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Bye Bye Plastic Bags  Youth driven NGO to say no to plastic bags 💌 changemakers || ocean advocates.📍Bali, join the global movement and start your own BBPB team:

Selamat Hari Merdeka! ❤️🇲🇨

Our donated BBPB bags make their way to the relief sights in Lombok after the earthquake...filled with medical supplies and other things🙏 thank you to the Hearn family for organizing this ❤️

Happy international YOUTH day for all the young changmakers...especially all the BBPB ones all over the world ❤️ #YouthDay
BBPB Bandung
BBPB Jakarta
BBPB Batam
BBPB Philippines
BBPB Singapore
BBPB Myanmar
BBPB Shanghai, China
BBPB Australia
BBPB New Zealand
BBPB Malta
BBPB Athens
BBPB Asturias, Spain
BBPB London, England
BBPB Basel, Switzerland
BBPB Tenerife
BBPB New York
BBPB Mexico
BBPB Tokyo, Japan
BBPB Kyoto, Japan
BBPB Tanzania

getting students on board of some of our upcoming projects with #byebyeplasticbags

This made my DAY 😍 all the way up in the mountains, i went for a walk and all of a sudden I see this farmer ending his day coming out of the rice field 🌾 with a BYE BYE PLASTIC BAGS reusable bag on his shoulder. The locals hear our voices. Hear the message and feel for the island drowning in plastic. We are saying enough is enough and taking it into our own hands, or more like wearing it on our shoulders 😉🙌🙏

First day back at school! We remember that this felt like the best day on earth! 🌸 the way it should feel for every student. Enjoy these photos of us sharing our mission to all kinds of schools. We’ve spoken to over 20,000 students around the world. Education to local and international youth is a big part of what we do with #byebyeplasticbags 🙌🤗 has your school already started?

“What can we do to make a difference?” What are some of the things you do everyday to create an impact for a better world? 🌸🌈 amazing graphics made by @theglobalgoals

Our team in full swing gearing up for all the good things coming. Thank you to everyone who joined us for today’s monthly team meeting. ❤️ we wouldn’t be anywhere without our team.

For the fourth year in a row, @trashstockbali is going strong 💪 and is a GO-TO event for ppl who love art, music and environment. 🌸🌏❤️

11 million people in Indonesia are disabled, 1/3 are deaf. Today I had a very special student interaction. This was my first time speaking to a group of local deaf youth. Luckily we had professional sign language translators and I even learnt some basic signs myself!!! Thank you for inviting me @plush_indo and Embassy of New Zealand

Change happens in every classroom. •
Thank you @greencampbali for allowing us to share more with your campers! ❤️🌏

Data is a key word right now if we want to see change happen. Check out episode five of #KelilingBALI 💙 video by @makeachangeworld

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