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Victoria  Lighting design, indoor pigeons, yarn, cooking, New England, coffee, NYC, other people's pets, most things nautical, vocabulary, NPR, the food I eat.

When you use a delayed train to brain dump some planning shit, and give yourself pangs of anxiety instead.

Obligatory snowy fire escape

I crouched down to pet her and she availed herself of my lap.

Bodega cats looooove me!

Found while scrolling through photos on my phone.

When you start stock at 7 and want to be done before midnight. You use the roof freezer to chill it down and avoid warming your fridge.

I always wondered who used those Runyonesque city scape gobos. The answer is 1980s game shows. #AllNewLetsMakeADeal

Clearly we need some practice before wedding photos happen. But this take was too funny to not feature. Happy 2017 from us! The Maybe Soon To Be Clarks/Maybe I'll Keep My Last Name--WHO knows.

Love when other people make fancy hello shots too šŸ˜#TheAlexsNYE

After wriggling between me and Zac she settled down. But I got licked and now I'm itchy.

When you take the fiancƩ to Lush and he accidentally sniffed things too closely.

Lunch and a scheduling meeting with myself for the week.