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Craig Clark/ (SPONSOR NEEDED)  πŸ”·15πŸ”Ά I spend most of my day upside down🀸 Maryland|| self taught|| || g-tramper|| Team member of @flippers.oasis & @freefall.flips

I'll get this soon. I just have to twist earlier

Random cork off the warp wall @4starobstacles (Sorry for bad angle and late filming)

Ooofff what even is this

Finally landed this again, nothing good till I get my new mat and springs

Lmao if you can't tell, my lens is still cracked.

Some clips from 4star today, and I'm gonna triple off the mini tramp into the foampit but sometimes I touch the bottom of the foampit which creeps me out

Can't do any flips rn because it snowed and my tramp is breaking so here's a random trip back prep from a while ago (spoiler alert, I never did it πŸ˜‚)

Two chill flips from today 😴

Lmao these are already pretty easy

Lmao way easier than I thought it would be

Finally did dub back to stomach and it really wasn't that hard I just opened up a tiny bit early. Also practiced dub kaboom to stomach and with db I'm gonna dub cody out of it (when I get comfortable with dub back to stomach I'll dub cody out of it ndb)

@sonnyyj_ @johnnyy.flipss @jaymeroutzahn @logan__gt

Two easy clips from today

@jaymeroutzahn @sonnyyj_ @robbie14.__ @logan__gt

I did like nothing today so here's two EXTREMELY easy random clips

Chill clips from 4star.
My lens might be cracked for a while because idk who can fix it.

Wanna get more into twisting so I'll probably trip really soon

KEEP IN MIND this is literally no where near the height I can go I wasn't trying to get height at all I was actually trying to stay somewhat low to the ground. (Again my lens cracked and it's fogged up now so sorry for the awful quality)

Deffinitly my fastest trip front and my first dub kaboom x2 ndb on my skywalker!

@jaymeroutzahn @logan__gt @sonnyyj_ @kadepupke

Btw I cracked my lens so sorry for the awful quality and the fog in the corner

2 easy clips in 20 degree weather from today. Gonna dub kaboom x2 ndb on my tramp soon and dub back x dub kaboom x2 soon too

I'm so frustrated by this

I WILL land this( And yes I know my carts are ugly asf)

@jaymeroutzahn @logan__gt @sonnyyj_

Really chill sesh in really cold weather
RIP rotation on the dub back dub kaboom lmao

Two trash clips from Germantown because I suck at diving πŸ˜‚
It's been in the low 20s here so mist likely only chill clips for a while

Merry Christmas!
Extremely cold sesh and my rotation was horrible. The last clip proves it and no, it didn't hurt and I'm not afraid of trip fronts because of this because I got right up and did it again but easily made it πŸ˜‚
@new_anstoles @gabe_flips_ @sonnyyj_

Smh this was way over due πŸ˜‚
@jaymeroutzahn @sonnyyj_ @logan__gt

Practiced dub back to stomach today and deffinitly gonna do it on tramp soon because I had a lot of awareness on it

Three easy clips from get air, the foampits were literally a foot deep and were so sketchy to land in

Got my cody fulls back today because I hurt my leg on them months ago so I was scared to do it again but then I realized how easy they were πŸ˜‚

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