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cass  fitness, health, traveling❤️ DM me for info on training programs💪🏽 @rossaselftanning code: CassiRST


If you want to get a FULL body sweat going, BITCHHHHH this is for you🙌🏽⁣

1️⃣Squat with Plate Press - squat down, putting the plate between your legs, as you press through your feet, curl the plate up and press overhead. Make sure to keep your shoulders back throughout this movement and also make sure to CONTROL THE WEIGHT when lowering the plate back down. You will feel this throughout your whole body but specifically in your legs, biceps and shoulders.⁣

2️⃣Kneel to Squat - make sure to stay as low as possible and keep your weight in the flat of your foot/your heels. Your toes should be light and not pressed into the floor. You can do these with or without the weight.⁣

3️⃣Alternating Lateral DB Lunge - keep a wider stance, as you lunge to one side, the dB should be in the opposite hand, and reach for your toe with the DB. As you return to the starting position, switch the DB into the other hand and repeat on the other leg.⁣

4️⃣Double Kettlebell Swings - GET READY FOR YOUR BUTT CHEEKS TO BE ON FIRE🔥 Make sure your spine stays neutral, keep your core and bum squeezed throughout the whole movement. Your arms are only holding onto the KB, all of the swinging from it should be from your hips thrusting forward. ⁣

5️⃣Handstand Hold - keep your core tight, don’t let your back cave. ⁣

6️⃣Kettlebell Plank Pull Through - keep your core TIGHT and keep your hips/body as stable as possible. You shouldn’t be twisting your hips, keep them in place.⁣

Let me know what other workouts you guys want to see below!👇🏽👇🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽⁣

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There’s almost 6 years between these photos which is crazy. Both my mental and physical changes have been pretty crazy to look back and reflex on.
In the photo on the left i didn’t eat much, and when i did, it usually wasn’t good. I drank heavily every weekend and usually a few days throughout the week. I smoked weed regularly. I smoked LOADS of cigarettes. I took adderall, not daily, but definitely a handful of times per month. I drank hot tea loaded with sugar and milk. Other than that I drank pop and never just plain water. I would sleep like 3 hours per night, give or take depending what was going on.
In the photo on the right, I eat healthy the majority of the time, but don’t restrict myself. If I want the damn cookie I’ll eat it, and if I don’t want it, then I won’t. I don’t smoke cigarettes (5.5 years since i quit). I don’t abuse drugs. I drink mainly water, with coffee in the morning and an energy drink or two on the weekends. I still drink, but I don’t drink during the week, or heavily every weekend. Sleep still isn’t my strong point because im a night owl, but also work early lol so I’m working on that! .
My point though is that I didn’t make all of those changes at once. Gradually i made small changes which ultimately led me to where I am today. Physically stronger. Mentally stronger. And just in a better place now than I have ever been.
My advice to anyone getting started is to COMMIT. You may not be where you want in to be in one month, three months, or even 6 months, but if you quit you’ll NEVER get there. If you commit and trust the process, the change will come. Stick with it. You will FEEL BETTER. YOU WILL FEEL HAPPIER. YOU WILL HAVE MORE ENERGY! If you would have told me 6 years ago that I would be where I am now, I’d tell you you were full of shit LOL So TRUST ME. COMMIT TODAY and you will thank yourself down the line. If you commit, I PROMISE you will reach your goals. •

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DEFINE YOUR ARMS. This is a mix of shoulders, biceps and triceps. It including individual movements along with multi movements so you can get the most out of your arm day!

1️⃣barbell curl with press: 3x12 - make sure you control the entire movement on the way back down. Don’t just let your arms drop, CONTROL THAT SHIT to get the most out of each rep.
2️⃣tricep rope pushdown subset: 2x8-12-15
YOUR TRICEPS WILL BE SMOKED FROM THIS. Pick a weight that you can do 8 reps at, perform those reps, then immediately after (with no rest) drop the weight and perform 12 more reps, then immediately after you’ve complete those reps, drop the weight AGAIN, and finish off with 15 reps.
3️⃣hammer curl with side raise: 3x5
Start with one hammer curl and one side raise, then do two hammer curls and two side raises, then three hammer curls and three side raises, go all the way up to five and then work your way back down to one and one. Again, your arms will be SMOKED. **REMEMBER: keep your chest forward and shoulders back, don’t let your shoulders roll forward.
4️⃣TRISET: dips-> push-ups -> knee push-ups 3xAMRAP/each (As Many Reps As Possible) do as many dips as you can (you can also do this on a bench with your feet on the ground), once you can’t do anymore immediately (with no rest) begin doing push-ups (this will be super hard, so if you can only do two, that’s okay), and then once you can’t do anymore push-ups immediately start doing knee push-ups (these will also be very difficult because your arms with be dead tired, so if you only get a few reps, that’s okay) the point is to completely fatigue your muscles.
5️⃣cable curl drop set: 3x8-12
Keep your shoulders back and your wrists curled up. Pick a weight you can do 8 reps with, once you do those 8 reps drop the weight and immediately being doing the next 12 reps.

If at any point, you are performing these exercises, at whatever weight, and you hit the number of reps with ease, INCREASE YOUR WEIGHT. The point is that the last few reps should be DIFFICULT. If it’s easy then you aren’t growing.

Give this a try and let me know how your arms feel tmw💪🏽🤪

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@maria.layton let me try out her new presets before she’s released them and I’m in LOVEEE with this one😍😍😍 it’s called #londonfog ps. I’m currently making curtains for my room, so that’s why there’s string on my rug🤪 #gymsharkleggings #fitfam #itsachoice


When I’m trying to lose body fat HIIT is basically the only cardio I do other than taking occasional workout classes. •
REMEMBER: you need to PUSH YOURSELF during the working periods of the workout in order for it to be worth doing. •
1️⃣deadlifts: 30 sec
15 sec rest
2️⃣DB squat thrusters: 30 sec
15 sec rest
3️⃣plank knee to elbow: 30 sec
15 sec rest
4️⃣kettlebell swings: 25 sec
15 sec rest
5️⃣ball slams: 25 sec
15 sec rest
6️⃣alternating scissors to flutters: 25 sec
15 sec rest
7️⃣plate passes
3 rounds
Rest 1-2 minutes between each round

Save this video and try it later and let me know how it is for you!!

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The last few weeks my training has changed quite a bit. I started following @natacha.oceane (I’m late to the train😭 but i love her so much lol) and something about her energy and style of training lit a fire under me. She goes into her sessions with a goal: to WORK. She doesn’t go in and go through the motions. She is focused and determined. And goes in ready to fuck some shit UP! •
Since finding her my sessions have been SO much more sweaty. SO much more intense. I’ve felt SO much better about each session. And I’ve felt SO much better day to day.

The amount of effort you put in to each session is directly reflective of the results you’re going to see. If you’re going to go to the gym WHY NOT FUCKING PUSH YOURSELF WHILE YOURE THERE!? Go in ready to CHANGE. Ready to push yourself to do more than you did last time.


PS I’m drinking @beyondrawlabs BCAAs in the flavor gummy worm and DAMN are they good! Definitely my current flavor ESP for the price and amount of product you get!! •

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WEIGHTED ABS! I know everyyyone including myself would love to believe that you can spot reduce fat, however, you can’t. That’s just the cold hard truth. However, doing weighted ab exercises will help your abs actually GROW and show through quicker as your body fat percentage lowers.

Here are some of my favorite weighted exercises to help grow your abs and give you the stomach i know you’re striving for!

1️⃣PLANK PLATE PASSES. Keep your booty down during this! Keep your whole body as still as possible. Don’t twist your whole body/hips as you grab a plate and pass it over. Keep your hips and shoulders in place.
2️⃣LYING PLATE PASSES. This is probably my favorite of all of them. Make sure to keep your back flat against the ground. You don’t want to be able to see a gap underneath your back as you do these. Make sure you REALLY crunch each time you pass the plate back and fourth.
3️⃣STANDING OBLIQUE RAISES. You wanna develop your side oblique, so you have that niiiice cut on your sides? THEN DO THESE!! Really focus on only using your side to pull yourself up. The hand holding the DB is ONLY holding the DB, not actually pulling the weight. 🔴If you are having a hard time feeling these, tap on the our side as you see me doing in the video to help your mind connect to the muscle.
4️⃣V-SIT BENCH CRUNCH WITH DB. These are a lot harder than they look. If doing them with a DB feels too heavy, then just drop the weight and do them with body weight!
5️⃣LYING LEG RAISES WITH DB. Just like the lying plate passes, make sure your back stays flat on the ground and doesn’t arch. As you see in video, once these get too heavy, i crunch my legs in and do negative leg raises. Doing negatives of these, or most exercises, will push your muscles til failure.

Tag me in your stories or videos if you try any of these and let me know which is your favorite! •

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Take a few moments every day to reflect on the things you are grateful for. I’m talking basic things, too. Things that are basic to us, but not necessarily basic to others. Water. Food. Your job (whether you love or hate it, you still are lucky to have one). Your family. Your friends who turned into family. Your pets. The cellphone or device you’re reading this on. And honestly just that you have the chance to live. We all have negative thoughts sometimes, which is why countering them with positive ones is so important. I know I still struggle with this as we all do, but never stop putting in the effort to think positively because it gets easier the more you do it. Happy Wednesday❤️

Little lower body action from last week! There was a few other exercises during this session that i didn’t get recorded, but this will definitely make you sore without any additional exercises!

Hip thrusts are a MUST if you’re tryna grow the glutes! So get to thrustinnnnn ladies! You can also do these on the leg extension machine if you’re new to the gym and don’t want to try the barbell yet!

Stiff legged deadlifts are a great way to develop your hamstrings. Try doing drop sets (drop the weight once during the set) or subsets (two weight drops within the same set). My favorite is doing these as a subset! Keep your shoulders back during these, don’t let them cave and roll forward.

Deficit DB RDL Squats are new to my training but I’m loving them. Being at a deficit helps you get more depth and you’ll realllly start to feel the burn!

Pistol squats are also super new to me. I used to be able to do these a few years ago, but having had a few knee problems in the last few years I’ve been scared to attempt. I finally did tho and DAMN were my quads sore the next day! If you want to try these, try holding on to something as you lower yourself down for some extra balance!

Save this video and give it a try and let me know how sore you are the next day😘 Also let me know what other kind of workouts yins wanna see!

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I’ve been making a protein shake pretty much every night after dinner because i need some type of dessert after dinner because i fucking love sweets😋😝🍦🍫🍭🍬 •
I’ve been obsessed with @bowmar_nutrition protein because of @tay_gut and because it tastes AMAZING so thats pretty much the main protein I’ve been using lately🙃The one i used in this shake was Protein Frosted Cookie and I’m not kidding when i say that when i first made it i was like YOOO there’s no way this is healthy!? ITS. THAT. GOOD. •
What’s even better!? I decided to throw in spinach since it’s a superfood just to see if i could taste it. AND YOU CANT TASTE IT with all of the other ingredients mixed together,l. You Can throw in a handful of spinach and get all of the vitamins and micronutrients without even tasting it!? SO DOPE. •
I made a Protein Blueberry Cheesecake one last night and OMG. It was fantastic. Let me know if you want the recipe to that one too!

Protein Frosted Cookie Shake
✅1 scoop of @bowmar_nutrition PFC
✅1/2-1 cup almond milk (amount depends on how thick you want it)
✅handful of blueberries
✅half a banana
✅handful of spinach
✅1 cup of ice
➡️sometimes I add in a half cup of oats and some peanut butter, too.
✅and then blend that shit together and enjoyyyyy👌🏽🤤

🔥🔥FULL BODY WORKOUT🏋🏼‍♀️🔥🔥 @natacha.oceane workout that I did yesterday was really fucking good!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Of everything, my shoulders were definitely the most sore🔥🔥 Let me know if you try it and what the hardest part of it was for you! •

1️⃣barbell squat to press 4x10
2️⃣pull ups to negative pull ups 3x12 (do as many regular reps as you can once you can’t do anymore, finish with negatives)
3️⃣kettlebell swings 3x15
4️⃣dips to negative dips 3x10 (do as many regular reps as you can, once you can’t do anymore, finish with negatives)
5️⃣wall ball 4x15 (this wasn’t the right kind of ball, and i thought i was gna put a whole in the wall, so instead of hitting it off of the wall, i just threw it in the air)
6️⃣plank walks (not sure of the reps, i just went down and back)

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•an 8 week workout guide curated especially for you by me! I’ll have you fill out a questionnaire and then base your program around your answers! swipe for @maria.layton before and afters from the 8 week workout guide I made for her and also my journey/progress photos💪🏽
@maria.layton 5 BRAND NEW presets that haven’t been seen yet!!! You guys are going to want these for the SICKEST aesthetic😍 (swipe for before and afters!) •
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