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Because we started dating officially 1 year ago, 1 day after my birthday, which is 1 day after his birthday — our timing is impeccable 😂
Nat, thank you for being a light in my life. This particular year was full of surprises — really great things, but some really awful things — and never once did you waver in pointing me to the steadfast love of the Father. I’m so grateful for you. Happy 1st, and may this year be full of blessings in the form of bingsoo and ramen 😬❤️ P.S. I tried tagging you so that the tags come out your nose.

Because it’s his birthday & this photo is one of ma faves & how come I don’t look this cool when I walk up the stairs? 🤷🏻‍♀️
FUN FACT: Nat and I started @nwongjpg as a joke, but it grew into something neither of us expected. I’ll admit — there’s a lot of cool stuff to gain/experience being involved in fashion, photography, and social media. I’ve tasted it (and am blessed to have had these opportunities!), and yet my role of taking photos is so small compared to EVERYTHING Nat does. I can’t even begin to explain all the little things he does to churn out the product you see as you scroll through your insta feed and stories! When it comes to things he’s passionate about, no doubt he’ll invest hugely in it — I admire that. I am so proud of how hard he works. But what I admire more is his love for Jesus and desire to see others come to know the Lord. I admire the gifted drummer that has served on the worship team for nearly 8 years (and counting). I admire the small group leader at youth who champions his students to reach their peers with the gospel. I admire my friend who has a soft spot for derpy dogs and bunnies. You may know Nat as the not-smiling-one-word-caption-menswear-influencer/model, but that’s only a small part of who he is (side note: he has the best smile and wears it all the time). Today I celebrate the life of my best friend and the plans that the Father has for him, for His glory. 🙌🏽

Because we’re all kids at heart ❤️ s/o to the most humble, hardworking, & hilarious group of people that I’ve had the pleasure of serving with this year. Never have I met a team so creative and passionate about what they do. I am so blessed by you guys! #kidsmin #mafia

Because I creeped all of #ceejandkrislivinlavidaloca at 1am when I should’ve been sleeping buuuut no regrets — treasure your friends, everyone ☺️#christmas #polaroid

Because everyone running to La Forêt leaves little nooks like this open ☺️ #thursdaymornings

Because she’s 23 and I’ve been waiting months to share these glorious pics 😬 I LOVE YOU B 💕 #happybirthday #ceejandkrislivinlavidaloca 📷: @nwongjpg

Because I just noticed the photo bomb ✌🏽☀️ #tbt #venice #whyisitsocoldinvancouver

Because this one likes to eat, sleep, stare at people accusingly 🐰 #weirdo #internationalbunnyday

Because I am interrupting your scrolling with this little bean 🐰 #internationalbunnyday

Because our girl got hitched!! Cheers to Matt & Nat (no, not the vegan leather brand), the sweetest and most adventurous couple you'll ever meet ❤️ @natashafeldes @matthewboettcher #forboettcherorworse

Because views, travel stories, and a surplus of baby crabs 🦀 #deepcove

Because sometimes the only way is straight through. This photo of a giant's abandoned sandcastle (not really though) reminded me of how I've gotta face the big stuff in life head on, and even if I feel tiny and powerless in my situation, I'm covered by Someone who's greater and more powerful and above all things #thankful #tbt

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