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Cajsa Wessberg  Illustrator and model from Sweden, 🇸🇪Le Management 🇬🇧Nevs 🇯🇵Unknown 🇮🇹 The Lab 🎨 Illustration agency: Acne 💥 Collabs:

Me and @monikagrensteen playing together during the work break 🥀

Wow thank you for this portrait @bluesssatan 💕

Helt orelaterad bild, men så jädra nöjd över vår nya samtyckeslag! Hurra! (Just so happy about the new Law of sexual consent we got in Sweden yesterday! This is gonna help women so much)

I want to send out love to all of you who follows me. I’m so amazed and thankful for everything nice, kind and funny you write to me! THANK YOU 💜

New trend: the lawn look ☘️

Waiting for my food 🥡

Green hair and pink glasses are the perfect camouflage for spring time 🌸 picture from yesterday by @beatac 💕

Showing of my new green hair 🧜‍♀️

Cajsa and Harry by @beatac 💙

Like a bird egg

Trying on some of @sonnyturner___ amazing curls

Witch hair colour do you think I should get next??

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