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Carmen Allison 

Rio's new playmate!

Pluot Processing Party must include a rustic pluot dessert!

Yellow Star Thistle, golden grasses and California Bay tree

In the distance are the charred mountains of the Whittier Fire.

The Enchanted Forest (aka the Pain Cave for local cyclists!)

This huge branch wasn't here a few minutes ago when I rode under that tree! Bottom of OSM.

Hurry up mom!

A brief break for our heroes protecting the eastern flank...and one goofy cyclist. (My apologies for the goofy photo, but when the firemen suggested it, I thought...what the heck!).

Filling up the "pumpkins' with water just in case...

Sundowners have started. Western flank of the Whittier fire has come alive.

The other thing I saw on my ride

What I saw on my ride today

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