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Let us not forget that while some of our Christmas trees look like this, many people are struggling, don’t have a home, a tree, any gifts... but even worse, don’t have a family to share the holidays with💔2018 has been a pretty rough year for many and I just wanted to remind you to never forget where you came from and to ALWAYS GIVE BACK. No matter how little the dollar amount may seem to you, or how insignificant you think the gift is, always try and make someone smile, the smallest of kind gestures mean the most. Especially to those who are sad, suffering, depressed and in a bad place this season. If you can’t donate money or gifts, donate your time and effort. Donate your LOVE. There’s still time. I will be sharing my one and only #giftguide this year; where and how to donate this season. For me, it’s the most important thing we should all be checking off our lists✔️✔️✔️#giveback #jesusisthereason #beKIND

Who’s done shopping?❤️Just 9 more sleeps until Christmas... and enjoying every moment of December! #holidayseason

Me “Christmas Shopping” and picking up everything for myself😩anyone else? No but really, Emme’s favorite thing is to buy clothes for her babies, we stopped by @buildabear and she made her pops buy her babies a holiday wardrobe... a girl after my own heart😍 #littlemama #minime

A little #tablescape inspo to share that you don’t have to spend a lot of money, if any for cute decor. This year I went with simple + traditional vibes for my #diningtable decor❤️🌲I love reusing what I already have and creating a whole new look for different holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping for new pieces but for most of us it’s not realistic to buy an entire new tablescape for each holiday. This year I spent under $30 on new desert plates and the little berry florals at #HobbyLobby! Swipe to see how I’ve reused the same pieces throughout this whole year.

#Ad Cooking with the kids is one of my favorite things to do, so whether we are at home on a Sunday morning making our favorite pancakes with bananas and strawberries or we are making cookies for Christmas, I make sure to use @Lactaid. It’s not just great for the hubby (he’s lactose intolerant) but also is 100% real dairy milk and so we can enjoy the same delicious meals together. As a bonus, you can shop for LACTAID @Walmart and earn up to $4 cash back through the @Ibottaapp now.
What’s your favorite recipe to cook with the kids? For us hands-down it’s breakfast on the weekends! #MilkTheMoments

🎶I hear you be the block, but I'm the lights that keep the streets on
Notice you the type, that like to keep them on a leash though
I'm known to walk alone, but I'm alone for a reason
Sending me a drink ain't appeasing, believe me
Come harder, this won't be easy
Don't doubt yourself trust me, you need me
This ain't no shoulder with a chip, or an ego
But what you think they all mad at me for🎶 #upgradeu #cityvibes

I was in the fitting room at Forever 21 last night and I hear these girls say: “ugh I look like a mom in this! And it’s a small!!” I was [ ] this close to coming out of my fitting room (in my new latex pants!) and saying “honey, this is what what a mom looks like”.... because 34 years old + 2 kids in right here booboo! okkkrrrr😩😂#Forever34 #MomLife #BecauseMomHair | hat: @mostthingsmom

#sponsored Christmas shopping with kids?! I know, call me crazy but sometimes you have to do what you have to do! You moms know what I’m talking about but thankfully @MenloParkMall has enough treats this holiday season to keep them behaved and happy. They saw Santa, we had some delicious macaroons and mama got her shopping on too! So many events, so little time! I love the holiday spirit🌲 #foundatsimon
#touchtrybuy #holidaygifts #holidaygiftguide #giftideas #holidayslights #holidaysatsimon #sharetheholidayspirit

Dear summer, ya te extraño🍋I need a margarita-sipping-palm-tree-swinging-hot-tan getaway. It’s only the first week in December and winter is just getting started. Give me some scorching hot heat! 🔥 #puertorico

Do you Christmas shop online or in-store? Honestly I have barely started! I have a long list and zero ideas this year😩I just want to shop for my kids and that’s it! But you know that’s impossible with a family as big as mine... #firstworldproblems #christmasshopping

El que la ve, la compra💂🏼‍♂️this is the face she gives us when she wants something at the mall... muñeca! hat: @primark #ootd: @tjmaxx

#Ad His love language? Food! So whether we are at home making pancakes with the kids or outdoors enjoying a gorgeous morning in our favorite town, I make sure we have @Lactaid because the whole family can enjoy real dairy including the hubs who is lactose intolerant. LACTAID has the same great taste and nutrients you can only get from real milk and the whole family loves it! And when we are dining out, Dave always makes sure to carry LACTAID supplements, so he can enjoy his chai latte in peace ;) Even better! If you purchase LACTAID @Walmart, you can use the @Ibottaapp to earn up to $4 cash back with your receipt now! #MilkTheMoments

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