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Morning in the neighborhood

And going to random sketchy gas stations and rest areas are my favorite. I drive/road-trip a lot by myself. #quirky

I've been trying to be more aware of my life. Living each moment with purpose, or at least without being anxious. I find that I get frustrated at myself for where I am/what I'm doing, but why? I'm realizing most people go through this some days. It's even harder when you're a dreamer and believer and I am certainly both of those things. I have big dreams, big plans, but at the same time the little things and slowing my roll is so so so important to my everyday life and sanity. Finding balance today and trying to go with the flow of the uncertain that is my life. #wednesdays

Weekends with you 💕

Spring has arrived

Happy Sunday with my baby

Slight sass

Honey bubs @nickythebaby


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