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I do love a #POC jam! A snap with my fellow judges @mrbenjaminlaw @winnieisdunn and @happy.bonsai at the @bankstownpoetryslam
#realtalk finale yesterday. Sending big love to all the High School students who spoke words that were woke, heart-breaking, fiery and honest. And especially to @muslimwomxn and her stellar team of mentors, who gave them the platform from which to share their feels πŸ’• πŸ“Έ: @mrbenjaminlaw

Yesterday I listened to a podcast that seemed filled with promise, but to me at least, fell a little flat. I was on the way to a gathering of excellent women, where over wine and conversation, I realised that maybe, I'd had enough of the fluff. We all know the high-profile women, but are they women we really recognise? The women at yesterday's table were mothers and aunties, girlfriends and wives; writers and creatives and hustlers with heart. We spoke about faith and feminism, politics and police, body image and mental health. So much of my sense of self-worth is wrapped up in my work, which is often solitary and daunting. And in this world of identity politics and twitter wars, it often leaves me anxious and disheartened and empty. I know the beautiful women sell, but the table around me was filled with women whose beauty will never fade because it is in their being and in their brains. And on the days when my heart and soul are empty, they are the ones that motivate and inspire me. They are the ones that fill me up.Β This @confetti_rebels sweater is for them and all those other women, doing so much they'll never get recognised for.

Ultimate bad hair day accessory #hermestwilly #bridesdegala #ICONSgirl

Perfect Monday Book Mail 😍

When she looks at dessert like this and you think 'That's my girl' πŸ’• Didn't even ask her to pose!

Just a beautiful pair of blue Parisian doors, captured the last time I was there πŸ’•

Twas all hands on deck today in honour of Captain Jack's first birthday party. My heart swells with joy and contentment every passing day, my little one, and even on the bad ones I say #alhumdulillah for the unexpected high that you brought into my life all those months ago.
I hope you love unconditionally, live faithfully, dream endlessly, succeed immeasurably, and always put your things away.
Cookies on cake by @makenbakesyd

These were the first pieces of wall art I selected for my home. Yes, I am very highbrow 😎
#batmanvsuperman #comicbookart #jimlee2001 #thedarkknight #lightvdark #metropolis #dccomics #dccomicart

Today, I wrote in a cafe for the first time. Also, I ate this. And it was good. #writer #amwriting #writerlife #writersofinstagram #avocadotoast

Monday: I made protein balls with my girl today. We started out following a recipe but then I got creative and added a bunch of other stuff to the mix, the quantities of which I cannot remember, which is devastating because they're the best bliss balls I have ever had. I then handed the kids over to their Dad, made myself a packed lunch (salad, leftover risotto, and steamed broccolini with olive oil and salt; plus apple slices and fresh berries), said 'I'm going to work' and took the three steps down from the living room to the front of the house, where I rearranged the stuff on my desk and set about being 'productive'. I ate my food, foraged for snacks in my desk drawers, and worked until 5pm. The words weren't great today, but they were there: the bones of something I can flesh out a little later, and something I can show the university supervisor in the name of progress, which I haven't made much of lately. Tonight's dinner is a shepherd's pie I prepared yesterday, and if I get the chance, I am going to test out a recipe for kale-packed rissoles I found in the Woolworths mag. It's cold and wet out, and this kind of weather doesn't make me feel flustered because I just stay inside, jobs be damned, being a mum. It's kind of nice. How was your Monday?

Inadvertently came to tonight's wedding dressed as mille feuille πŸ˜‚

Happy 5th birthday to #hateissuchastrongword, which was officially released (with lots of my mother's #lebanesefood) on this day in 2013. It's hard to believe that my first creative piece of writing, which came out of the ramblings and real-life writings of my teen years, has changed my life so much and given me a career I didn't know was possible. Five years on I still get a thrill from the feedback of those who read it, from seeing it on the @nswprc and school curriculums, from the idea that this time capsule still finds relevance in the lives of teenage girls. To the latter especially: this book is a testament that nothing lasts forever, that time heals all wounds, that even the most awkward and stifling experiences of adolescence are a minute part of a life that has the potential to be wonderful and amazing, rich and rewarding. Sometimes I am embarrassed by its contents, but it's a gentle reminder of how much I have grown. Thank you to all who have supported it, and me, over the last five years. My gratitude is immeasurable and limitless, and I owe so much to you Xx #alhumdulilah

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