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Calen Chrestman  Privileged to be a part of @FellowshipChurch and honored to give back to wounded veterans through @VetsXtreme. Proud American!

The majestic silhouette of a wind filled sail against a dimly lit sky beckons my imagination towards incredible adventures and the hope of greater understanding. As it sways with the swells, its motion entrances my thoughts and captivates my heart; reminding me that the horizon is merely a milestone on our journey towards a new day. If ever there were a way to depict the glorious endeavor of the created traversing creation, it would be a vessel upon the vastness of the open sea. I hope that I never lose the awe of the splendor of this world, regardless of its imperfections. It's beauty is breathtaking and I am deeply appreciative of the moments that it redirects my perspective towards an eternity with my creator.
#Sailing #Creation #Nature #Ocean #Jesus #EternalPerspective

The Freedom Experience at @FellowshipChurch is always spectacular and as great as it is, it's merely a symbolic representation of the deeply held gratitude its leaders have for the freedom that we celebrate each and every moment within the greatest nation in history, The United States of America!

Laughing at old pictures tonight and yes, those are guns. Not sure what the towel was for but I'm sure I was convinced that I would need it to hunt grizzly bears and defend the Alamo. #TBT #DaveyCrockett #circa1990 #KingOfTheWildFrontier

"I have no illusions about what little I can add now to the silent testimony of those who gave their lives willingly for their country. Words are even more feeble on this Memorial Day, for the sight before us is that of a strong and good nation that stands in silence and remembers those who were loved and who, in return, loved their countrymen enough to die for them.

Yet, we must try to honor them—not for their sakes alone, but for our own. And if words cannot repay the debt we owe these men, surely with our actions we must strive to keep faith with them and with the vision that led them to battle and to final sacrifice.

Our first obligation to them and ourselves is plain enough: The United States and the freedom for which it stands, the freedom for which they died, must endure and prosper. Their lives remind us that freedom is not bought cheaply. It has a cost; it imposes a burden. And just as they whom we commemorate were willing to sacrifice, so too must we—in a less final, less heroic way—be willing to give of ourselves." - Ronald Reagan: May 31, 1982 #MemorialDay #Remember #Sacrifice #FreedomIsntFree #🇺🇸 #ThankYou #WordsAreNotEnough

Come as you are and join me this #Easter weekend for Paint the Town Red at #FellowshipChurch! #FCEaster

Great start to the morning at as @tracyebarnes leads our team to serve the house! @fellowshipchurch #HopSkipJump

The Energy in this room - only described as the SOUND OF HEAVEN! Available to you anytime, anywhere via iTunes! #SoundOfHeaven #FellowshipCreative

Great morning with Men of the House! #Repost @danbarnesfc
The men in this room make up a wealth of experience, wisdom, encouragement and accountability. I love watching them invest in each other. #MenOfTheHouse @fellowshipchurch

#UncleLife is all pros and no cons. When she's sweet, I hold her, and when she's emotional, I pass her right back.

Slinging lead downrange with a friend's competition shooter. This bad boy is smooth! Working some drills and honing some skills. 200 rounds down, 800 to go. #glock34 #pewpew #sheepdog

#Repost @vetsxtreme
The turmoil in our world is undeniable. Yet every day, the men and women of law enforcement stand in the fray, selflessly sacrificing for our security. Today we mourn those who have been viciously attacked and killed in recent days. And we promise to stand shoulder to shoulder with those who continue to serve. You are not alone. And you never will be. #BackTheBlue

As Dwight Eisenhower said, " is well for us to pause, to acknowledge our debt to those who paid so large a share of freedom's price. As we stand here in grateful remembrance of the veterans' contributions we renew our conviction of individual responsibility to live in ways that support the eternal truths upon which our Nation is founded, and from which flows all its strength and all its greatness." On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, World War I ended. This day became known as "Armistice Day." Soon after the end of World War II, a veteran of that war named Raymond Weeks organized "National Veterans Day" with a parade and festivities to honor all veterans. He chose to hold this on Armistice Day. Thus began annual observances of a day to honor all veterans not just the end of World War I. In 1954, Congress officially passed and President Dwight Eisenhower signed a bill proclaiming November 11 as Veteran's Day.

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