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bySam | Susam Pang  Serious foodie sharing the best flavors | Now 📍Amsterdam ✉️

Back @ginneoamsterdam. Yesterday some of my fellow #foodie friends and I got to taste some of #chef Jin's favourite #dishes. I loved this #dish the most. It's pigeon with a touch of smokyness. Just #superb.
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If you're new to @ubereats_nl I have great news for you. If you use the special link you get €5 discount on your first three orders. How about this poké bowl and pulled pork bun? They were so yum. Link: See also bio. #uberEATSNLcode #uberEATSNL

We did the counting, we ate 16 eggs these last two days 🙈 Yup just the two of us. And more eggs to come. #cantgetenough One of my fave egg dishes was the deviled eggs I made yesterday. Inspired by the famous eggs I are at The Spotted Pig in West Village NYC. Recipe (in Dutch) ▶️ See also in bio.

Cod ceviche with corn prepped three ways. One of the three awesome dishes I had yesterday at @sjefietshe, the ceviche #popup #restaurant with an Amsterdam twist.

Fish in a can. Same same but different. Lots of culinary inspirations at #cpl2017. Like this dish by chef Peter Lute.

Would you like €5 discount on your @ubereats_nl order? How about three times €5 discount? Yup you get €5 discount on your first three orders. Pretty sweet huh. Use this link to order: (also see bio for promo link). I barely order food. But I thought what the heck I'll give it a try. When the delivery guy brought my dinner the bun was still warm. Was it good? I ate it in 2 seconds 🙈#ubereatsnl #ubereatsnlcode

Now this is what I call perfection. Thank you @fooddeco for this stunning avocado food art. If you love her book Avocado I got great news for you. Colette's new cookbook Zoete Aardappel (Sweet Potato) is out now and I have a copy. Can't wait to try the recipes. But now it's couch potato time. I'm quite exhausted after all the foodtasting and inspirational things at the CuliPers Lunch this afternoon.

I wish it was still Saturday, my favourite day of the week. That's also the day my boyfriend and I go out and have little bites, drinks and peeks everywhere we like. Like here at @koalarepublic where we scored jars of @nutorious_peanutbutter. But for now back to work #manicmonday

Snack attack @cafeparhasard's second fries spot that just opened in Amsterdam West. Round one fries and croquette. Round two homemade frikadel special a typical Dutch snack. #guiltypleasure

A fishy dream on my plate. Laughing my dress of with my dear friend @dishtales. Oh what a night.

As soon as you land on your skis from the skiing lift you can slide right into this fabulous fish restaurant on top of the mountains. My pasta dish was so tasty I just had to eat it all. Ok my love got to steal a few bites. But after that #nosharing 😊

I usually don't appreciate empty tables at all. But when the view is like this... I fell in love with the Dolomites: fabulous and endless pistes, sunny days, fantastic food and gorgeous wines. Please take me back so I can ski all day again!

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