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A little late but this night was the awesome New Years celebration with some good friends @bobbyboiiiiiiii #goodtimesgoodvibes #2018herewecome

2nd place ain’t bad at all!! So proud of these boys and the hard work they’ve put forth into this thanksgiving tournament! Looking forward to seeing more action from these kids! #ochockey #usahockey #cantkeepusdown

As I was coaching during beginner hockey, I️ was told that there was a little girl who was being unresponsive to the other coaches. They told me she is deaf so I️ went over and introduced myself in sign. I️t took a little while for her to open up to me, but not too long after, I️ started teaching her how to skate and I️ could hear nothing but laughter the entire time. I️ guess #ASL really did come in handy after all #usahockey

Little did I know that I would be "kidnapped" by @lezzles01 and @dagnabitruffio @jlim880117 @sean_seal on my birthday to go parasailing. It was honestly one of the best things anyone has ever done for me on my birthday. But the part that made this mean a whole lot to me, is the fact that my best friend planned this whole thing out for me and coordinated everything with everyone, right from her hospital room. I am utterly speechless and have no idea what to say except thank you @taunaya for an amazing birthday gift. I'm a little saddened that you weren't there to celebrate with me but it works out anyways because I'm still mad/amazed that you convinced all of my friends to lie to my face for the entire day. #youguysaremylife #bdaygoals #thankyou

Happy Mother's Day to the woman that raised me; to the woman who has always been there for me; the woman who always listens to my problems and hardships. Without you, I'd probably be in the circus. #happymothersday #supermom #deadbeatson

Happy Birthday to the 2nd place sibling of the Mack family @lezzles01 . You're on your way to becoming a successful adult which means hopefully you'll suck less. You got 2 more years until your quarter life crisis! #littlesisterssuck

*cough* yes. May the fourth be with you #starwarsday2017 #trolling #rancoring

Tonight us T-birds won our own version of the Stanley Cup in the Lakewood men's gold league. We beat the Clown Punchers 4-3 and it was one competitive physical game. Let's keep it up next season boys!! #hockey #stanleycup #beerleaguehockey #violentgentlemen

It's a little late but @taunaya took me to the #californiasciencecenter for the first time where my inner #nerd was fascinated by all the scientific exhibits. The #pixarexhibit showed so many great things about animation 🤓 🤓 🤓

One of my favorite players gave me this card at the end of the season today. I'm looking forward to coaching him and the rest of the kids in the upcoming year and traveling to play other amazing teams throughout the states #usahockey #therinkslakewood

225lbs squats! New PR! #legdayeveryday #fitasian sort of

Leg press @ 360lbs. Definitely improving and working my way up to 500lbs. #legdayeveryday

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