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BYEME  Toronto 1994


Aslong as shes happy I can push through the pain ❤️

Stop sleeping on my I don't quit I'm not going away trust me so jus get used to it

The Message is waiting for you in my Bio!!! Make sure u pree dat B4 it's to late my guy

Happy born day famm you already Kno @nine_9_life

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Look down on me all you want all your going to see is your own 2 feet. By the time you look up I'll be flying and even then I won't look down upon you because I won't have time to look back #lookup #themessage

I show them love they show me hate, I talk wit respect and I get disrespected, I help you up then you kick me down but I'm still here. I guess you didn't get the message. I ain't neva gon quit💯. The devil came for my soul I told him not yet . OutNow!! "The Message"

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🙌 did you get the message? It's on @spotify and @applemusic check The Message #byeme #themessage

I'm unfazed Haters gunna do what they can but make sure to check out #themessage #byeme

Out now on all platforms #byeme

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