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Caitlin  I do this thing where I share my life in pictures to strangers because my cats really don't give a shit.

this is the last photo I took at home when I left Julius to go see a friend who insisted he would be okay and that I needed to hurry over and not be a flake. I still have the video I sent of him, to prove I wasn't flaking on the night and he was sick. all that really means, though, is that I'm sitting on the couch suffering a random sobbing spell. #animalsshouldnerewardedfornotbeingpeople #mynameiscaitlinandiliketoparty

these sour apple bitter bitches, I'm not fuckin with em


"can I offer you an egg in this trying time?"

no one gives two fucking shits that it's his birthday so here's a bong you'll maybe care about. excuse me while I get ready for work/sob the night away.

happy birthday to my baby. he would be eight years old today. I miss you more than I could ever imagine missing anything. I still can't talk about you without crying. I don't even know what to say anymore.

the most attractive picture possible when you've got bottle service at Jeezy

an outfit that deserves a much needed repeat #bathroomtimewasters

blasting your favorite weapon and wearing my 13yr old brand new shirt because I'm extra #onlygodcanjudgeme

remember when I used to have friends in cool places and got a jetblue card just for airline points to visit said friends?

remember when half my friends were artists and there was rarely more than 10 months between new pieces? #itsbeenawhilesinceicouldholdmyheaduphigh

support your local girl gang #vscocam

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