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Oh man in my plumb bob searches I stumbled upon this old chalk line on eBay and had to snag it! They listed it as Chinese but I’ve seen carved examples like this from Japan (and I’m sure other countries as well) in my vintage tool books but never in the wild! This may be the coolest thing I own??? #vintagetools #shoplifeyo! #chalkline #chalkbox

Because I don’t have enough stuff, I’ve decided to start collecting plumb bobs 😬. @ecbp500 thinks it’s hilarious for some reason? Anyway, here is the meager beginnings of my collection (minus the ones I occasionally use in the work truck) Check your sheds. If you have any to part with on the cheap I’d be interested! #theoldcrankyworkshop #shoplifeyo! #fancyfarm #lafermette #plumbbob

Ok I think I’m finished painting this thing. I may add some “spark” later. Props too all you talented folks that make it look easy! #firestone #polonium #theoldcrankyworkshop #shoplifeyo!

I made some tweaks to this and got it cut out last weekend. Ima try to paint it this weekend and hopefully not screw It up! #theoldcrankyworkshop #artsandcrafts #fartsandcraps #shoplifeyo! #firestone #polonium! #hamb

I’ve been meaning to post these pics (sorry for the poor quality) of @ecbp500’s finished pieces in the collaborative show that opened in the Commerce Bank Bldg. a couple of weeks ago. A work in response to a writer’s piece (Japanese Beetles) and a writer’s response to her finished work (Weeds.) #coppersmith #billybadass! #metalsmith #sculptressofthenight #enamel

Ok @atomicindustry, @hollywoodtuck, and @mfflannery here is my #biesemeyer copy. I made it probably 15 years ago when I got my ‘55 #Craftsman contractor saw. I am waaaaaaay too cheap so I figured I’d try my hand at making one. We had a local tool place that carried them so I went and crawled around under one one day discretely taking notes, ha! I also grabbed a brochure to work off of as this was before the days of everyone having camera in their pocket at all times. I’m not even sure we had a working computer at home??? Anyway, I “learned” woodworking by immersing myself on Saturdays watching Norm’s New Yankee Workshop while @ecbp500 and I ate lunch. The rails could be longer but it’s all I had room for at the time. It’s got a 29” rip capacity which is plenty to get to the center of a piece of plywood. #hamb? #garagejournal #shoplifeyo! #theoldcrankyworkshop

I’m going to try to make a little shop art here. Hopefully I’m not in over my head. I just love this old #firestone box artwork. #Polonium! #wtfispolonium?! #radioactive #channelingbobtuki

In case you didn’t know it my lovely wife @ecbp500 is a badass metalsmith! She has a couple of pieces in a show that is opening Friday night (November 2, 2018) at The Box Gallery in the Commerce Bank Bldg 2000 Walnut St. In KC. Opening reception 6-8 pm. (Check the last image for more show info) #billybadass #metalsmith #coppersmith #coppersmithing #enamel #japanesebeetles #japanesebeetlesmustdie #ifyoudontknownowyouknow #sculptressofthenight #allroadsleadtosculpture

I guess it’s #nationalcatday again? (Every day is around here!) Here’s our squad! Bernard Mickey Wrangle, Violet V., Scarlet J. Snodgrass, and Capt. Arthur Hastings!

I told @ecbp500 it was a nice day and I hadn’t used the #AAA for a while so I was going to take the #heirloommerc for a drive. I didn’t quite make it the gas station before she quit 😐. Fortunately @lawrence_vintage_cycle came to the rescue! Thanks again Lucas! Had to get a pic with his ‘59 before it leaves for the great white north eh.

I’m suppose to be organizing my cabinet but instead I’m just playing with the tools. #markinggauges #shoplifeyo! #fancyfarm #lafermette

My phone alerted me that it took it upon itself to make a weird movie about our trip to the #hotrodhillclimb2018 so here you go! #hamb #hotrodsrule! #thebachelorsbutton

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