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bia  shitty art account owned by a shitty self-taught "artist" ((very slow updates/uploads)) 🇵🇹

here's a lil doodle that i honestly don't really care about that much :)
i actually have no excuse for not posting for so long ((almost 3 months yikes)) other than saying that i've just not have been really inspired to quickly finish a drawing. of course, i've started some but haven't ended them yet because lately i've just been drawing when i feel like it, not when i feel forced to do it!! which has happened a lot!!
aLSO: i'm so proud of dallon and ryan for starting a band!! they sound so good! i'm excited to hear more from them

guys...this is it. the moment i have been waiting for for almost 5 months.
i'm so prOud of myself for actually starting AND ending it without getting angry at it and tearing it up.
there's a couple of reasons why i took so long to finish this, the main one being sCHOOL!! being a student and doing art is fucking hard
you guys must be so tired of seeing this already ao i'll start on another pieces (((i have a pretty cool idea with acrylics i can't wait to try it)))
if you'd like, you can tag @jesserutherford or @thenbhd , maybe they'll see it 💕

progress on this piece!! i freaking love how the flowers are turning out ahh

drawing of the beautiful @uglyworldwide!
i did this with multiple pigma micron pens in different sizes and the background color is a graph'it marker in the color 5240.
i actually haven't felt this good while doing art in a long time, i didn't really care if this turned out good or bad and it felt kind of therapeutic, in lack of a better word.. i should do it more often

here's something i started yesterday
i don't know how this happened but here it is
i've missed drawing for myself so much

details bc i absolutely love how they're turning out !!

i don't feel like doing my commission right now so i started another drawing that i'll probably never finish because that happens everytime i start something
if you can guess who this is, you have a special place in my heart

almost little to no progress on this but hey whatcha gonna do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i keep seeing mistakes in this and i lowkey want to trash it but i can't give up on it,, fUCK

i'm doing my first commission!!
this shit is actually huge (almost 30x30 cm), his face is almost as big as my hang and this is going to take so long?? that's okay because i have until February 17th but still there's so many textures to do and uGh.
this is for a friend's friend i'm getting payed 5-10€ for it like i know it's for a friend but? i think it should cost more than that but i actually don't know..
also, would you like frequent updates¿? like when i'm working on something and i would post pictures of the progress?? let me know!!

where i live, i have less than 2 hours until 2017 arrives. how weird is that?! i've waited a lot for this moment, because 2016 was the worst and best year of my life. i'm not gonna dwell into it tho, that would be way too bOring..
i just came here to wish everyone the best for 2017. i love you guys ❤❤
((also, this is a weird sketch of gee's eye that i did this morning,, idk why but it looks grEat))

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