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Tasha  A vintage-obsessed blogger who's knitting, sewing, frolicking, and watching Doctor Who in her little 50s ranch in Chicago. Latest blog post ⬇️


My own version of a Swirl dress! Plus a story about my own best “AHA” moment in fitting and why that back neckline looks so good, today on my blog!
Early 60s vintage wrap dress pattern, fabric by @gertie18 for @joann_stores. 💜💗💜
(link to post in profile)
#vintagesewing #sewing #vintagesewingpattern #wrapdress #swirldress #1950s #1950sfashion

Swatching for the mammoth Olympics watching session I’ll be doing the next 2 weeks! ⛸🏅⛷ @squidneyknits and I picked out the same yarn (Peace Fleece in this beautiful green) at Rhinebeck to knit this bolero together. ☺️ From Bernat Handicrafter, 1954.
I have lots of knitting to share—finally finished my yellow bolero and just knit Carbeth this week. Spoiler: I love them both! 💛🖤
I’ll try to tear myself away from the TV to take photos, but no promises until after the Olympics! 😉
#knitting #vintageknitting #peacefleece #vintageknittingpatterns #ravellenics2018 #ravellenicgames #bernathandicrafter

Today I have 2 special posts for you! ✨ On my blog I’m sharing these rockin’ tiki trousers I made in collaboration with @spoonflower in their newest fabric, Dogwood Denim. I talk all about my thoughts about the fabric, plus sewing, fitting, and wearing slim trousers, including how I want them to look in my head vs. how I want them to feel. It’s not always the same thing!
Then bonus! ✨ On Spoonflower’s blog I wrote up my top tips for sewing with heavyweight fabrics. Check it out if you’ve shied away from thicker fabrics! 😄
➡️link in my profile for the post on my blog
➡️ http://blog.spoonflower.com for my top tips post
#spoonflower #sewing #1950sfashion #vintagesewing #vintagesewingpatterns #vintagefashion #1950style

This year is about filling in wardrobe gaps, l’ve decided! I’m starting with a coat I meant to sew 2 years ago. 😮I’m nearly done with this winter coat from a vintage pattern (swipe to see), and it actually looks cute with jeans and pants! That’s unlike any of my more preferred swing style vintage coats, which had been a winter conundrum for me for ages. Not that I couldn’t have bought a vintage coat for this purpose, but that was the original idea for this project 2 years ago (although with a different pattern in mind at the time). It’s more A-line than I go for usually, but the overall look is just the right touch to balance a casual outfit and needing to leave the house in the dead of winter. But I *can* dress it up if I want (I think it’ll be excellent with a wool pencil skirt and rhinestone brooch). And I like that, too. 👏
It has amazing Bakelite buttons, personalized embroidery, is lined in leopard print silk, and... interlined in Thinsulate! YES! This coat will be WARM! Well except the bracelet length sleeves, but that’s what long handknit gloves are for. 😉
This was conceived of 2 years ago, then cut out a year ago and put down for a year. In the intervening time I’d have done some things differently with the style, but serves me right for waiting so long my ideas changed. I won’t do that again. 😉
Just a good pressing of the seams and shaping left, and I’ll remove the visible blue basting stitches! 🙌
If construction interests you, I’ve been documenting it a good bit in my stories and have it highlighted in my profile under “Coat”. 😊
#sewing #vintagesewing #vintagesewingpattern #sewcialists #vintagecoat #bakelitebuttons

On my blog, all about my Pendleton-inspired light coat that I made in fall! I’m pining for it to warm up just enough to wear this with my new red scarf. 😉 Sewn from a 1948 McCall pattern. It may have taken alllll the plaid matching skills but it was worth it! 🙌
(Link to post in profile)
#vintagesewing #pendleton #mccall #vintagesewingpatterns #sewing #moodfabrics

Spent a lovely day in and around Kenosha, WI. Had breakfast, visited a vintage shop, and a few antique malls outside of town. Not suggested: a walk by the lake when the wind is absolutely honking! 😂 Not the best photo but hey, it’s reality and we were too busy laughing at the wind to care. 🤷‍♀️😄
Check my stories for some looks at goodies I picked up today. 😍
Outfit is one of the rare ones where I’m wearing nothing I made! All vintage except skirt made with vintage flannel by @theblackpinafore and @rocketoriginals shoes.
#vintagestyle #1950sfashion #vintageclothing #rocketoriginals #telephonecordpurse

Three cheers for Friday and for accidentally capturing such an ace mid-century vibe when I was just going for a closeup. 😂👌Can’t wait to share more of these 1950s style pants next week and what I cooked up with @spoonflower! 💠
#spoonflower #vintagesewing #noveltyprint #1950sfashion #matissejewelry #midcenturymodern

How excited am I that the Winter Olympics start in a few weeks?!!! So excited I’m standing outside while it’s snowing! Don’t expect to hear much from me during that time. 😂 I’ll be trying to avoid spoilers due to the massive time difference, and there’s no service on the TV in my sewing area. It’ll be all knitting and Olympics, all the time for 14 days (okay work too). I CANNOT WAIT!!!!
Swipe to see the even better back of my vintage figure skating themed cowichan style sweater! 😍⛸💙
(True vintage sweater, bow knot scarf knit by me eons ago.)
#vintageknits #truevintage #noveltysweater #1950sfashion #vintagesweater

I learned some important things about my actual fashion preferences vs. what I *think* my fashion preferences are while sewing these cropped vintage trousers. I’ll have a good think and try to write it up soon. In the meantime, my 2 unrelated thoughts are 1) I hate photographing red and 2) I need to stop thinking I want to wear non-stretch corduroy as these were an entire size bigger after the first time I sat down in them. 😂
Cardigan knit by me several years ago, pants made with vintage corduroy fabric.
#vintagesewing #1950sfashion #intarsia #mgemi #vintageknitting

Playing snow baby in my new scarf. ❤️❄️ Read about my pickiness with reds and the quest for the perfect yarn on my blog! This gorgeous project thanks to @brooklyntweed, it’s Arbor in Firebrush and is that my red or is that my red?! 😉 Pattern is Autumn Leaves by @jared_flood. (link in profile)
#knitting #knittersofinstagram #brooklyntweed #brooklyntweedarbor #laceknitting #vintagestyle #redhead #snow #jaredflood #vintagecoat #1950s #1950sfashion

When I was 19 and she was 18 and we met in college, I knew almost right away we’d be best friends. So when I volunteered in our dorm (well, we call them houses at @smithcollege) to be a Big Sister to a new first year student, I was already happy I drew her name as my Little Sister. For that first week of classes we did nice things for them (leave little notes of encouragements, make them gifts, etc), but it was a secret who the Big Sister was until the week was up and it was revealed. At the end of that week we already were close enough that she cried when she found out I was her Big Sister!
Since then Amy has been the one who is always there for me, remembers every detail of everything I’ve ever told her (very handy when I don’t remember myself 😂), always ALWAYS makes me laugh so hard. I think we’ve spent half our friendship being ridiculously silly and laughing and looking approximately like all the rest of the photos other than the first! 😂
Here we were back at Rhinebeck in the fall. Today she turns 40 and she’s a stinker and not on Instagram (so I’m sending her a link to this post 😜) but I love her to bits. She’s the best! ❤️
(Thanks to @squidneyknits for some of the only 📸 we’ve taken together in 20+ years and they are perfect! 💖)
(Also hi it’s winter and I’m so ready to be able to dress like this again. 🙄😂 My outfit all made by me.)

Chic and snuggly is the name of the game with my latest project! Faux fur, fleece-lined, it’s like wearing a blanket but sooo much better. This was a risky project since I wasn’t sure it would work, but did it ever!
Planned originally to just wear around the house to stay warm, I’ll surely be wearing this out into the world when it warms up a bit, too. 😉 Pattern is @simplicity_creative_group repro Simplicity 1319.
I documented my progress, which you can now see in my Story Archive on my profile, so I can share without it expiring. ☺️
Read about my first creation of 2018 at the @moodfabrics blog! ➡️moodsewingnetwork.com
#sewing #vintagesewing #simplicitypatterns #simplicity1319 #fauxfur #leopardprint #1950s #1950sfashion #vintagestyle #sewcialists #vintagepledge

One of the things that kept me shining in the dismal political climate of 2017 was making wonderful things. Few things give me greater pleasure in life than turning a bunch of supplies into something brilliant. Here are 9 of my favorite projects from this year. 💚
Thank you so much for following along, it really means the world to me to connect with like-minded people and share my tiny piece of the world. I’ve made many friends here and hope to make many, many more! ❤️ Happy New Year! 🌟

The short story of “Sydney’s Weimar Alter-Ego” (sub-titled “Yes I Do Other Things Than Knit and Sew”) ✨ If you’re lucky enough to get to know @squidneyknits, you’ll know she’s a very special person. One of her Christmas gifts was one of my favorite things I’ve ever made—an appliqué felt portrait, titled “Sydney’s Weimar Alter-Ego”. There’s some personal subtleties and cultural references tied into this piece obviously. ☺️ lt was a wee idea that snowballed into a full-fledged portrait (swipe to see one of the pics showing a bit of my hand for scale).
I’m so happy with it and may have to do some other portraits in the future, because it was so much fun to build this small piece of art, from concept to realization! 😄

Merry Christmas Eve! Cookies baked, marshmallows made, presents wrapped and under the tree. Now there’s games to play, drinks to drink, and good times to have with family. Wishing you all peace, joy and love. ✨❤️✨

Sandwiched between bolts of fabric and wonderful people, what a great place to be! ❤️ Had such a lovely time at @threelittlebirds.sewingco last night, thank you for making it a special holiday evening, and thank you to everyone who came. You know you’re having fun when you only remember to grab a photo at the very end. My crafty vintage heart is full! 🌟✨🌟
#vintagewomen #vintagestyle #sewing #vintagesewing #sewcialists #hyattsvilleartsdistrict #threelittlebirdssewingco #truevintage #kitschmas

I’m visiting family for Christmas now, but on my blog this week is one of my favorite things from all year! This 1950s swagger jacket that I took to London in April. I love it so much I have it with me at my mom’s since the weather is milder than home! 😉 Link in profile. 💜
#vintagesewing #sewing #swaggerjacker #swingcoat #redhead #1950s #1950sfashion #vintagestyle #sewcialists #tweed #moodfabrics #gertiebygretchenhirschfabric #corojewelry #vintagejewelry

Vintage winter sewing achievement unlocked: QUILTED SKIRT. ✔️ Poinsettia fabric on the outside, flannel inside (swipe to see!). Had to get a few last minute pics before I pack it up, but I’ll be wearing it to @threelittlebirds.sewingco sewing shop ✨this Friday evening✨ in Hyattsville, MD (D.C. area) for the retro holiday meet and greet! Come say hiii! (Details 5 pics back in my feed.) ☃️❤️🎄
For the skirt I used a tutorial on @gertie18’s old blog but quilted just the cotton and flannel, no batting. I’m over the moon about the idea of these in winter. I did a half circle and debating going to 3/4 next time so it drapes a bit more, but felt a full circle might be too much. Don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of opportunity to nail down my preferences as I expect many in my future! 😍
Hope to get more photos over Christmas, and some at Friday’s event! 😉❄️
#vintagesewing #sewing #quiltedskirt #poinsettia #1950s #1950sfashion #vintagestyle #threelittlebirdsshop #threelittlebirdssewingco #christmasoutfit #noveltyskirt

Had an absolutely wooonderful festive brunch date with great friends today. Got these quick pics before we left! ✨ Wearing my new velvet top I shared the other day with a Bobbie Brooks vintage pencil skirt, vintage belt and coat. Swipe for @melmakesart’s @jenniferlaurenhandmade Auden cardigan and jeans I made with a vintage Pendleton and tie.
#vintagestyle #vintagesewing #sewing #1950s #1950sfashion #vintagequeer #pendleton #bobbiebrooks #vintageclothing

Some of you wanted to know more about this blouse! ☃️ Candy canes with popcorn and cranberry garlands, the stuff of Kitschmas dreams. I sewed it using one of my fav 50s patterns for Christmas last year and it finally made it to my blog this week. Better late than never, right? 😉 Link in profile! 💚
#christmas #vintagechristmas #sewing #vintagesewing #noveltyprint #bakelite #redhead #danishmodern #sewcialists #christmasfabric #kitschmas

Need a quick vintage holiday top? I whipped up this brilliant stretch velvet top in half an evening! 💚 I used @gertie18’s Butterick B6285 wrap top pattern + my old blogged hack to make it a surplice tuck-in top. What a great 1950s style to pair with vintage skirts! And in velvet, perfect for the holidays (D.C. holiday meet and greet at @threelittlebirds.sewingco Dec 22nd anyone? *cough cough*). Or just to spruce up a gloomy winter day! ☃️
Search my blog for “surplice top tutorial”. The fabric is a slinky stretch velvet from @fabricdotcom and is lovely to wear and easy to sew. ❄️
This is one of my absolute favorite style tops to wear and make! ⭐️
Bonus, in velvet it may just make you feel like an extra in White Christmas. 😉❄️🎄⛄️

Bit festive looking for a date night yesterday! 🌟 Yes, I mixed a vintage bolero jacket and gold lurex clutch with my flannel @cottonandsteel snow globes dress. HA! @melmakesart was in mostly vintage, too.
Full disclosure: I actually wore granny ankle snow boots when we left. Shown in my stories—they’re from Totes (yes the umbrella brand) and not sexy, but they’re cute for what they are and inexpensive. Plus you won’t kill yourself on ice and snow if you’re doing a lot of walking like we were. 😝❄️
#vintagestyle #sewing #cottonandsteel #1950s #1950sfashion #vintagequeer #vintagesewing #bolero #handpaintedtie #redhead #christmasstyle #vintagechristmas

Exciting news!✨In the Washington, D.C. area? Come meet me! @threelittlebirds.sewingco is hosting a retro holiday sewing meet and greet on Friday December 22nd, 7-9pm. Cocktails, music, sewing chat, and FESTIVE ATTIRE ENCOURAGED, naturally! (Of course I’m working on my outfit already!) 😄🌟
Come ask me questions about vintage sewing or knitting, or just say hi, hang out, and have fun. This is my first time doing something like this and I’m super excited (okay a bit nervous too 😂) and can’t wait!!
Hope to see some of you there! ❄️
Date: Fri. Dec. 22nd
Time: 7-9pm
Location: 5132 Baltimore Ave, Studio B, Hyattsville, MD (entrance on Gallatin). Free!
DM me if you need more details ✨

How much more plaid can I sew? Answer: all of it. 🌟 Here’s a dress I made from a vintage pattern back in September. (Trying to catch up on some past projects!) This dress may look pretty plain, but it came with a great discovery (figured out how to line a kimono sleeve bodice) and also a good plaid learning lesson. More on my blog, link in profile!
#vintagestyle #vintagesewing #plaid #plaiddress #1950s #1950sfashion #mgemi #sewing #sewcialists #vintagepledge #mccallspatterns #vintagedress

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