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My two year old daughter asked me one morning where the (other) stars go when the sun rises. I tried explaining they don't leave the sky, but we just can't see them during the day. She was pretty disappointed by this thought, so we decided to imagine we have the ability to see every star shining all the time, no matter what. I can't even begin to tell you how much awe I have for her version of the world. ✨ | eight inch #oilpainting

I lost count . . .

in contrast ❆

at the barn door

. . . and heaven and nature sing
this snow is from another day, but I can dream. hope all is merry wherever you are. ❤

an angel by my window. // sharing in our daughter's anticipation for christmas is making this the dearest winter. ♡

a familiar face.

happy saturday ♡

there they go

a little 5 inch x 5 inch thought about the murmurations I've been watching bring the fields to life this week. | #oilpainting

hello, deer.

A favorite memory from my assignment in Japan. | We spent the morning picking oranges in Yamashiro-Taga -- shoes off, wandering in the shade of fruit laden branches. For the fair price of 800 yen, we were given bamboo mats for reclining in the groves with permission to stay as long as we liked & eat as many oranges as we could. 💛#_thisisjapan

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