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Stacey Leigh  UK based Trini artist creating art & ideas to improve the world. Join me! Empowering Black Caribbean kids on 5 July. Click the link for booking info.

So I'm also organising this little thing with my local art society -
If you know someone who.. Is an artist (aspiring or otherwise) Age 16-26 Lives or works in SG8
Don't let them miss this chance to WIN THEIR OWN SOLO EXHIBITION - yes, that's the first prize! And the other FIVE PRIZES are nothing to sniff at either!

Entries must be in by July 31st but artwork doesn't need to be submitted until Sep 1st so there's plenty time to get creative.

Visit for details, entry forms, terms & conditions

Got these beautiful #flowers as a Thank You from #essexprimaryschool for running our first ever #caribbeanheritage and #carnivalarts project with their children. They are a fabulous school to work with! #soworththeeffort #feelsgoodtobeappreciated

Yesterday was the last day with my kiddies at #essexprimaryschool. Wearing the #carnivalcostumes they made, they did a presentation to the school about why they're #proudtobecaribbean. #champion by @djbravo47 and #likeahboss by @machelmontano featured heavily! Then they handed out info about all the #caribbeanchampions they learned about. @mgamas20182 and I then put together a little #caribbean #carnival display - 2 #mannequins in 'big' costumes (made by the kids!!) and 2 #displayboards about the 10-wk programme - before we said #byefornow. It's been an honour and a pleasure!
Stay tuned I should have some session photos to share over the next few weeks!

Last day with my kiddies at #essexprimaryschool. Wearing the #carnivalcostumes they made, they are doing a presentation to the school about why they're #proudtobecaribbean. #champion by @djbravo47 and #likeahboss by @machelmontano feature heavily! Then they hand out info about all the #caribbeanchampions they learned about. Then @mgamas20182 and I will put the big costumes on the mannequins, mount the display boards with the kids' work and say #byefornow. It's been an honour and a pleasure!

Well yes! I was liking mihself yesterday! #essexprimaryschool hosted a "Black & British" #teachersconference to generate learning and ideas around tackling #underachievement amongst #blackbritish / #britishcaribbean #students and I was there! .
Yuh girl did a 'professional version' of #fangirling on @akalamusic That man! The brains on him, the information he shares... wow! So very inspiring! (and he's not hard on the eyes either *cheekygrin*). I listened to his talk on #imperialism So much I need to go research now. Then his workshop #hiphopandshakespeare What a fabulous way to engage young minds!
Up next, my #empowermentworkshop . After prepping like a beast and feeling ready but nervous, it was listening to Akala that made me feel more confident about my workshop. We were referencing some of the same people and info. I realised my content was an extension of his and I thought "Girl! You're definitely on the right track. You got this!" And I did! I got it so good! *does a little dance* Participants had to make something that portrayed a phrase with the materials supplied and they totally went for it! They also got every point I made about using #creativeprocesses that are part of #caribbeanculture to #empowerstudents with mixed #british #caribbeanheritage. Rave reviews! I swear the EPS team and my workshop participants set out to make me prove that #blackpeoplecanblush .
Many many thanks for the leadership team and staff at Essex Primary School for creating such a fabulous event and inviting me to be part of it.
And now... I might just sleep all day long!

I've been shortchanging you...
No #sessionthermometer for 2 weeks! Well we're in the hone stretch now. Today is the penultimate session - no new topics, just putting together a 2-wall display about all they've learned, then practicing their presentation for the school. They are pretty excited about parading their #costumes! These kids have done brilliantly! @mgamas2018 and I have loved working with them.
#caribbeanheritage and #carnivalarts #schoolproject #creativityislife #knowyourculture #creativityineducation #creativeeducation

When I was first asked to do this, I spent a week freaking out about being on the same platform with @akalamusic. I mean... AKALA!!! That dude is AMAZING! If I read without stopping until I was 80, I still wouldn't be as well read and articulate as he is. Then I throttled back on my fan-girl moment and engaged my trusty brain. Of course, the ideas started flowing and I realised that while Akala and I might have similar objectives, we have different talents and different styles. I could never do what Akala does as brilliantly as he does it, and he can never do what I do as brilliantly as I do it. So ladies and gentlemen, here's an opportunity to catch both Akala and Stacey Leigh Ross at the same event! 😁
Book your tickets today! (Link in bio)
In the words of @bunjigarlin :
"Cause when I'm coming,
I'm coming with something
That's coming
And it's coming in whistling and humming
With a whole lot of African drumming
Blow up de whole damn place like a Soviet bombing... Boom!
There shall not be another one like this!" .
(Runs quickly back to desk to finish planning a workshop that will really blow some minds!)

Looks like the kids played me with last week's session thermometer - 9 kids but 10 circles. Hmm...
Great #caribbeanheritage and #carnivalarts session though! They almost finished their #wingedcostume and created some amazing #spidermaps exploring the #carnivalindustry.
#creativityislife #creativityineducation #creativeeducation

Blank canvas = excited me!

Last week was the half-way mark, session 5 of my 10wk #caribbeanheritage and #carnivalart project at #essexprimaryschool. .
The session thermometer dipped slightly when they got a bit disruptive and discovered that carnival-fun-times-Miss had #boundaries and no problem upholding them. A sure sign they're pretty comfortable with us now. But I was still #thrilledtobits because when asked why #caribbeanpeople started #playingmas, look at the awesome list of reasons they gave! This #nextgeneration y'all! They make me so so happy! πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ .
This week we're all about the Business of Carnival - how #carnivaljobs translate to UK jobs. I find I constantly have to cut back on the #amountofinfo I want to share and #discuss because (and this is where I start #talkingtomyself) "Stacey, get real! They're 8-11, not in uni!" So watch this space - I'll tell you how my not-uni version of this goes..

It's that time of year again and I'm struggling to pick 20 #winning #entries from the #schools #artcompetition to include in the #coverart for the #programmecover of #raf2018. #Royston has such #talented #youngartists!
#roystonartsfestival #childrensartwork #mixedmedia #preparingtopaint #artprep #communityart

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