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Better Your Life  Life coach located in the Bay Area, CA. Providing you with daily motivation, insight, and encouragement. Check us out on YouTube for motivation videos

Live a life of purpose and you'll never want to waste a day on this earth again...

Plan for setbacks... and prepare for the bounce back.

Don't tell me... show me
Don't talk about it... BE about it.

Whatever it is that you think is holding you back is simply an excuse you allow to limit you. You are unstoppable! Cast aside restraints and take the challenge head on!

You have the power to create such a remarkable bond between what you say and do that when you speak something it happens. And it happens because you will back it up. Take on the challenge instead of making excuses. Greatness begins when excuses cease.

When you control your thoughts, you control your actions, you have far greater power than you think...

You can choose to be a redwood tree or a bonsai... that will vary on how much limitations you choose to place on yourself.

Take your good to better and better to best.

Fear is a reminder of what you need to overcome. May never rule you.

If you don't make time for the things you want you'll never have the time to make it happen. Make time.

Double tap if you agree!

When you don't make plans life will make plans for you. Find out what you want and figure out the steps to get there!

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