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Carlos Pinto  •Nevada-Marketing Major • UFC Gym Coach •Team Different Breed •NPC Competitor

I haven’t made many good decisions in my life but you are by far the greatest one, I am thankful for you everyday.

Shout out to @chrisminnes and @npcmotherlode for an awesome experience this weekend to learn from some of the greatest pros (@dannyhester @markanthonyflex and @bojanaifbbpro ) they provided insight and knowledge that is worth a lot more than the price of money. Thank you for being great ambassadors to the area and believing in the athletes from the Reno and Sparks area. If you weren’t there you definitely missed out on a priceless experience! Can’t wait to get back on stage! #classicphysique #classicbodybuilding #npc #ifbb #Fitfam #longevity #npcmotherlode #tahoeshow

The Nevada Wolf Pack Cheer squads put in some work yesterday! Thanks for coming out and being my largest class, by far! We are NEVADA, we work HARD!🐺 #WolfPack #DailyUltimateTraining #ufcgym

I remember the feeling, at 18 years old... I remember feeling invincible. I remember feeling like I ruled the world. I remember being proud of myself for the first time in my life. I remember being so driven nothing else mattered. I lost so many friends. I changed my life and I found purpose for once. On this day my life changed for the better, on this day I was finally... free. Thank you @tahoeshow and @chrisminnes for helping me fall in love with a sport that has helped heal many wounds, that has helped me deal with stress, loss, depression, failure and helped me find a purpose. I’m not sure when I will return to your stage but when I do I promise the outcome will be the same. Pops @cmuscle1_ifbb_pro and I will put together a plan that can’t be touched. #DifferentBreed

Just got this birthday gift in the mail from Brodie over at @peak.nutrition_minden.nv ! I met Brodie a few years ago and we clicked right away while giving me a few pointers being so young. If you’re ever in the Minden or Carson area please go check out his shop! Even if you don’t purchase anything I promise you’ll learn a thing or two! Thanks for the support man! You know I always have your back! #supportthosethatsupportyou

23, Jordan year: I had the best birthday ever because of my girlfriend and family. I’m going to do some great things this year. Greatness runs in my blood and I’m not afraid to work.

To 2017 and the last day of being 22 years old:
I have accomplished so much yet failed many times. I have smiled and frowned. My life isn’t perfect and I work so damn hard to make myself and everyone else around me proud. I could write a long caption on how this year actually went but I will keep it short... I reached my lowest of lows this year but I have also climbed mountains I never thought I’d be able to conquer. I went from a deep depression to feeling strong and like I can conquer the world again. I’m no where near my destination but the journey is the most important part. I have the best child (dog, Tucker), the best family and friends and the absolute most loving genuine and caring girlfriend in the world. The 22nd year of my life has ended on a high note despite the people that have left my life this year and the opportunities I have missed.. but that’s life. In 2018 I will be graduating college, Tucker will turn 2 and I will grow closer to everyone around me. I may not be perfect but that’s ok because I’m a damn good version of myself. Stay blessed and don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. I’m going to do something great one day... you just wait. I’ve never been afraid of hard work.

I don’t expect you to understand my vision...

Just another day with my crew getting that work!! These guys don’t quit! I swear I tried to kill them today💪🏽 DM for details on how to join us!! #Fitness #Fitfam #FitnessMotivation #GroupTraining #Exercise #Workout #LoveYourself #StayHealthy #FitLife #IGFit #Goals #TrustTheProcess #AthleticTraining #FightFat #Love #Kickboxing #Boxing #DailyUltimateTraining #Fitchicks #ufcgym

My message today: “Don’t hold your gifts hostage, go get that shit.”

I promise one day you’ll meet someone where things just click and they genuinely care about you as much as you do about them. I guess when you know you just know, I’m the lucky one to have someone like you. ❤️

Find something you love and don’t ever give up on it. Don’t ever let anything or anyone get in the way of your goals and dreams. Be proud of yourself... do something that sets your soul on fire.
#DifferentStruggles X #DifferentBreed

I don’t expect you to understand... #DifferentStruggles

Coming soon... Just because someones exterior looks a certain way doesn’t mean they aren’t fighting their own demons. You either relate or you don’t... For everybody who’s lost a family member or friend to cancer, tragic events or at a young age. To everyone with fucked up childhoods... locked up parents, relatives or locked up themselves. To everyone who’s been beaten down and kicked around. To everyone who’s been abused. To everyone who has to find money to eat everyday. To the well off to the broke... we all have our struggles and we will make it. Keep pushin’. #TheBurbs X #DifferentStruggles | #classicphysique #NPCNV #TeamPinto #stayclassic #staytrue #contracosta
#loveitkillit #train #workharder #workout #5percenters #gymlife #traindirty #nevergiveup #gains #traininsane #life #reno #sparks #npc #lvft #bodybuilding #dontquit #staysavage #stayblessed #whateverittakes #goldenaesthetics #symmetry

The scars don’t make the lion, the lion makes the scars. My life isn’t perfect, the people I grew up withs life aren’t perfect but the thing is we are going to be great no matter what happens. Greatness is a mindset not a state of being.

As I have matured over the years this resonates with me more than I could ever explain.

You can have all the money in the world but it still won't buy you 32 inch legs motherf***er. You can't buy hard work.
#TeamPinto X #TeamDifferentBreed

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Always remember to be happy and love yourself. I do not have a future show date in mind. I am currently just trying to find the positives in my everyday life and empowering others. My life nor I may be perfect but I'm blessed to be alive and healthy and that is enough to encourage me to never give up. Your mind is more important than your body, never forget that.

Positive vibes only. Everyday is a great day to be alive.

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