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Hands Filled With Love  🌼 wife to Jake 🌼 mother to twins Matilda & Evelyn 🌼 farming fun with freedom 🌼 capturing my love for my girls growing in gippsland 🌼 πŸ“· viaπŸ“±


β™‘ like father β™‘ like daughter β™‘

I can never resist a quick snap from the pit - especially with so many beautiful colours πŸ„πŸ’œ πŸ’›πŸ’š πŸ’™β€ #gippsland #southgippsland #sunset #dairyfarm #dairyfarmer #dairyaustralia #dairycows #moocow #moo #rainbow #handsfullwithlove #handsfilledwithlove

β™Ί β€’ plastic free july β€’ β™Ί
I have found this super hard, anyone else? This is our collection of 'hard plastics' over the past 6 weeks! 12 milk cartons (plus some as Ive already taken a load to be recycled) 7 water bottles (& I am sure @jfrecklington has more in his car to come) 2 oil bottles, butter, cream & yoghurt containers 10 and 3 empty cleaning products. Plus a few more hard plastic bits and bobs! But that is like a whole 60lt container of plastic right there! We're a family of 4 (2 adults & 2 tiny people) how do families with less time and more people make this work? We try to use reusable bags as much as I can remember, we have been able to reduce our milk carton cartons by not buying pre packaged milk (lucky we live on a dairy farm - enter at own risk), I try to buy in bulk as much as possible and recycle where I can (hand soap dispensers, cooking oil, clothing wash ect). We have started to buy cleaning and personal care items through a local maker @baranynaturals to reduce packaging and their items are amazing!!! Farmers markets are fantastic and we try to make one every fortnight. And try to buy minimal pre packaged items when doing shopping but mostly this is inevitable! How do you keep ypur rubbish & recycling down? Do you try to keep it down or is it just one of those things in life?
Your help is much appreciated.... #plasticfreejuly #rubbish #recycle #help

Trying to find a little inspiration (and internet reception) to get a few jobs ticked off the list! - look at those clean little chickens and that perfect scone with a hot coffee #thisdidntlastlong - however the ladies at Olive at Loch are so beautiful and helpful and I did manage 5mins of work! πŸ‘ 100% respect to those Mums who work their arses off with kids in toe that shit is hard work! #mumlife #twinmum #twins #twinlife #workingmums #womeningippsland #IWD #respectwomen #coffeetime #coffee

So here is a photo of me and my girls thats probably got 100 technical and social issues going on! But we look past that because it's not all that often I get a photo with my girls (thats not a selfie) let alone a photo in a place we love, with a million other reasons to embrace the shot! I chose not to see someone who can only lift herself off the ground 5cm with two babies on top of her, or those arms and double chin, the fact their isnt a perfect right angle in my pull or that my toes are off the ground - because I am there in that moment with my girls! I want both of them to see their Mum, as a strong lady who sweated her arse off to enjoy the moment of strength, tire, endurance, acceptance and devotion to reach something new! This is day one of a 10 week PT training commitment my goals - wall handstand push up
- 30" box jump with 4kg in each hand
- 30 double skips
- 5+ second yoga headstand
Watch this space πŸ’ͺ
#twinmum #twins #twinlife #mumlife #freechild #yourvillage #myvillage #involveyourkids #embrace #inspire #gippsland #revivehealthandfitness #yoga #plyometricfitness #10weekchallenge

β˜† those Sunday am feels β˜†
great to have the whole family together - 1st time since the girls were born!
#familytime #family #familyreunion #farmlife #farmfun #farmkids
@alliewilliams94 @paigey_williams @emmy_williams_ @catherinewilliams626

Well what a day! I loved meeting all the people who make the monthly trip to the @warragulfarmersmarket and capturing a little snip of their lively hood and being able sharing it on behanf of the WFM team! #instatakeover . How lucky are we to have so many great producer's on our door step! Well done to all those who make this awesome market what it is every month! πŸ„πŸ–πŸ‘πŸ“πŸŒ±πŸŠπŸ“πŸ…πŸ§€πŸžβ˜• #warragulfarmersmarket #supportlocal #supportgippslandlocalbusiness #gippsland #gippslandmarket #handsfullwithlove #handsfilledwithlove

| baby calves are beautiful creatures |
calf rearing is one of my least favorite jobs on the farm (normally everyones favorite) I think they're needy, invasive, they will lick and suck you till you cry and then will give you a little more just to make sure you feel their gritty tongue again! Gross! But, in all seriousness it's one of the most important jobs on a dairy farm and without these little girls we wouldn't be able to continue our business. They're our replacement girls that will eventually join the milking herd. From day one we will assist these babies to grow into strong, healthy, nutritionally nourished heifers who will get in calf and produce milk for years to come. Nothing more pleasant than knowing the cow you cupped up today at milking time you watched being born just a few years earlier! ❀ πŸ„ 🌱
#calves #calf #gippsland #supportgippslandlocalbusiness #lovewhereyoulive #hardwork #handsfullwithlove #handsfilledwithlove #dairyfarmer #dairyaustralia #farmkids #farmlife #farmfun #oudoors #outdoorkids #gippslandbeauty #bushkids #dairyfarm #beautifulbabies #babyanimal #babyanimals #gippsland #arnum

Important Message for all you Women! πŸ’› Some things in life are too precious to go unnoticed. 6 months ago I had this unfamiliar lump in my right breast, I am young (so a few lumps are welcomed) and I had finished breastfeeding only a few months prior - however something just didn't sit right with me! πŸ€” So I asked my Doc to give me a once over. Sure enough. A lump. A questionable lump. One of the most daunting things I have heard. πŸ‘Ž However, it was important to me (and to my doc) to check it out. These days I feel I have too much in life to be 'unwell' or for it to go unchecked. I had to have a number of ultrasounds on my breast (mammograms don't usually work for those under the age of 45) and then after 3 months when it was still a 4cm lump just bopping around in my bod it was time for a biopsy! Holy shit 😭 They were going to stick a fat arse needle πŸ’‰ in the side of my boob! Hmmmm. 'No Caitlyn - you gave birth to twins. You CAN do this!' πŸ‘­ I wanted to run the other direction and leave me and my lump alone πŸƒ The biopsy came and the ladies were beautiful, women are so good at making other women feel safe! But, nope, no needle. They stuck an even bigger tube, with a little clip thing on the end to take a sample of this 'questionable lump' two samples actually! This was followed by a whole week of anxiety about what my next doctor appointment would reveal... good or bad? Cancer? Breast cancer? 😟
I am one of the lucky stories... The massive word to describe what was going on in me I can't recall, all I heard was benign and that 1 in 7 women will get one of these types of lumps in their lives! πŸ˜‡ relief! BUT my point is our health is important, our families health is important, we live in Australia with great health services - CHECK YOURSELF β™‘ make your partner check themselves β™‘ make your Mum, sister or daughter check themselves! Keep spreading the story and making these health issues okay to discuss in society. As women we are great at forming villages and supportive networks but sometimes we hold onto to much and forgret to spread the important messages too! Keep safe people and tell those special ones you love them πŸ˜™ πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ

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