t go into a business thinking about profit right away, I did it because I truly loved it. You think I WANT to be on my fours scrubbing the floors if facilities refused to do the job? NO! I just get sh*t done! We may be creating beautiful work, but the work that we put into it isn’t beautiful. You see, this photo right here, you wouldn’t know what I was facing this month. You didn’t know that I was ordered to stay on bed rest... but I’m so passionate about my business that I will be at the event in a wheelchair If I have to. I’m not saying to go against doctor’s orders, I’m saying that your passion and heart has to be in the right place. 😘
Go fiercely into 2018 with your heart on fire guys... blaze that trail in which you walk. Wishing you an amazing holiday, hold your loved one close and be ready to welcome 2018 with open arms. I can’t wait to show you what SmittenKiss has in store for you. 😘😘😘 thank you from the bottom of my big heart, your love and support has lifted me in all ways. Xoxo

Thank you to an awesome team! Everyone is in awe tonight. Let’s make this Christmas weekend super awesome :) Planning/ design: @cali_smittenkiss @smittenkissweddings_events
Decor/ rentals: @chairdivas @madamjazz
Dessert set up: @nikki__smittenkiss
Sweets: @cindyslittlecakery
Lighting: @djhowhigh

Second to last event of 2017! Let’s gooooo! Thank you @iceillusions for this ice luge for @pekoetbar 👍👍

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