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Carlos Pinto  •Nevada Grad • UFC Gym Coach •Team Different Breed •NPC Competitor

It’s never to late to create a dream and accomplish it. I could ramble on forever but it’s quite simple, you keep all of us together yet find time to work on yourself. You refuse to make excuses in life and you go out and accomplish anything you put your mind to and have set the best example out for us. We are so proud of you, like I said before you have and always will be our champion. People can say what they want but at the end of the day you got it done and became an IFBB PRO!!! Results speak louder than words and you did the speaking tonight. I love you mom you’re the reason we are the way we are. We appreciate you each and everyday. Thank you for instilling the best qualities in us. ❤️🏆🥇 #TeamPinto #TeamDifferentBreed #Bloodline #Weworkhard #Championmindset #BothparentsarePROS #NextUp

Thank you for leading by example. Thank you for never letting me say being good enough, was enough. Thank you for teaching me the sport that has saved my life.

#DifferentBreed X #DifferentStruggles

Big moves, even bigger goals.

Most people competing nowadays are in it for the followers or the recognition. But it’s all about the passion how passionate you are about this sport when the doors are closed. You want passion? This is it right here and I’ve been blessed enough to have been raised by him and to call him my dad. This is real bodybuilding. I love you pops, happy Father’s Day.
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You’re just not built like me. You may not know what I’m up to but I promise I’m making progress. Less sleep, more action. Less talk, more work.

You’ve taught me the most important things in life are your drive, passion, mindset and willingness to work hard. That you are only going to get what you work for and that this life is cruel and will eat you up and spit you out but if you work hard, if you push your limits you can have anything you’ve ever dreamt of. I am the person that I am because of you and I will continue to improve because of you. Happy birthday to the best father anyone could have.

May 18, 2018-

A cumulation of 5 long years and a lifetime goal that originated in kindergarten came to an end. I’m not saying my situation was more difficult than others but I had my own struggles. I’m the first college graduate and I refused to give up on a goal I set for myself so long ago. My family is everything and I’m lucky enough to have had them all be able to watch me walk and to see me overcome the struggles I have had. I have the best parents, thank you for being hard on me, believing me and mostly for letting me make the mistakes I have. I wouldn’t be where I am without you too. You’ve worked so hard to provide us with the world, you are our world. Jon and Kristy, I’m so proud of the both of you even on my day, because you are the best younger siblings and I’m always here for you and I hope you are always happy. I hope I made you guys proud because for once I finally feel like I did something good. We may not see each other often but I would do anything for any one of you. I’m finally done with this B.S. and I’m onto the next chapter of my life. No goal is ever to big so no matter how long it takes don’t ever give up, you are only as powerful as you believe you are.

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Happy 2nd birthday to a man’s best friend. ❤️ You May be crazy Tuck but I wouldn’t trade you for anything.
Shoutout to @lyonswilliam_ for Tucker’s new bed too!
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Just live.
Picture and adventure buddy cred: @ashleeesuzanne

You are strong where I am weak, you push me to be a better me. You are the most beautiful, kind hearted, loving, caring and hard working person I know. I am the luckiest person in the world. Thank you for loving me although I may not be the most perfect person in the world. I love you so much and I’m so lucky to have you in my life.
I hope that everyday you feel like the most special girl in the world. Happy birthday Ash ❤️

Just because you don’t hear about me doesn’t mean I’m not working. 210 lbs jumping 4’. 🤫

Shoutout to Ash for pushing me everyday.

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You know... I’ve been thinking a lot about my future due to graduating school in a few months. There are a lot of things I can do, I can search for the job with the most money, I can search with the job that has the most potential, I can search for experience but ya know... all I want is to be happy, with myself. I want to push everyone around me, I want to be a sense of hope for others, I want to genuinely be happy with my life and what I am doing. So wherever that may take me so be it. Money is replaceable but your life isn’t, follow your passions so that everyday of your life is a vacation.

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