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Cadence Lux  I've been naked online a lot over the last 5 years. East coast based. Constantly traveling. || business email:

let's get raw 🀘🏼

destiny brought me back to you.
@blackedraw @blackedraw πŸ“·: @elisjournal

i thought about you last night.
@blackedraw // @blackedraw πŸ‘€
Photos by: @elisjournal

β˜„οΈ step into my office β˜„οΈ
PC: @ivanitzkowitz for @digitalplayground


🌹 new scene for @digitalplayground 🌹
shot by: @ivanitzkowitz

& I've been stuck here for so long. πŸ“· @nickmani πŸ₯€

my beverage of choice
clearly resembles the face
of powerful love.
you are the face of a powerful love.
photographer: @nickmani

All I ever needed was your red wine voice,
That comes out when it's late and we're getting close.
And when I say "let's take off all our clothes", It's because I'm a bumblebee, baby, you're a rose. πŸ“·: @nickmani


Instead of twisting up words you just sat there in silence.
In wind burnt homes sighing rays from a sunset.
And all I could hear was the sound of the wasp nest.
My head made a home for the hum of the insects,
But my hands shake and shudder
at the mention of
half hearted reasons why
we'll only be friends. πŸ“·: @bantz.lionheart

You were the balloon that drifted from the flock into my window.
But you slipped right through my fingers that grew too tiresome to hold you.
I watched you float away, watched as it turned into desperate longing.
This time not for some drastic change, but for the string that was made to be held by me.
I think that you deserve some form of apology.
So here I am, once again, I'm sorry. πŸ“·: @bantz.lionheart

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