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CAITLIN | DASH OF DARLING®  az || a window into my world of outfits + adventures. feminine heart, bohemian spirit. ivf warrior and new mama to our sweet rainbow baby Luna Elara 🌙

Days spent hanging with my bestie at home are my favorite. She makes life magic. Life before her was a little dim and flat out dark at times. But all I see is light with her. #sohappy #thisisheaven #doublerainbowbaby #ivfmiracle #ivfsuccess

Like mother like daughter. Or, more like, like daughter like mother... because I’ll be the one copping her style from here on out. But I love twinning with my mini-me. And one day she’ll be like, ‘but moooooooooom...’ 😂 So I gotta soak it up now while I still can! #twinning #motherdaughterduo #nursery #matchingoutfits

Fun fact: I had four bunnies growing up. First was Scamperellie... she was my favorite. I’d walk her around town on a leash like a pet dog. 🐰 Then we got Raisin and he was a humping machine. I always thought they were playing “follow the leader” but really he was just chansin’ that tail! 😂 Then we got Sweetie when Scampers died (froze to death... and I may or may not have attempted to thaw her in the microwave). Sweetie (who looked like this one) ended up having lots of babies thanks to Raisin’s smooth “game.” And then there was fluffy, a gift from a friend... who ended up getting eaten by another friends dogs. Ok so come to think of it, my bunnies kind of died tragically so maybe I shouldn’t get another. But let’s be real, I’m a sucker for these animals and one day I’ll probably get some for Luna. Are you ready @benlindquist? #bunnies #pettingzoo #ireallydoloveanimals

Today we visited a petting zoo. There’s always a “first” for everything! I love being a mom haha. All Luna wanted to do was eat the saddle horn and all I wanted to do was get a pic of it. 😂 #momlife #lovemybabygirl #saturdaysarethebest #ncpgaz #pettingzoo

Everything the light touches is your kingdom, my darling. #thewholeworld #simba

It’s Friday and I couldn’t be more happy about that. First up is making dinner in the crock pot, then Luna’s music class and then a mommy and me shoot (go peep Luna’s outfits on my stories... I die (plus there’s a discount code))! Then, it’s off to drinks! What are your plans today? #friyayvibes #desertbabe #sunshineday #yayforfriday

Meanwhile back in Luna’s nursery, were festivaling like it’s #babychella. Tap pic for outfit details. #nursery #babystyle #mommyandme

Last night wandering through the desert (which also happens to be our neighborhood bc we live in BFE). But I can’t believe summer is pretty much already here (and sorry east coasters for rubbing it in). 🌵 Somyiu best believe I’m sporting my @clarinsusa lightweight and oil-free UV plus spf 50 annnnnd go check the blog bc I’m sharing more snaps of this look there! #sponsored #desertgirl #onmyblog

Mornings like these at home with my baby girl are what I wake up excited for. Just two gals hanging out giggling and, every so often, having a try-on party together! 😂 Today I’m wearing my goodies from my April @stitchfix box and I’m loooooving this top, jeans and these sandals are everything! Check my stories to see and find out more! #sponsored #stitchfix #nursery #mommyandme #springishere

This past weekend my little fam and I headed to @dbgphx to stroll around, enjoy the sunshine and soak in the gorgeous scenery. We loved showing Luna the painted ladies in the butterfly exhibit while making meaningful memories as a family. Head to my stories to see more of our day and buy one get one half off with my promo code ‘dbgxo’ when you check in at admissions! #dbg_partner #desertbotanicalgarden #myphx #arizona #azblogger

I should really stop clowning around and get some work done today but... it’s hump day! Anyone else feeling the mid-week slump? 🙋🏼‍♀️ #wednesdays #myphx

Gimme all dat hot, yummy pizza... mmm! This one is made with vegan cheese so that makes it healthy, right? No? Mmmkay... haha. But as much as I love a good slice, greasy foods can do a number on my skin. So I’m giving myself the best of both worlds with my hot pizza and new cool gel moisturizing cream from @lamer! Life’s all about balance amiright?! #ad #lamerinfluencer #lovelamer #athome

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