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Beautiful Believer 👱🎸🎤🎶  Brett Young Music Enthusiast and #ConcertJunkie

Hey @brettyoungmusic, you are still making my birthday extra special years later! I can't help but smile every time I listen! I wish I was at the show in Indiana tonight to celebrate!! 😉 #HappyBirthdayToMe 🎁🎈🎉🎂 #BrettYoung👱‍♂️🎸🎤🎶 #BestBirthdayEver

Such anticipation is building as @brettyoungmusic makes his way to the top once again! We're almost there #BeautifulBelievers! #BrettYoung👱‍♂️🎸🎤🎶 #Mercy #4For4 #Caliville

I had to repost this one because it has never been more true...It's going to take a whole lot of Diet Coke, @brettyoungmusic and Jesus to get me through this day!

THIS.....the defining moment (pun intented), I saw this video and I fell in love with @brettyoungmusic 🎶! This song will forever be my favorite. #DefineMe #BrettYoung👱‍♂️🎸🎤🎶 #StillMyFavorite

Look who came up as a recommended channel on my YouTube account! None other than @country_fan_86

When the 4th of July is on a Wednesday and you gotta go to work the next day! 😣 Is it 4:30 yet? #ImSoTired 😴

I've got my 👀 on the weekend! HAPPY FRIDAY, JR. everyone! #BrettYoung👱‍♂️🎸🎤🎶

Two years ago today, a long awaited dream came true. I got to see @brettyoungmusic in concert for the very first time. Little did I know, this would be the first of so many! Yet each and every concert feels like the first; the anticipation leading up to the show, the thrill and energy of the concert, the genuineness, humbleness, and kindness of BY, to the post concert depression 😂, it is still the same!! It's been an amazing ride! I am so blessed to have made some of the greatest friends a girl could ask for along the way! Thank you @brettyoungmusic for making each concert another "dream come true"! Here's to many more, hopefully! #ConcertJunkie #BrettYoung👱‍♂️🎸🎤🎶 #BY-aversary

I am currently experiencing concert deprivation! I thought you should know that @brettyoungmusic!!! Two concerts in six months is killing me-it's a slow and painful death! 😂 I miss your face! I hope to see you soon! #BrettYoung👱‍♂️🎸🎤🎶

I ❤ to see this song making it's way up the charts. You better make room on that shelf @brettyoungmusic #FourthOversizedShotGlass is coming! #4for4 #Mercy #WontBeLong #BrettYoung👱‍♂️🎸🎤🎶

Who's excited the weekend is FINALLY here? 🙋‍♀️ #HappyFriday #BrettYoung👱‍♂️🎸🎤🎶

Life without a @brettyoungmusic concert???....UTTERLY UNIMAGINABLE!!! "Just imagine, the thousands and thousands of concerts that take place every single day, all over the world. And the positive effect that they would have on the people listening. Now imagine a world without this. This void... it is unthinkable". -Zubin Mehta
The positive affect BY's music has had in my life is hard to express with words. I am SO thankful for him and his music! I am also super excited for new music with Album ✌! #BrettYoung👱‍♂️🎸🎤🎶

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