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NEW YORK BULLY CREW  I run @newyorkbullycrew rescue. We speak for the ones who can't . End BSL it's Bs I love all animals, so I don't eat them. 100% Vegan


Something to make you smile - #PuppiesMakeEveryThingBetter #savePits #nybcmafia

Repost from @newyorkbullycrew using @RepostRegramApp - CUCUMBER UPDATE- CANT STAND πŸ”΄Cucumber is extremely weak. She cannot stand. Luckily she is eating but her frail, emaciated body is not strong enough to hold itself up. She is heartworm positive, she had multiple ticks embedded, and she is loaded with parasites! Her condition took longer than the 6 days she was known to be down under the bridge! For a dog to be in this severe cachectic condition, it would takes weeks to look like Cucumber! Pray for her πŸ™πŸ»Her rescue photos can be viewed on her personal bio page at www.nybullycrew.org > DIRE CASES> CUCUMBER
Please contribute to her emergency medical care and pray for herπŸ™πŸ»
Yesterday Cucumber was rushed to @paseosvetcenter where the amazing team immediately began to care for her. πŸ”΄This is UNACCEPTABLE! Yesterday this poor female named Cucumber, was finally rescued after being stuck below a bridge for over 6 days without food or water! Not to mention there have been storms. She was found starving and completely dehydrated. Our colleagues, Pit Bull Rescues Survivors were able to facilitate her rescue and get her to the hospital to receive emergency medical treatment. @newyorkbullycrew will be assisting @pitbullsrs with anything necessary to ensure optimum care for Cucumber and once well enough, she will be traveling to NYBC. We will update her condition at lunchtime. Please pray for Cucumber. We will not let her down! ...
#nybcpr #cucumbernybc #helpushelpthem #emergencyrescue #seepuertorico #speakingfortheoneswhocant

I wonder how many people actually saw him tied up and did nothing - This is a pretty sad world we live in #SavePits Repost from @newyorkbullycrew using @RepostRegramApp - LEFT FOR 2 DAYS πŸ”΄JUST RESCUED- we named him Shaq. This young boy was left tied to a park bench for at least 2 days! He is severely emaciated, dehydrated. His poor condition is of a dog that hasn't eaten in weeks and his nails are severely overgrown. He is on the way to be seen by the vet to be evaluated. He was so happy to be saved and is very sweet. Please contribute to his medical care at
www.nybullycrew.org > DIRE CASES>
SHAQ ...
#shaqnybc #emergencyrescue #nybcrescuesquad #nybc #speakingfortheoneswhocant #fightabusenotdogs #wearenewyorkbullycrew

#DinkyDaRunt #DaDanksta #DinkyDank & #West still #upForAdoption nybullycrew.org and fill out an app now - thanks #adoptdontshop #savePits #nybcfam4lifeyo

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