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Gayathri Prakash  I kinda draw sometimes. But only sometimes. Raccoons are my passion~

We spoil her with too many human foods 😭

What do you do when you’re depressed? Smear glitter and blue makeup everywhere. @_wannabearthoe IM TRYING SO HARD TEACH ME

I’m posting so much art haha, but tb, you will be missed. @gennabain Genna you have all my support. I posted this on twitter but, John looks like he’s yelling about how wonderful you are, and I think that’s so funny. I’m trying to find lots of pictures of him laughing. I cried in front of you twice, once when you were in your Kylo ren cosplay, and I ran around saying”IS KYLO AROUND HERE?”. When I found you I just got overwhelmed. @notoriouscox @dexbonus you two and John made my life so much better, and brighter. I love y’all lots and am prepared to give you guys lots of hugs next time I see you. When John hugged me i was screaming inside and little squeals of excitement might’ve blown his eardrum out. You guys are one of the reasons I’m... here really DAMN IT IM CRYING. I’m going to art school next year.. and I can’t believe it. John told me I was an “incredible artist.” And it meant the world to me. Sorry I’m totally rambling. I’m gonna miss him so much.

Some art that I made for a contest that I got disqualified for 😭

For @jtommyj ! I love this picture of him holding bamboo? he looks too cute lollll

Another commission! This time for Elsa! Thanks you guys for all of your support!!

HEY YALL ONCE AGAIN IM OPENING COMMISSIONS!! 10$ for a portrait like this! Please dm me if you would like one! Model is @ev.garey

I LOVE MY MOM!!!!!!!

I’m so excited to freaking graduate dog gammit

My precious bird, Countess Penelope, flew away the other day. I’m heartbroken, so I made this piece for her 🧡💛🧡

I tend to draw really really fast. That’s just how I like to do things. So I guess people automatically assume that I know what I’m doing, but as evidence from the video, I will never know what to do with the person’s hands... ✌🏼#speedpaint #speeddrawing

Hey y’all I never made a post for this but I am heading to VCUarts for college! I’m excited to do my best and fulfill my dream of being an artist!

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