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Colorado Transplant  mental health; anxiety; hiking is healing; go outside; minimalism; minimal & mindful; MTNmama; MTNmillennials; saints & snowflakes ; Dems & Does 👽✌🏼🌿🐽


Glad that you can forgive, only hoping as time goes you can forget.

Mica? Maybe? Or shiny, fragile earth rock that crumbles in your hands and gives you splinters when you find it in your pocket a few hours later.. 😅

Not the best shot but when you’re trying not to spook MAGESTIC WILD HORSES there isn’t much time to play portrait photographer 🤷🏻‍♀️🐴📸 P.S. Im too lazy to go back and confirm but I am 99% certain this is one of only two wild horse ranges in the US. Somebody correct me if that’s not true! But holy shit! Two places? That’s all we can give to these magnificent beauties that carried our lazy asses to and fro since basically ever???

No caption necessary. ❤️

Go outside pls // find some passion to protect our parks 👍🏼

Inside Monument Canyon. ❤️ the only thing I can cling to for my sanity right now is the hope that I AM going to turn my life around, acquire real skills besides when or when not to trust google (cough cough four year universities are a cash sink if you don’t play it right like ✋🏼), and come back and climb into this breathtaking snapshot of hundreds of millions of years of time standing still.

It’s hard to read but I’m just new here, okay? And frankly I couldn’t find a more fitting @canva background than one with a field of red flowers.

Tea 😊👅👀🍵

Powder for the people ✊🏼 I walked down a snowbank and sunk to my thighs and marched through until I found the solid ground all the skiers and snowshoers were walking on. So worth it!!

Some of Kennedy’s books, a few puzzles....a magazine on Cults and a magazine about my girl Audrey 😂

Not funny. Just the truth. 🙃

A bleeding heart Republican who saved my life and her friend, the chattiest, tallest grey you’ve had the unfortunate luck of crossing paths with. We are Hurricanes. And Kweens. HurriKweens. Could we make a gas station chain out of that title, B? Also sounds like a type of cramp. 🤷🏻‍♀️💯🗣😻

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