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SmittenKiss Weddings & Events  Wedding & Event Planner|Designer |Featured on leading Wedding Mags and Blogs ❀️ Humbled & blessed beyond words πŸ™

Happy Friday all!! 17 years ago today I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Kaelyn! She has continuously impressed us with her creativity and talent. While she was growing up, I have had other parents come to me and thank me for Kaelyn's help. Her wise and compassionate heart has convinced runaways to come home and friends who suffered depression from attempting suicide. My fear was that she would get caught up in something much scarier than her soul could handle but she always rises out of it with flying colors. I don't ask for a perfect child, because I assure you there is no such thing. They may be an angel while growing up but will rebel when you let them go off on their own. Kaelyn was given the freedom to make mistakes but expected to learn from them. She has surpassed my expectations as a good daughter. Wishing you a beautiful birthday KK. Thank you for being helpful at home, and trying your best to soak in everything I have passed down to you. Kudos on constantly making good decisions when I'm not there. Have fun being out today! This weekend we celebrate you! .
Everyone, please join me in wishing my oldest an amazing 17th and many more. Swipe left to see her awesome baking and art skills! πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰β€οΈ @itskay_notk #happybirthday #birthdaygirl #17yearsandcounting

Good day IG'ers !!! I would like to take a moment to do a shout out to my executive assistant and associate planner @nikki__smittenkiss ! I'm so proud of how much growth I have seen since she joined SK. Her undying enthusiasm for this industry is something else. She took every bit of my advice and guidance and continues to grow and evolve. I gave her the good, the bad and ugly of every story and she kept at it. Each dessert table is becoming more eye catching. So happy and proud of this!
On another note, book us for your luxury dessert set ups. Allow us to design our hearts out while you enjoy the beauty and your guest enjoys the desserts. You know how we dooo! 😘😘 much love #bayareaweddingplanner #sfweddingplanner #eventdesigner #eventplanner #luxuryevents #luxurydesign #luxurydecor #luxurydesserts

FUNNY KID ALERT: One of the biggest reasons why I have to work out at 5:30am or 6 ( which means my day starts EARLY) is because it's the only time I can do it in peace. Otherwise, this is what happens. Every step I take there is a silly little Chinese baby girl that demands my undivided attention. Whether I'm showering, working or in the bathroom. Like seriously?! She will scream " MAMAMAMAMA!!!!" And pound on the door, until I'm out. 🀣 There was a time when I allowed all that to define me. You know what I mean: the constant interruptions, the inability to put me first and always having to give, give and give. I mean gosh, I'm a wedding and event planner with 8 planners, and tons of clients to manage and vendor relationships to uphold. At the end of the day I would be so drained. And so be careful all, when you are doing that much without the right mindset, that's what leads to depression.
Now, I just change the way I do things and most important of them all, I embrace certain things I cannot change; one of these things is having this little creature beside me all the time.
Yes, this mama needs "me time" which I carve out when I meditate or get myself done up. We have our daily challenges but we adore this little clown, Bentley, Aye! Thank you for being such a bright star and giving mommy and daddy such good laughs!
And to everyone on my IG: Start your day off right all!!! Love ya! Hope you found this amusing as we did ❀️
@rudeboywill .
#lightofourlives #workout #thebettyrocker30daychallenge #bayareaweddingplanner #thebettyrocker #exercise #fitness #fitfam #absworkout #eventplanner #lovemydaughter #sillybaby #americasfunniesthomevideos

For the last 3 years I went through some major turbulence from mental health to physical health. Having a baby after a 10 year break while running an intense and demanding business meant that I didn't have time for a lot of things. One of the things that I let go of was making myself feel and look good. I would feel guilty if I wasn't either working or caring for my children and husband. Leading a lifestyle where you just keep grinding is unhealthy and I learned it the hard way when I had a health scare in March. It took something scary to make me realize how important it is to take some time and " take care" of myself. If I don't take care of "me" it means no one can take care of the family or the biz. I finally put exercise as a priority and made sure that 11pm was shut down time. I now put nail and hair appts back on the schedule, and I'm feeling amazing!!! When you feel good, everything in your life will be good. #lawofattraction .
a big thanks to the following dolls who has done a fabulous job on making me feel reborn again!
Amazing hair: @facesbyemily ( yes!!! The makeup queen colors hair now, she's booked now but will start opening up slots in Oct. contact her! Prices are so good)
Ombré soft touch eyebrows: @sunkiss_studio Contact Lina, she's super sweet and I love it!!! Thank you everyone for always being so supportive and reading my thoughts! It's all about attracting the right thoughts to create a good life. 😘

Happy Sunday all! I woke this man up at 6:30am so we can work out. I've been on a roll this past 3 weeks and so I wanted him to feel the same dopamine rush I have been getting from making exercise a priority. Lord knows I haven't cared this much in all of my 34 years. The husband finally came downstairs and I was super excited.... and... when I looked over he was chillin' like a villian on our lounge Al Bundy style. πŸ˜‚ so much for being a power couple eh? We will try again tmr @rudeboywill !!! Wishing you all an amazing Sunday. If you were up late night at events, soak your feet! If you had some time off, I hope you spent it recuperating and spoiling yourself! 😘😍 sending lotsa hugs!

We can't rely on Pinterest to always fulfill our vision for concepts. It's such a pretty resource but picture inspirations can be easily misunderstood. So... I sketch it to get our vision aligned! Gearing up for our next design and planning execution. Oh yeaaaa! @vickieohfool @vofloraldesign @madamjazz are you ready? 😘πŸ’ͺ#imnotaprofessional at #sketching #weddingdecor #weddinginspo #weddingdesigner #eventdesign #eventplanner #eventdesigner #weddingceremony #sfweddingplanner #bayareaweddingplanner #superpumped

Oh my goodness... A big shout out to @partycrushstudio for customizing linens for @smittenkissweddings_events!!! I sent over my 4 page mood board and they gave me the most beautiful linen goodies a girl can feast her eyes on. It felt like Christmas when I received the box. Swipe Left ⬅️ if you want to see more!! And of course my ride-or-dies in the events world is found below. These people share a special place in my heart because We all share a passion for the overall aesthetic and success of the event that we bend over backwards for our clients and for each other. That's how we doooo! Respect! .

Floral artist: @vofloraldesign
Gorgeous farm tables / chargers/ ghost chairs: @thechiavariguys
kitchen/ decor: @encoreeventsrentals
Super star assistant: @nikki__smittenkiss
Photog: @trynhphoto
2nd shooter: @jennysoifoto
Paper goods: @nashvillepaperco
Catering: @chalkhillestate

SAPPY POST you'll ❀️ : You guyssss. Thank you so so much for all the love this past year. My IG account has grown tremendously with so much positive engagement. But can I share a little background? This IG account was opened for my personal use in 2013 ( so if ya'll scroll super past down far into the abyss of IG posts and early 30 year old ramblings) you will see that it wasn't always events that was my life. When we started SK Weddings and events I would just post randomly about my professional life and then this past year with all of our hard work and amazing images to share for it, our following grewπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ But it also meant that our @smittenkissweddings_events page was left behind, booo! So let's give this sister some love and hit the follow button for @smittenkissweddings_events . You will see everything wedding and events, and all things beautiful, promise!!! As for this account, I'll continue to share with you the uncut pieces of my life. From events to daily challenges, I promise to uplift you with humor, creativity and love. ❀️😍 Stay inspired guys, we really love all of our supporters. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜
Last note: big ups to @annasmithphoto for this gorgeous image :)

I waited until baby fell asleep, answered "most" emails and decided in the middle of the night to tackle doing this as a gift to my client. I must have wiped the mirror a ga-zillions times because I am no professional. After being super frustrated, I said f it! I'm going to freehand it without markers and rulers. It's not perfect but I'm darn happy it's done! I could have posted the picture without me in it, but I thought this one looked pretty cool!! 😎hehe. 😘time to hit the hay for this busy and tired mama! Love you all! Hugssss! #neverstopcountingyourblessings #eventplanner #eventdesigner #weddinginspo #weddingdecor #weddingsigns #calligraphy #imnotaprofessional #butitried #iamwearingshorts

Good morning beautiful IG'ers . Sending a big thank you to @inspiredbythis for featuring this "ethereal elopement" today! Captured by the sweet @cassiexiephotography during @tylerrye_ California coast workshop. It's so heartwarming to know our work is still being noticed months later. We are so thankful for the awesome individuals that made this all happen. Thank you @tylerrye_ for trusting us in putting together this unforgettable workshop and @cassiexiephotography for such great imagery! 😘

Workshops @tylerrye_
photog: @cassiexiephotography
Plan/ design: @cali_smittenkiss
floral design: @vofloraldesign
Silks: @thepoetryofsilk
Mua: @facesbyemily
Chairs/ flatware: @thechiavariguys
Vintage furniture: @shvintage
Tabletop decor: @lostandfoundvintagerentals
welcome boxes: @saltandpepperco_
paper goods: @ohhoneypaperco
Dress: @clairelafaye
Model: @melissaziegler @kellen_lehman
Rings: @iocollective

Ahhhhh thank you to an east county living magazine for sharing our #smittenkiss story! A few months ago the editor said that I had a remarkable story and it would be worthwhile to pursue publishing a book so the world can be inspired to pursue their dreams despite life's challenges. The thought of writing a book seems daunting to me, but Im starting to feel that I must! πŸ˜… Whatever you do, be grateful for every breath you are given, it is the universe telling you that you have a chance to make this life amazing. Keep it moving guys. Whatever you do, don't stop. #lovemyjob #weddingplanner #destinationweddingplanner #weddingdesigner #keepingitreal #smittenkissweddings #smittenkisscouples #eventdesigner #eventplanner #wow #beyondblessed #neverstopcountingyourblessings

LONG POST BUT WORTH THE READ: I feel awkward when I receive compliments on how " successful" I am. I can't tell you how behind I feel, or the challenges I face daily to just run the business. I would think," I am NOT successful. I'm not driving some luxurious car and jet-setting to different countries on a private jet. I don't get super fat executive paychecks. All these amazing wedding planners are in designer suits and heels with diamond studs glued on their nicely manicured nails, while I'm a hot mess cutting myself into a million pieces for everyone. πŸ™ˆ" lol And so my first response is always " Nooooo. Stop. Seriously"
Now, please don't think I'm self- deprecating, and discounting myself. I love what we created and it's important to appreciate the journey we have experienced. But I have high expectations of myself, and I just didn't feel that I'm quite "there" yet.
I stumbled on a Forbes article about what defines success and it gave me a sense of renewed faith that I'm headed towards the right direction, hot mess and all. I've had the wrong image of success in my head for a very long time. It's not some fancy title, owning expensive things, or a massive bank account, " Real success has to do with the power that you build within yourself, power that no one conferred on you, and no one can take away from you." - @forbes Liz Ryan
And I'm deeply happy to say that all 5 were checked off. It's a great list for anyone who wants to know how well they are doing in their life, whether you have a fancy title, have a job or no job. :) **** Picture here was taken before the heat got real and I became the crazy heels off, bun up, headset wearing wedding planner 😎 thank you to the sweetest @hollydphotography for this capture, you rock hard! 😘❀️
Don't stop dream chasing!

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