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Holly Pearson  35mm Film + ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 24, BNE It’s really hard to get out of bed when your douvet is the patriarchy

Sweet like cinnamon 🧡❤️

I’m 7 feet tall on the inside 🤘🏼

🏳️‍🌈J ‘ A D O R E 🏳️‍🌈

A fresh coat of paint won’t fix a broken house, but it’s a start 🧡

UPDATE: I was off sick yesterday and had to go get some cold and flu supplies and decided to grab some flowers to put in the lane for the man who’d jumped. When I got there, two people were having a gossip about it and seemed a little embarrassed when I slid by them to place flowers. This morning I walked by to the shop again and someone has put my flowers in water, more bunches have been placed and some cards too.
I remember when I first moved to Newstead, sometimes I felt overwhelmed by how lonely it is to only see other buildings in your horizon. Surrounded by people and so completely alone.
This picture tells me that a community is here after all, and that it does care for its members.

Tomorrow is RUOK day and a man in the building next to mine threw himself out of his apartment and onto the street tonight.
I pieced together quickly what I had heard and it’s a sound I’ll never forget.
Some people in this community witnessed loss tonight. Some people are going to receive the saddest news they may ever hear.
Hold your loved ones tight. Tell them how you feel. Tell them often. You never know who’s fighting the invisible monster. You never know who’s losing.


It’s really special to me that I get to watch your relationship grow :) xx happy Father’s Day
Ps. So happy to read The Lorax to you both till you fall asleep ANY time

Another little piece of my heart flying off to The States today 💕 be safe mon cher

I don’t even know what to do when one of my ride or die’s leaves the country. Behind those amazing biddies is a beautiful heart which I shall miss during the month she is away 💘✈️

Just a couple of colourful office binches 🌈

I’ve been missing the presence of a dog, especially in the last six month.
The other night I had a dream I got to see Woo (Olive) again and it reminded me of how many hardships this pup saw me through. I’m so grateful for the smiles, cuddles and intuitive support this guy gave me; and the unconditional love he showed me, no matter what state I was in. I don’t know if humanity deserves dogs but I’m glad I get to share a world with them 🧡

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