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✨ Byndo Gehk ✨  🌸 Cosplay | Stream | Travel 🌸 Official Instagram A small full-grown nerd expressing myself through cosplay, art, and love!

Ready for a Dragon Utopia?✨💖
What is your favorite dragon of all time?!
Original Toothless Cosplay by me and tbh I'm considering making an updated version! 📷: gcf-photography

✨💦 Squirtle, squirt! 💦✨ Comment your favorite Pokemon and I'll give it a sassy rename!
My Squirtle Cosplay 📷: @tobiousphotos

Splish splash, buns need baths! 💦 🐰
$5 Exclusive Patreon Snapchat gets bun baths and more lewds! Link in bio to get added right now!

💦 Poolside Byndo! 💦
On a scale of 1-10, how wet you gonna get?!

Pastel Dream, Cutthroat Queen ✨💜 My group lingerie sleepover set for Patreon this month was 📷 by @lust.and.glory !

Pool was a nice change of pace today ✨💦

✨💖 Chin up, buttercup~

"Be warned, if you aggro the Colossus she will spare you no mercy."
Comment your favorite upcoming game/show and I'll randomly add y'all to my exclusive Snapchat! ✨💪 My Shadow of the Colossus 📷 by !!

If I can help just one person, it was all worth it.

My Uraraka shot by ✨💖

Country roooaaaddd, take me hoommmme~
I cannot WAIT for Fallout 76!! Comment your favorite E3 news and I'll rate it with my excitement level! ✨☕

Get dunked on! ... I mean stepped on! I mean.. our Patreon set is Shadow of the Colossus for Party Cats! ✨💖 This is one of my favorite shots of Quadratus because it's such an amazing POV!

💛 The sun sets on Quadratus. 💛
This gorgeous capture by is one of my favorites of my Shadow of the Colossus Cosplay!

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