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Kristin Burgess  ✨ Owner/Creative Director of By Emily B. 🦄 Momma unicorn to Emerald Lincoln 🏝 Co-founder of @wandrlustcollective 🌎 Available Worldwide


I don’t know what it is about today. Maybe it’s the weather, or the fact that it’s January. Or that December was a marathon of epic celebration and now it’s quiet, but today it hit me. I feel like it took me out at the knees. Knocked the wind out of me. Left me a puddle of useless emotion. Emerald is napping. I need to clean and do laundry yet I feel paralyzed. She’s one-year-old. My baby is one, and life is fleeting. Don’t get me wrong, I think about it constantly, the passage of time and how severe it can be but right now in this moment it’s making my heart ache. I feel raw and sad and yet the happiest I’ve ever been. I feel like I do a good job being present, soaking up every moment and relishing in the sweetness. I get tons of time with her but it still doesn’t feel like enough. And as happy as I am, I constantly feel these waves of intense fear that some part of this fairytale might end. That this life is a dream, and that I don’t deserve it. How do I ever do it justice? How will I ever be grateful enough for this past year? How will I ever be grateful enough for my amazing marriage? And how will I ever, ever be grateful enough for her? #emeraldlincoln {📸: @lindsay_vann}

I’ve been religious about my @toneitup workouts and mid-week meals and it feels awesome, but I’m human and on the weekends all bets are off. Especially when the temp goes from 31 degrees to negative 8 in just 12 hours. 🤦🏼‍♀️Time for cozy bubbles and Netflix marathons. New England, she’s always keepin’ us on our toes. @freixenetusa {📸: @sarahmckay | Styling: @belovely_design @byemilyb}

Since having Emerald, I feel like my work has evolved. She has brought so much happiness into my life that much of my old, weird sadness is gone. The weight I carried around with me almost everywhere I went is no longer heavy, and I feel full of light. Because this shoot for our website was one of my first chances for total creative freedom since becoming a mother, I think of it kind of like this: this is what the inside of my heart looks like now. {📸: @rodeoandcophoto | Florals: Me💞 (cut locally and foraged at @wholefoods) | Styling: w/my beautiful team | Rentals: @reservemodern + my girl @cbearwoodbine} #byemilybshoots #happiness #emeraldlincoln

@belovely_design is blowing up my spot today with shots from this 2015 shoot at @maggpierentals, and I love it. Nothing quite like getting to marry my guy again. #byemilybshoots #maggpierentals {📸: @sarahmckay | Flowers: @belovely_design | Hair & Makeup: @truebeautymarks @geefresh | Dress: @bhldn}

Winter is here and I am so down with my cozy hibernation status. Diffuser is on, sipping on tea watching Riverdale while Emerald naps. See you never, unless you come over. #winterinnewengland {📸: @rodeoandcophoto + @ehfloral @byemilyb @chelseyyray @luluandroodesign @reservemodern @peakeventservices @autumnnomad}

I’m late to this train but! New year, same me. Just planning to drink a lot more water and figure out how to love on my people even more than I already do because if December taught me anything it’s that mannnnn, I am LUCKY. 💖 {📸: the beauties at @callistoandco} #resolutions #2018

Emerald’s Christmas present from Dan was this little gnome house he built! Oh and the 6-8 man hours it took to put together this incredibly complicated kid kitchen. #emeraldlincoln #projectnursery (and thanks @billybazook for the magical unicorn rocker✨💞)

Biggest and brightest moon of the year: a Wolf Moon, on the first day of 2018. Seems auspicious in all the right ways. HNY, dear ones. 🌚💫🖤✨

Dan decided that Emerald’s birthday tradition would be to burn a Yule log. So he welded her this fire pit, which he designed based on months of extensive research about how the Vikings carried out this custom. The Yule log is actually green (not dry) but a fire is lit beneath it, to slowly burn the log as it is fed in over the course of 12 days. On the solstice, at dawn, he and Jamison harvested their 15 foot green log and that evening (just before @katherine.stuart’s gender reveal) Emerald lit her fire (with assistance, of course.) And we kept her burning the whole time. I’ll admit, I was skeptical about all of this but it was super cool the way it brought people together. Old friends would swing by and end up hanging out around the Yule log telling stories. Our families gathered around it celebrating (and holy moly did we have a lot to celebrate!) Last night the boys harvested the remaining piece of the Yule log, which will be used to start the fire next year. In true Viking tradition, the piece is supposed to be stored underneath our “marital bed” but the final decision on that has yet to be made. #YULE #12daysofyule #emeraldlincoln #yulelog #matchingjams #best12daysever

Headed into 2018 with a brave and beautiful little one year old who took her first steps on the last day of her first full year. #theweeklyemerald #emeraldlincoln #1yearold #emeraldcity #rubyslippers

Cocktail recipe time! This Pomegranate Fizz is my current go-to cocktail. Start with a glass of @freixenetusa Cava, squeeze in half a lime and finish with a heavy splash of @pamaliqueur. #happynewyear #cheers #freixinet #notsponsored #ijustlovefreixinet {📸: @rodeoandcophoto + @byemilyb @chelseyyray @luluandroodesign @ehfloral @autumnnomad}

Seven years married and I love him more today than any other day. He’s made my grinch-y heart grow one million sizes to make room for all this love, and this year was for sure the best one yet. #byemilybtheearlydays

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