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Michael Dunn  Musician, writer, carpenter, by order of preference.

JFC. It’s not like I said “give me the AstroBoy.” Looks like it’s a touque and ball cap summer the rest of the way.

So Kenney Aronoff is on this gig I’m covering today. Dude’s a monster, and if you don’t know if you’ve ever heard him, I can guarantee you’ve heard him. Dude’s a master of drum hooks.

A hat with a chinstrap is the urban cowboyest shit I’ve ever seen.

Oh nice! My sunrise/wildroses photo from @wildmtnmusic last year made the cover page on @cbcedmonton’s social pages, and they sent me this rad, very large coffee mug. They must know about my caffeine affliction. Head over to CBC Edmonton’s social pages to check out the photo. #cbcedmonton #albertamusic

Long run between getting shots up, with too much work and a rehabbing shoulder. Had a go, shoulder’s still a pain in the ass, but a little work might help it right?
And where are all the kids? Shit man, free sunny court like this and no ballers?

I was really pumped to check out the new Alberta Carpenters Training Centre in Calgary today. Full carpentry and scaffolding shops, and I think it’ll really make a big difference in educating and developing excellent carpenters and scaffolders here in Calgary.

Somehow ended up on the desk tonight. First time mixing a drum kit, and ima just be over here patting myself on the back for not setting anything on fire while thanking @jesspanther and my new bud Lindsay Sin for a) the gig, and b) walking me through the board. All my lady sound tech buds are badass.

Been a while since I found a solid moose. Let’s all have a swaying dandelion dance to the Great Groovy Moose of Splashy Colours, long may he trip balls.

Well, this is a new development. At least I can what I’m typing though.

Late afternoon through the trees at @frogfestalberta. What a fun weekend.

Hey buds sorry if I forgot to send you an obnoxious birthday cake over the weekend, things were getting super weird in the bushes.

Who even am I? Remnant beers on a long weekend Monday, and ice? I don’t even know me anymore.

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