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On an effing Sunday. Seriously. Ugh.

Even on gig day, hammer don’t swing itself.

Ludwig closed up 5 of these columns to my 2. It’s ok he beat me, he’s been at it 40 years. I effed this particular one, but the best thing about forms is that there are wee things you can fix as long as it holds concrete.
The box there is designed to keep concrete out, so after the pour, it’ll be a hole for electrical something or other. Nothing too huge, but we also sheeted the stair landings, and set the joists to be sheeted and shored up later.

The only real silver lining to the hour and a half of snow shovelling after an 8hr day hauling material out of the parkade with the rest of the crew, was this accidental “Samurai Rides into Battle On A Moose” that turned up on the side of the house. Solid moose, also good samurai, but definitely a solid moose.

Got a rehearsal in today, we were all a little hungover. That’s how ya do it in the rocknroll.
Next Saturday afternoon at @shipandanchorpub playing with one of the all time greatest Alberta bands. Bust riffs, shake butts. @smokesletsgobud

Possibly the smartest couple hundred bucks I spent this year:

That is a very large amount of concrete to pour at once. Like, 70’ x 200’ easy. #albertaconstruction

Some days the gnarly weather skates right on by the job site.

Good morning. Mos def a Berta vista.

There aren’t many things I won’t comment publicly on, but the location of the possibly the last free air compressor with a really high functioning nozzle is one thing I can’t divulge.

Let’s learn how to write bios. Let’s listen to the record.
This was released on Capitol Records, if you’re into the years of cocaine budgets.

When it’s two weeks or so since the last fire, you open ‘er up and find some dried blood on the body (possibly mine, but maybe @keaneeng’s), and nearly a whole half smoke in the bottom string behind the nut, and still, a pretty close A440. Solid. To The Deuce butts, lets smoke some smokes. #smokesletsgobud #bloodyguitar

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