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Caitlin O'Connell  Blah🐇 "But we rather feel the chaos Than feel nothing at all."

Get it? You betta

I'm a unicorn and this is me in my rainbow cave🦄🌈

I forget that smiling with your teeth is a thing



Nutshell... I just really like this dress though

Happy birthday to my favorite guy in all the land. We have always been there for each other through the craziest times but nobody makes me laugh the way you do. I love you so much and I'm so glad we have had all these crazy hilarious moments together. If only I could post more videos😑 anyways happy birthday to this growing man, you mean the world to me❤️❤️❤️❤️ @austint755

"Fun just isn't fun
I barely even eat anymore
And we don't cry for sleep anymore
There's something I may try
This drink doesn't taste right
It wasn't like our drunk nights" fuck if I know

Tilted with @bigtinytiltingbbq

Bunny cuddles fix everything

I think I need to dye my hair

A year ago today I made the decision to go to Florida and finally leave the toxic situation I was in. I left numerous times but I kept going back. This has been one of the hardest years of my life but it doesn't compare to the 3 years I was miserable with him. I was in a mentally and physically abusive relationship for 3 long years. Every day was hell. I thought I loved him but My head was just messed with. Maybe I did but everything between us was toxic. I never thought I could get away. Today marks the day I got away. I'm not saying any of this to shit on him because people change and I hope he has. But to anyone that is struggling everyday because of somebody, you don't have to. Even if it is because you have your own issues, there is help, it does get better, don't be with somebody that makes it worse. I know it seems impossible but you can do it. I said so many times that I was done. I'd be back a few days later. I know nobody in my life thought I'd ever leave him. It amazes me that I finally did. I honestly thought I would never make it. I was content with dying because I couldn't escape the way I was feeling. I've have gained so much strength this last year, yes I still struggle sometimes but I manage. Everyone has their views on toxic relationships but as much as you want to leave sometimes it's not that easy. It messes with your head. It stays in your head. It takes a lot to make yourself believe in yourself again. Any girl or guy that feels like they aren't good enough because of the person they are with just know you are, stronger, smarter, and more beautiful than they tell you. You can be free. I thought I would never be but I won. He lost, she lost. You can win too. You have to take every day by day. Hell I will fall sometimes and I still have days where I fall back into the pit of doom but it is nothing compared to then, because I know I am stronger than giving up, and so are you. Breathe, please just breathe. It might be worse at first, but you need to get out. Seriously I'm here if anyone ever is feeling like they don't want to be here anymore, or if they feel like they can't escape. I am here, so are you. So stay❤️

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