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Caley Alyssa  Yoga Nidra, Meditation Teacher, & Mentor World traveler Writer & Creator Women's empowerment leader LOVE YOUR LIFE 💕

I’m teaching this Sunday 10am 😋
Come and play!
This will be my two hour signature class filled with new ways to approach old postures and new movements to strengthen your practice.
Hope to see you there!


My new meditation series with @alo.moves launches TODAY... I would write a lengthy description here, but to be honest the best way to feed your brain is to experience it!

Click the link in my bio, and get your #BrainFood on 🤯

We all have two seats of intuition in the body:
1. The heart space
2. The belly

It’s tough to tap into you intuition if the road between our intuitive seats is blocked. Our spine and the energy centers within our spine are POWERFUL. In order to tap into this power and amplify our intuitive powers, we’ve got to open up the energy pathways along and around the spinal column. With out stuck spots or blocked spaces, our energy can flow freely and our intuitive powers are STRONG.

This is one of my favorite classes to teach: Breath, Body, and Intuitive Powers.
It’s pure MAGIC.

If you are feeling out of touch with your intuition, try a few undulating movements around the spine, some breath exercises that stimulate the belly, and a few heart openers...see what happens!! 💕


Fires, hurricanes, much loss and devastation happening in our world right now. Taking time to connect and drop in with each other is VITAL. I shared this special eye gazing moment at @ondalinda_ with a complete stranger, and now good friend, Gary.

Staring in the left eye connects you to the right brain, the present moment, the creative and imaginative space. Did you know it’s typically much harder for couple to do this then complete strangers?? Try it. 5 minutes. Connect to someone- don’t project anything into them, just observe. Observe what emotions come up for you, what sensations...observe and dissolve into another soul. ⠀
Take the time to connect.
To give.
To love.
We need it right now.

What an AWESOME weekend! It was such an honor and absolute pleasure to teach at @ondalinda_

I’m amazed by the soulfulness I felt and true love that was put into creating this festival. From the beautiful cacao & rapé ceremony where we paid tribute to each of the four elements, to the bountiful family dinners, the amazing amounts of detail and hours of work that went into lighting thousands of candles and creating such inspiring dancing my face off to the most amazing music until the sun rose this morning. I’m filled with joy and so excited about all the new friends I’ve made this weekend.

Thank you to all of you who came out to class, said hi, and spent time connecting with me. ⠀
I appreciate you!
I love you!!
Until next time...💋 #caleyalyssayoga

Good morning ☀️
Today is a GOOD DAY. 💕
I’m SO grateful for my breath, my body, and my strong intuitive powers! ✨

What are YOU grateful for today?? I’m teaching at @ondalinda_ festival this morning 10am and Saturday, 10am!!! (Casa Infinito.) Come and let’s get into it!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ #CaleyAlyssaTravel

Celebrating the WINS today! More than 100 women are heading to congress...that’s something to be proud of. 🙌🏻

We #voted 💋🐶💙

Funny how the universe works...
I just so happen to be home for a day, and that day is voting day!! #vote


This is your Monday reminder that YOU ARE POWERFUL beyond measure, that YOU ARE CAPABLE of pretty much anything you’re willing to work for, and that YOU CAN CHANGE your life TODAY. 💕🙋‍♀️ #TheRanchMalibu

What’s your spirit animal??
🦖🦋🐝🦁🐶🐸🐬 ⠀
It’s Scorpio season...
So naturally, I’m getting my stinger ready. 🦂


Third straight day of intense hiking with @theranchmalibu and I’m SO lucky to be motivated by a bunch of incredibly inspiring women (and one man!)

When I was sitting on the trail this morning about ready to quit, a woman named Lisa said this to me:
We’ve all got two demons we struggle with, your inner brat, and your inner chicken. Which one are you going to let win out?

In other words, you can choose to give up and throw a fit, or you can choose to give up and completely shut down.


OR there’s a third option: you can choose to charge on and finish the fricking hike!!! 👊🏻

Life’s messy.
Love’s messy.
Relationship’s are messy.
Bring it on.
Photo: @kristianranker

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