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Caley Jäck  Les Mills ✖️ Reebok | s o u t h • a f r i c a n | fitness . travel . husband . Balance | servant within | 💙


You ground me
You lift me
You encourage me
You believe in me

• ...grateful , thankful, blessed. •

I acknowledge this and am humbled with gratitude xoxo

Embrace new environments - each day brings new experiences and knowledge !

#todaysoffice #newenviroment #newlearnings #newpeople #becolourful #bedifferent #bekind

@lesmillsgrit Challenge 2 - Switch Tap + Jump.
How many reps can you do in 1 minute? Shout out for the best results 🙌🏼 - let's see what you've got! #gritchallenge

• Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until you’ve grown into the person who can • xx

Day Dreamer 💫 .

Finding moments in your day to be mindful of your headspace... and deciding if that headspace is where you need to be to achieve your days goals ? Xx

| Fly with Me | 🖤

Get up, dress up, show up and don’t give up !

Another wonderful filming round done and dusted ! I’m so proud to be apart of this journey and to work along side such talented and knowledgeable people! Putting together educational fitness material for the world is such a full circle journey 🙌🏼 .
Thank you to everyone involved in my journey and the influence you have on me to keep showing up and not give up ! Xx

Show them YOUR colours .. whatever colour palette you’re from 💙💚💛💜

Body Combat - empowers me as a woman, It gives me confidence and edge 👊🏼 #empoweringwomen #edge #confidence #perfectnever

‘You are the one who can stretch your own horizon’ 💫

| SPRINT Interval Training |
Spot the blur ... Who loves sprint training ? 🙋🏼‍♀️
Some pros :
• improves your bodies ability to burn fat
• fires your fast twitch fibers
• improves anaerobic threshold
• Better endurance • improves your overall work capacity • improves overall mental toughness and motivation levels !

| M O B I L I T Y |

I spent my December break doing some focused mobility work and really pressing the ‘reset’ button on my body. I look forward to spending more time working on mobility this year, it’s the core foundation of any type of movement or physical activity !

I’ve been following @docjenfit specifically to learn more on this and have gained so much knowledge already! .
~ T H R E A D S ~ @reebok_sa .

#mobility #foundation #movement #fitness #fitnessgear #threads #thisisreebok #bemorehuman

Coming in Hot 🔥
Today the world gets see what Les Mills Grit Cardio is all about - for FREE (never happened before!)
Together with @reebok @lesmillstribe and @nina Dobrev we put together a sick 30mins HIIT workout for everyone to have and be apart of ! -
Click on the link in my Bio to download it 🔝 -
@erinmaw @bangbangtau @lissaba and the rest of our international team that took part in this project - thank you for being such awesome team players, incredible humans and absolute fitness beasts 🔥👊🏼
❤️ PRIVILEGE to work on this project -
Let us know what you think of the workout ! ENJOY 👊🏼👊🏼
Ps. Happy Birthday @nina , you are a gem 💋 xx

#likenina #hiit #gritcardio #strongertogether #groupfitness #chooseyourenvironment #bemorehuman #havefun #bereal #bebrave #gogetit !

G’morning Sunshine - it’s Time to go get it 👊🏼 #monday #goals #newyear #hitithard #groupfitness #newgear #feels #fresh @lesmillstribe @reebok

Happy New Year Everybody - 2018 💫
Be accountable to yourself this year by putting a small list of goals down on paper - review it every 3 months (or once a month/week) and this time next year you’ll be a wiser & happier person Because of it 🙌🏼
❤️ If you’ve been following my journey, Thank you for your support - You guys are awesome 😄 thank you for your encouraging and uplifting comments every time I post - it adds so much light and fullness this journey I’m on - major love and appreciation 🙏🏼 xx

Summer Bliss 💛 Pure Happiness !
#summer #summerfun #bliss #2017 #holidays #family #fun #activities #happy #ocean #sunshine -
Enjoy your last day of 2017 everybody 😘 xx

From us to you ❤️ Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays xx

#christmas #happyholidays #grateful #timeoff #thankful #festive #family

| Being Reflective can make us more Effective |

Start making reflections over your 2017 , assess what you’ve accomplished, what challenged you and perhaps acknowledging the trials and trauma that were handed to you this year, & that together with Choice, you can allow it to make you a stronger/wiser person going forward ❤️ celebrate you !
#reflective #effective #goalsetting #selfdevelopment #growing #movingforward #acceptance #determination #selflove #encouragement

Les Mills x Nina Dobrev Collab.. We have a sick new GRIT Cardio Release dropping next month (January 2018) 🔥 - we have a weekly challenge to get you engaged with us and ready !

This is week 1 challenge:
- How many Burpees can you do in 1min? (I got 33 reps in)

To sign up for the free weekly challenge and GRIT release click on the link in my Bio 🔝

Let’s all stay healthy and moving this December 😄

@lesmillsgrit @reebokwomen @nina #hiit #cardio #healthylifestyle #keepmoving #decemeber #fitness #burpees #burpeechallenge #maxreps1min

Skaters are great for athletic muscle development. The wider you leap and the deeper you bend, the more it challenges the intensity of the move 🔥

Check out the link in my Bio 🔝 - we are INVITING everyone to join us for a December weekly fitness challenge.. together with Nina Dobrev !

@lesmillstribe @reebok #gritchallenge #likenina #skaters #hiit #train #cardio #healthybodyandmind

The only constant is change •Innovation and Change = unlocks new value 🏆 •Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable = growth !

#innovative #change #unlockingvalue #selfdevelopment #growth #makingmistakes #learning #bebrave #bemorehuman #beyou

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