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HABITŪ  The Neighbourhood Boutique Caffè • Sourced Globally, Roasted Locally • Always Made With Love 📍Hong Kong


Lovely meeting all our HABITŪ fans today, thank you for coming out even in the heavy rain! See you again soon, stay tuned for our next HABITŪ Bike pop-up #habitu #coldbrew #coffee #free #habitubike

Happening now! Free COLD BREW COFFEE at HABITŪ caffè Hutchison House #habitu #giveaway #free #coldbrew #coffee

Our Turmeric Latter gives you little spicy and sweet taste all in one sip, it gets your brain warmed up and be prepared for a new week ahead. On JUN19, Turmeric Latter will be on a BUY 1 GET 1 FREE discount*, say “Monday Surprise” to our staff to redeem the offer! *Takeaway only
薑黃泡沫牛奶在香甜味道中帶點微辛感,喝下去,思緒也好像暖下來,而薑黃亦對健康有多種益處,星期一有它陪伴,當作洗滌疲勞的身心 也不錯。在6月19日,薑黃泡沫牛奶 將有買一送一優惠,只要跟店員說句「Monday Surprise!」便可享用了! *只限外賣
#HABITU #MondaySurprise #Turmeric #Latte

≡ FREE GIVEAWAY 🤗 HABITŪ Cold Brew Coffee ≡
HABITŪ is proudly launching COLD BREW COFFEE! Made of our signature house blend, Classico No. 3, the cold brew coffee brings us an unique taste of black tea with soft fruity and light sugar cane flavour.

Under the burning hot weather, we have prepared 800 bottles of smaller version of COLD BREW COFFEE for your free trial from 12noon at HABITŪ Hutchison House on Jun 21*, which is this year’s summer solstice! ☀ So we will be there to keep you cool!

Come and grab a bottle from us! See you next week! :) *While stocks last.

HABITŪ 全新推出樽裝冷泡咖啡,咖啡以品牌引以為傲的 Classico No.3 所調製,口味帶有紅茶之甘醇,滲透清怡果味及蔗糖甘甜,為咖啡迷提供暑夏咖啡滋味凍感。

為與眾分享冰凍清涼感,HABITŪ將於夏至當日 ☀ 即6月21日下午12時至1時於中環和記大廈 HABITŪ caffè 外設置派發點,免費派送800支冷泡咖啡(100毫升)*,約定你啊! *數量有限,派完即止。
#HABITU #ColdBrewCoffee #Coffee

Our Leighton Centre outlet will be closed for private event on 13 June (Tue) after 4pm and 15 June (Thu) whole day. Alternatively, you’re very welcome to visit our Hysan Place outlet nearby. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
HABITŪ Hysan Place Address:
L804, 8/F, Hysan Place, Causeway Bay
HABITŪ 禮頓中心分店將於6月13日(星期二)下午四時後及6月15日(星期四)全日因私人活動安排,不作營業,顧客可移步到附近的希慎廣場分店。不便之處,敬請原諒。
HABITŪ 希慎廣場分店地址:

We know everyone loves the aromatic scent and taste of our Caffè Rosa, so we are offering a 🌹 Caffè Rosa Buy 1 Get 1 Free 🌹 discount* on 12 JUN for all of you! Come to any of our outlets, say “Monday Surprise!” to our staff and get the offer! We know you’ve been waiting for this, so share this happy news to your friends and enjoy it together! *Takeaway only
充滿著淡淡花香的 HABITŪ 🌹 玫瑰咖啡 🌹 一向深受顧客歡迎,為了讓大家有個愉快的星期一, 在6月12日,玫瑰咖啡將進行買一送一優惠*,只要購買時跟店員說聲「Monday Surprise!」便可以享用了! *只限外賣
#HABITU #MondaySurprise #CaffeRosa

≡ ☕️ Enroll to HABITŪ Summer Latte Art Workshops now! ≡
We are providing ways to let all the coffeeholics in the city to get closer to our coffee. It is not only about the taste and texture of the coffee beverages that we indulge in, but also the appearance itself that makes you WOW.

In the workshops, you will have chance to infuse your creativity into the coffee by learning latte art skills from our professional coffee trainers and baristas!
To enroll, send us your interested workshop date, your full English name, mobile number and number of participants via workshop@caffehabitu.com to register!

咖啡的味道和口感使人回味,精緻的拉花圖案也可帶給我們無限驚喜!HABITŪ 現集合城中熱愛咖啡的朋友,參加我們的夏日咖啡拉花工作坊。
在工作坊中,HABITŪ的專業咖啡師將教導大家簡單咖啡知識、咖啡沖調以至拉花的技巧,讓大家把創意和想像力注入 HABITŪ 的香濃咖啡之中。
報名方法:把所選的工作坊日子、英文全名、手提電話號碼及參加人數電郵至 workshop@caffehabitu.com
#HABITU #HabituWorkshops #LatteArt

We're always excited to see what our chefs have prepared us on the GRAB & GO plates for the day!
And please don’t forget that you can receive a FREE COLD BREW COFFEE* upon any purchase of the GRAB & GO lunch (Tuscan Salad or Stews) from Jun 5-9! *GRAB & GO lunch available from 12noon to 2pm at Hutchison House outlet only
*While stocks last

現在每天也很期待看見主廚為我們準備的 GRAB & GO 系列菜式啊!
還有,不要忘記由6月5日至6月9日,於和記大廈分店惠顧 GRAB & GO 系列午餐*,可免費獲贈冷泡咖啡乙支。 *GRAB & GO 午餐只於和記大廈分店有售,由中午12時至2時止

#HABITU #ColdBrewCoffee #Coffee #GRABnGO #LUNCH

DON'T MISS IT! It's too hot out there! Get a FREE Cold Brew Coffee upon any purchase of GRAB & GO lunch (Tuscan Salad or Stews)* from Jun 5-9 at our newly renovated Hutchison House outlet. *Grab & Go lunch available from 12noon to 2pm *While stocks last

記得,記得!由6月5日至9日,於和記大廈分店惠顧 GRAB & GO 系列午餐*,可免費獲贈冷泡咖啡乙支。 *GRAB & GO 午餐由中午12時至2時止。

#HABITU #ColdBrewCoffee #Coffee


It’s been so hot and stuffy recently! Let’s have a Detox Aqua from us to detox your mood and body for a brand new week!
On Jun 5, you can enjoy our Detox Aqua - Rose, Cucumber, Ginger BUY 1 GET 1 FREE offer by simply saying “Monday Surprise” to HABITŪ staff. *Takeaway only.
近日天氣十分焗熱,喝一下冰涼的 #水果蜜露 令身心舒爽一點,準備迎接新一週的工作吧!

6月5日,跟 HABITŪ 的店員說聲 「Monday Surprise」,即可享用 水果蜜露 (玫瑰.青瓜.生薑) 買一送一優惠啊!


#HABITU #MondaySurprise #DetoxAqua

≡ HABITŪ Wedding Solutions & Vouchers ≡

Other than our tailor made wedding solution services such as Bridal Shower, Wedding Favours, Venue Decorations and Banquet Catering, here we present our heartfelt treats to your honoured guests in your once-in-a-lifetime experience, a voucher set of an Artisan Cake and Handcrafted Beverage ($88/set - Minimum Order: 50 sets). Contact us for more details.
HABITŪ 提供婚前派對、場地佈置、派對聚餐到會等等一系列的婚禮服務外,還推出了結婚禮劵,禮劵可換領精緻蛋糕乙件及手調咖啡乙杯($88/套﹣最少訂購量:50套)。歡迎聯絡查詢詳情。

Wedding Solutions Hotline
Tel: 3500-0023
Email: events@caffehabitu.com

#HABITU #Wedding #TeaSet #Coffee #Cake

Yes! We reopen today! ✨ Our Hutchison House outlet is welcoming everyone of you again after renovation! Drop by for a coffee or meal, see you!
Location: Shop G22-27, 10 Harcourt Rd, Central

HABITŪ 位於中環的分店經過裝修後現正重新營業了!來在我們的新面貌中享用咖啡師精心調泡的手調咖啡吧。



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